Does Hard Water Wand Really Work?

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Does Hard Water Wand Work? There are tons of cleaning jobs around the home but some are easier than others. Hard water stains especially in the toilet bowl creates a nasty cleaning job so when a product comes along that just might be a viable solution many of us are all ears.

We have all seen the multitude of ads on TV for toilet bowl cleaning. Those so called bubble critters are one of the favorites, and then there are all those clip on and let them do their magic type. In reality when it comes down to hard water stains there isn’t much by way of solution that is going to eliminate them without some good old elbow grease. The Hard Water Wand provides itself as a scrubbing tool that is suppose to allow you to perform the scrubbing action which in return will release the cleansing action of the pumice stone that is conveniently attached to a long handle (the wand as it is called.)

The Claim
The Company claims it will remove hard water stains as well as stains created by the build up of calcium, rust and lime. Plus it won’t damage the fine finish of porcelain on your toilet bowl or other items like your sinks, tubs and tiles. They say it is quick and easy, and a real bonus is you never have to touch the water.

The Hype
The promo all focuses around what are the most common type stains that present a cleaning challenge for the toilet bowls, sinks, tubs and yes even our tiles. Many hours can be spent on trying to remove these stains and more often than not they are not totally removed. The Hard Water Wand really makes it look easy. The promo video shows a pretty significant stained toilet bowl with very impressive follow up results after the cleansing.

The Cost
The current offer is $14.99 plus shipping and handling which is not revealed until you fully fill out the order form. There is also a limit of 3 purchases per your order, apparently because of the great price.

The Commitment
You are not being asked to make any more of a commitment to the cleansing task that you normally would when you have to tackle these types of stains. Most likely the degree, age and depth of the stain in going to dictate just how hard you need to work the Hard Water Wand, and for how long. What you may want to commit to once you get the results you desire is to use the product on a regular basis so you won’t get any substantial stain build up to deal with in the future.

We really had to take a look at the main backbone of the Hard Water Wand to determine what makes it work, and the promoters readily come with that information by stating its the imported volcanic pumice stone. What they don’t state is imported from where and what makes it different than other products promoting this type of cleansing for the same type stains.

Final Hard Water Wand Review

We are going to give the Hard Water Wand a solid Try/Buy based on the supporting information that pumice really can be beneficial for cleaning the type of stains that we have talked about. The reason we are not going thumbs up is because we believe that there are other versions on the market that are just as effective but less expensive like the Pumie.

Our Recommendation
Anytime you can use a product that doesn’t involve chemicals in our opinion is always a good thing. For the calcium, lime and rust stains one of the most promoted products for this cleaning challenge is CLR. Yet there are mixed reviews on that one, and you are relying on some form of chemicals.

What do you think? Does Hard Water Wand work or not?

5 Customer Reviews on “Does Hard Water Wand Really Work?

  1. I just spent 45 minutes trying to clean our bathroom grout as well as the toilet bowl. It DOES NOT WORK AT ALL! Very disappointed and should be taken off the market. Ajax cleaner works better with just a toilet brush. FALSE ADVERTISING. SHAMEFULL!!!

  2. There is another pumice stone product called Cleaning Block WC that really works with those difficult stains. The manufacturer says that it also ecological, non-toxic and chemical-free! I love that product!

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