Does Tabata Really Work?

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Does Tabata Work?Tabata is a workout program that has been endorsed by Professor Izumi Tabata. This Professor is known for his studies of how athletes perform from a scientific viewpoint.

This workout program is geared towards both genders.What makes it unique is that it is a workout program that can be used by anyone, no matter what their level of exercise is at the moment. This is because it includes modifiers. The entire program has been structured so that if you follow the regime for the week as outlined you will have given your body a full workout.

The Claim
The promoters claim this is a great workout for those who are on the go and just don’t have time to dedicate a lot of effort time wise to an exercise regime. They are claiming this workout can be successfully completed in a 20 minute a day format.

The Hype
One thing that Tabata focuses on is that there is no need for weights. A lot of people like this concept because they are not into weight lifting and it saves them money. The 20 minute workout is classed as a speed workout so this lends to the hype of being time effective. They also give nutritional support which most serious workout buffs know is important. Another big potential feature is that the high intensity segment of the program only amounts to four minutes.

The Cost
Your cost is going to amount to 3 payments of $39.95. What you will get for this is 15 Tabata workouts,4 bonus turbo workouts, 4 bonus turbo elite workouts,the Tabata fitness guide,Tabata meal plan,5 day jump start plan, Tabata & Tabata Turbo calendars. The product also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

The Commitment
Even though the program is touted as a 20 minute daily workout, you are going to have to commit to this. You are also going to have to study all of the additional material that you will be getting with your order.

Although this fitness program is being touted as applicable for anyone no matter what stage they are at in their fitness level, some reviewers are making a point of it being such a high intensity workout that individuals should check with their health care provider, before starting it.

Final Tabata Review

We are going to give the Tabata a Thumbs Up rating. We know there are a lot of people out there that just don’t want to be spending a lot of time exercising. At the same time while the biggest intensity part of this is only 4 minutes, all indications are is that its pretty grueling. Based on this we don’t consider it a gimmick or fad. There really is a lot of hype in the promo material that focuses around the before and after pictures. Usually we find this a little disturbing as it tends to draw people into programs that use them based on other people’s successes. In this case we feel that perhaps the before and afters may be beneficial as an incentive.

Our Recommendation
Most of those supporting the Tabata program are suggesting that you download one of the free Tabita timer apps. Even though this is a little bit of a different approach for some weight loss and getting fit programs, it just won’t be for everyone. We wanted to look back at some other weight loss programs that we had featured. One that stood out because it was getting some really good feedback was the Booty Slide. This is yet again another approach to losing some weight.

What do you think? Does Tabata work or not?

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