Does the American Aviator Watch Really Work?

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Does the American Aviator Watch Work?Not everyone is into collectibles, but when it comes to something like the American Aviator Watch that depicts a part of our history, then it is something that almost every man will appreciate.

The American Aviator Watch was originally made for the USAF, so pilots would have a time piece that was precision made and accurate for them to be able to count on. This could be imperative for the many missions that were carried out in the second world war. It is an impressive looking analogue watch. It has glow in the dark features and clearly read hour, minute and second hand components. The wristband is made of a well constructed nylon that is comfortable to wear. It has a face that it is a little larger than some of the other watches constructed during this time.

The Claim
The promoters claim that this watch was constructed with its precision and accuracy because of the heavy responsibility that was placed upon it during the missions carried out during the 2nd world war. Missions had to be carried out to the split second, and pilots needed a time piece that would allow them to do this. It also had to be durable and be able to withstand the rigors of war. This current timepiece is expected to meet these standards.

The Hype
With the history behind this watch it adds a special significance to it. This is what makes it an ideal gift for any man whether they have a military background or not. Even those that are really not into collectibles, show a deep respect for the history this watch depicts.

The Cost
This American Aviator Watch is being offered for $39.95 and this includes the shipping. Included in your order you will also get a World War II booklet, a collector’s case and a certificate of authenticity. This entire package really makes an impressive yet affordable gift.

The Commitment
No doubt you always have some man on your gift giving list, and they are not always easy to buy for. The great feature about this watch is that it can be worn with pride, or simply put on display. It really is appropriate for the young man, or the older senior. It would most like hold a special meaning for any war time veterans or those serving in the military now.

The American Aviator Watch is really not glitzy but it has a clean, strong and durable look to it. It certainly would compliment any attire that it would be worn with. It is well made and is reported as being scratch and water resistant. This is important for the men who are on the go.

Final American Aviator Review

We’re prepared to give this watch a Thumbs Up review. It is a modern day version of the original and classic aviator’s watch, and is being offered at a very reasonable price. There are several other versions of Aviator’s watches on the market and over all they seem to be getting decent reviews. This particular watch has the individual numbers laser etched onto it which adds to its impressive look.

Our Recommendation
You really may want to consider ordering a couple of these and putting them away until you need a men’s gift for a special occasion. Watches are not always an easy item to pick out as a gift, but this one just about fits any man’s lifestyle. Another time piece that we found to be of interest to many was the Timex Ameritus, which has a slightly dressier look.

What do you think? Does the American Aviator Watch work or not?

157 Customer Reviews on “Does the American Aviator Watch Really Work?

  1. I got this watch as a gift . I wish I got the money instead . I would have got myself golf balls they would have lasted longer and I s–k at golf . Rick with all the money you have You should buy back all these shit watches stuff in one of though cannons you bought on pawn stars and shoot them at the range . Maybe then they would a hit !!!!

  2. Watch lost many hours quickly when it arrived. I took it to a battery testing place and they said it was a wonder it was even ticking. The battery was so low. I replaced the battery and all is good now. Too bad they originally sent such a dead battery.

  3. I am adding this website to my favorites bar. The comments are great. I watch Pawn Stars and I think Rick is great but I’m not buying this watch. The made in China part isn’t really a problem as long as the guts (the movement) is Japanese or Swiss or USA although the Fossil line has movements made in what was Hong Kong and they are very reliable. If you have opened hundreds of watches like I have you can tell the difference in quality. Minor note, no watch can be labeled waterproof anymore. Even if it is a real diver’s watch it will still just say water resistant but will have a depth or AT (atmospheres) rating, the higher the AT or depth rating the more resistant. Rick should donate any money he gets to a Vet group. He can’t possibly need the money, heck Chumlee drives a Lambo .

  4. Analog has nothing to do with quartz or ticking. A quartz watch can be analog ( old fashioned numeral face with actual hands) or digital (just digital numbers, no hands). No quartz watch ticks unless you have Kryptonian hearing and you are hearing the oscillations of the quartz crystal. True ticking requires gears as in mechanical watches..

  5. My daughhter bought this watch fpor me two Christmas ago and it worked for ! MONTH. I called the company a month later and they asked me to ship it back and they would replace it………that was 1 1/2 yrs ago and NO REPLACEMENT yet……The ads/company/promotion are scams in my opinion…….I liked the style of thew watch and would wear pone if they would just live up to their ads.

  6. This watch is a dud. I have had to replace the battery about 6 times and I have only had the watch about 2 years. It does lose time as the battery ages (I think) I did complain to the company that makes this piece of junk but got no reply.

  7. I just wanted to chime in here.

    I’m an Aviation enthusiast I love WWII Planes
    My mom bought me this watch for a Christmas gift $50+ Of her hard earned money went on it. I was very happy with it I took pictures of it and wore and wore it with pride. My Grandfather served in WWII he fought on Omaha beach. I have a very big love for WWII history. I love the American flag. My mom saw it and thought I would love it. I did and I still do. God bless her for getting me anything at all much less this beautiful watch. I’ve had the watch about 2 years now or more and I have to say I don’t give a damn if it was made in China it’s a beautiful watch well packaged with WWII aviation decor tin.

    The number of the product is clearly marked on the beautiful shining tin. I had to reset it last month and over a few weeks I began to notice that it lost time again by more than 3 hours. I am looking to get the battery replaced I can’t get the back off that’s actually how I found this post. In defense of something that was given as a gift by my mom to me I had to comment here and let people know it’s not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Mine was bought off HSN some cheap products are sold on HSN but HSN usually has the more quality of the crap items so I was fortunate to not have immediate issues like some.

    Point it’s a beautiful watch beautiful enough for people to seek out watch repair places to fix it or change the battery. It’s not the highest quality and you shouldn’t expect it to last forever. But it does make a great gift that will be cherished for the thought regardless.
    I’m going to try to replace my battery if I have to again soon then I’ll put it up on a shelf and get another but I will tell you it’s been a great watch a great fitting one and beautiful one I take care of and will keep.

    Love it or hate it made in America or not it’s a gift watch and a collectors item at the cost of this you can’t expect to perform like a brand name watch. I’ll add that many of the products made in America these past few years have fallen in standards meanwhile some of the decent things I own weren’t made here. Best of luck to you if you plan on getting one try buying from a reputable vendor HSN might not have them anymore but we’ve never been disappointed with anything bought from there knock on wood.

  8. I was made in China, served in the US army for over 10 years. I am an American citizen, joined long after becoming naturalized. I want to thank you for telling me I’m not American…I still fought for your right to say that.

  9. To whom it may concern:
    I really liked the style of the Aviator watch and bought four extra for gifts.
    I of course got the Aviator Lemon.
    After two new batteries and a trip to the watch maker he said if it stops again there’s nothing more he can do. Well, guess wha,t it continues to stop, this is frustrating and irritating.
    Folks, I really want to wear a stylish Aviator that works is there any chance of a replacement?
    Hoping this gets to the right person.
    Joseph Smith
    5747 E. 92nd. St.
    Tulsa, Ok. 74133

  10. Shut your bitch mouths…I hate ppl like y’all that can’t stand being corrected. Being corrected is better than walking a walk of ignorance…especially when you’re using said ignorance to slam a product.


  12. I love the looks and feel of the watch, unfortunately it is garbage. I had 2 of them and both did not work after a couple weeks. I returned the second one because I did not last 2 days before it stopped. The problem is a cheap very cheap movement.
    Thumbs Down!!!

  13. Watch is unacceptable as it never glowed, loses time and hands are not well aligned. A times would have been a better buy. To charge about $30.00 plus to repair a $40.00 watch is laughable. SHAME!

  14. Watch loses time, never glowed and hands aren’t t properly aligned. Times puts this watch I shame. To have a watch repaired starting at about $30.00 for a watch that sells for about $40.00 is laughable. SHAME

  15. I am lucky that I bought this watch at Wal-Mart. Because after the forth replacement, I was able to return the last one for a full refund. Junk.

  16. I really liked my watch but after about 8 – 9 months it would stop working. I changed the battery several times to no avail. It would work for a few hours and stop again. Not a very good warrenty so I am looking for a new watch.

  17. I bought this watch and it stopped working not even within 6 month of purchase. What a cheap quality… Worst watch ever. Do not ever buy them! And customer service is only nice when you buy them. THEY DO NOT GET BACK to you when asking for feedback of this poor watch

  18. Aside from the nostalgic styling, this is nothing but a quartz movement, analog display basic wristwatch. Easily found at WalMart for example and no doubt other stores. Being a quartz movement, it keeps excellent time and I would expect at least a couple of years of operation from the battery. But the sad fact of it is ya can buy very very very similar Chinese watches off Amazon (I have some) for 4 dollars and that includes the shipping, all day long. And they have the date complication also.

    Having said the above about the watch, the advertising and marketing and the outright wrong statements in the ad is bulls__t!

  19. Was given one these watches today as a gift. (No receipt ). Went to take the small plastic tab off to set it, the whole pin came out, and the hands are loose! Not happy was for my Husband, who is retired USA
    Any help would be appreciated! !

  20. What a piece of junk. I can’t believe Rick Harrison has put his mane on this junk. I went to a watch shop and was told the movement is a cheap Chinese piece of crap. I wish O would have checked the reviews on it before I bought it.

  21. I ordered this Watch the First Time I saw Rick’s advertisement . What made me Mad was the fact that they lead Me to believe That the back unscrews Counter Clockwise from the back having all the grooves. I ordered two Watch Repair Kits from Amazon( around $30.00 Total) , the First Kits wrench would not expand far enough to fit the Grooves. The Second Kit ( Ez-tool’s Wrench was Large enough but bent the Crown
    when I tried to unscrew it. Fortunately I was able to correct that problem. Out of desperation I used the Pressure Fit Case Knife. The Back Popped Off, ( it would be nice if the told you this in the Watches instructions) I replaced the Watch Battery with a (377) and it is working Fine.

  22. piece of crap. the first one I bought my husband the pin came out immediately. I exchanged it for another and after a month it is broken.

  23. The watch is a piece ofcrap. American Aviator made in china… I tied to mail it back for a full refund. I got package returned address, no forwarding address. I like to find that bald headed fat f###ker pawn shop fellow and shove it up his rectum.

    Fortunately, I charged it. My bank will handle it, I hope.

  24. Per junk don’t waste your time on buying one. Company doesn’t stand behind there product

  25. I just received this garbage watch that has not worked at all I do not know why they lied to us about this junk I paid $50 for this junk 3 months ago and it just came in the mail.
    I put it on my arm and set the time it worked for 30 seconds and stopped…DOA do not buy this junk as for so many things from CHINA is garbage.

  26. I received this watch for Christmas, havn’t tried it yet, hope it keeps time, figured it was made in China as most everything is, figured it was a 20 dollar watch, if it keeps time I’ll like it. Maybe soon more manufacturing will come back, I’m a war vet, not gonna knock the watch just for being Chinese but will if it doesn’t function properly. Clinton sold our manufacturing out with NAAFTA and biased trade deals with China, that’s who I blame and rightly so, and he is American or something resembling it.

  27. Even the commercial doesn’t look good. Notice how the second hand is off from the points. Water and scratch resistant. Lol. So is your skin. There is a difference between water resistant and water proof! In my mind all that buy are suckers to be sure. Made in China crap. Worth $12. Typical that a pawn shop greedy dude would sell it!

  28. Absolute junk. My wife purchased one for me for Christmas. It didn’t last an hour before it stopped. It continues to not keep any kind of accurate time due to periodic stops whenever it feels like it. If the watch gets a small tap, it starts back up. Nice shock resistance – NOT!!!! Then when I notify the manufacturer asking for a replacement which I am willing to pay for shipping of old watch and new one, they turn me down & tell me to return it to the store my wife bought it from. What a joke. NEVER BUY A PRODUCT FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!

  29. As a certified watchmaker, I can tell you that the original had AMERICAN made movements by the likes of Hamilton, Elgin, and Waltham. These companies are now no longer around and Hamilton is owned by the Swiss company Swatch group. This Pawn Star hack is out to make money and should be ashamed of himself for putting vets on his commercial for this piece of junk if they are really vets. If it was of any quality it would say Swiss made on the bottom of the dial and if it doesn’t it has either a Japanese quartz movement or one that was made in Hong Kong. As far as I know the Chinese are not producing quartz watches and the Swiss make some that are assembles in Thailand with Swiss parts but they stamp all of their watches either Swiss Made or Assembled in Thailand with Swiss Parts. He really should be ashamed of this and if you buy it I’m sorry he duped you. I cant believe he actually says that this watch could cost a thousand dollars. Shame, Shame, Shame

  30. This watch is a piece of crap. It is way over priced. The band is junk. It has drops of moisture inside the watch crystal. Then after a month it quit running. Rick Harrison, as someone above said, will sell anything no matter how bad it is. If you see his puss on the TV screen be warned. Anyone who would let “Chumlee” walk all over him is not too smart. DO NOT BUY THIS WATCH!!!!!!

  31. This hilarious piece of junk comes with a “certificate of authenticity”, just so you can always prove that it’s honestly a crappy Chinese watch.

  32. That’s funny. I’d love to call the tv station who carries this commercial and tell them it’s disgusting.

  33. Dont let this greedy creepy dude capitalize on our brave veterans and service men. It looks like a crock to me.

  34. I agree this pathetic commercial ia garbage and so disresprctful to munitary servicemen. Using them to sell your trash. Then an old Korean vet says I love this watch and I’ll always stand for the national anthem. Ugh. My son is a medal of Honor recipient and a purple heart recipient and thus disgusting display of opportunistic greed makes me nauseas.

  35. What a crock. It’s based on the beobachtungsuhr with a type b dial that was issued to the German air force during WWII.

  36. i was so upset with this commercial.. Rick uses all this stuff about the military to play on emotions.. He should have least said a portion of the proceeds where going to some military organization.

  37. The problem is we Americans make good products, have pride in our work when we are paid a fair wage, but these giant Corps don’t want quality because then we wouldn’t have to replace things anywhere as often, and these co.’s who own almost everything took their manufacturing to other countries because in other countries they get low or no taxes on their profits, don’t have to worry about treating workers right, poisoning the environment, etc., including paying them a wage that they can survive on in their own country. They work for pennies on the dollar and are many times treated like slave labor. Now, if you would like to change things you need to get involved with making demands from your government to close all the loop holes and start charging tariffs to make the market place more fair not only for us, but for all humans on our planet who are used like this. Our trade deficit is outrageous! We let these co. bring these goods back into the U.S. to sell to us at huge profit and our products are subject to all kinds of tariffs when sent overseas to other countries. It is time to throw the Billionaires and multi millionaires out of our gov and change our election laws starting with Citizens United which has given corporations the status of humans and start building our manufacturing back up where it will be able to easily compete with these companies that are American traitors. They only have one god, its name is profit, and they do anything to be richer even though their wealth surpasses the needs for their families for the next thousand years!

  38. Yep, I saw that too MigShooter! I have been retired for some years now but I still recognize MiG-29s at a glance! Good catch!

  39. Just changed my mind on purchasing one of these pieces of a vet I was looking forward to owning a watch I could be proud of, this ain’t it.’
    What a looser Rick Harrison is, all about the money.????

  40. Lol, u took a 40$ watch to a jeweler. ROFL. I call BS, what is the name of this reputable jeweler? It’s free advertising to someone who removed a backing with Old Glory and just laughed. I would be willing to bet your jeweler is not American, most aren’t. You complain about a junk watch while I’d bet the man you took it to isn’t even American.

  41. I am not concerned with where this watch is made. I am an infantry veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Saying you will not buy an item celebrating American veterans because of where it is made is the real tragedy. Would you let an American flag made in China touch the floor? Patriotism is universal and I think that the fact that Chinese citizens are even willing to manufacture a product celebrating U.S. vets speaks bounds to the missions our vets set out to accomplish in the first place.

  42. This watch is crap…Made in China…Mine never worked, and I took it to a jeweler, thinking (hoping) it was just a dud battery that it came with ,and I paid extra for the “all leather band” …The jeweler laughed after he took the back off, and said it was cheap parts, would never work, and certainly not worth the effort to repair it.

  43. This watch is a piece of shit. Havent seen one in person, but can guarantee that it didn’t cost more than 1.50/per piece. Dont waste your time and money. Had to place a comment because the commercial is so discraceful. If they werent selling of the backs of American Service Men/Women/Veterans it wouldnt be so bad.

  44. First of, I’m not a big fan of Rick Harrison. I kept seeing the commercial for American Aviator Watch and my good judgement kicked in. I googled the name and sure enough it was clear American Aviator, made in China. At that point I knew there had to be a Jew behind this scam.. I then googled ” Is Rick Harrison a Jew” sure enough, he’s a fucking Jew. His Dad claims to have been in the US Navy, what a piece of shit allowing his son to disrespect every American serviceman. Typical Jews…

  45. Hey MHAxelrod,
    How’s that pendulum working out for you? Perhaps some critical self-analysis is in order.

  46. In addition to the disrespect of selling a Chinese-made watch as a “US Aviator Watch,” check out the formation of jet airplanes in the TV commercial. They are Russian MiG-29s. That’s right — the aircraft of our Commie enemies. Nice job, Rick Harrison. You’ve managed to completely alienate every US veteran.

  47. I almost bought one of the American Aviator Watches until I heard it was manufactured in China.
    What a disgrace. Rick H. you should be ashamed of yourself and advertising this cheap piece of crap for $39.99 , Especially after his father served our country in the Navy during WWII.
    But then money talks and we do stupid things. My dad also served during WWII in the Army Air Corp on a B 25 and to me this is a slap in the face to all these WWII vets who served there country.

  48. Certificate of Authenticity
    No. 034590

    My watch is only approximately 8 months old and it just stop working.

    I am looking for an address or phone number in order get my American Aviator Watch serviced.

    I love the my America Aviator Watch but loved it even more when it was working.

    Please help,
    Tony Giovannone

  49. All the tea party morons who bellyached in their comments that American companies bail out to China because of our “environmental laws, fair wage and compensation requirements, humane working conditions and sky-high corporate taxes”, here’s the real deal…These companies left because of THEIR decision to race to the bottom at break-neck speed, to wage war on the environment because doing so saves money (of course these disgusting individuals have no obligation to the future, i.e., the well-being of their own companies not to mention their children, grand children, etc). Never forget that humane working conditions cost money, which is always more important to these thugs than human beings. Finally, our corporate tax rate IS NOT 35%, the highest in the world. After tax dodges and sheltering huge amounts of income from taxation based on “off shoring”, the ACTUAL tax rate paid by American companies is 15%. Enjoy the wilderness, tea party; your fifteen minutes of fame is rapidly drawing to a close. The political pendulum is finally about to swing back toward sanity, and not a moment too soon.

  50. “every second counts” more like “not every second counts” I don’t think this watch is worth it because I have owned cheap and expensive watches.for the price it should be better the mechanism for setting it it reminds me of a dime store watch it’s super glitchy. You barely touch the dial and it stops working until you push it back in and tap the face about five times than it works and than it periodically stops working. And it is made in China and not in the United States of America. I say it’s was not well worth the 40. I would strongly suggest you don’t buy this and find something else like a Timex. Good luck

  51. Thanks for the advice on getting the citizen mens watch instead of this piece of crap. I’m so glad I read the reviews on here on how this made in china junk doesn’t work. I’m going to buy the citizens watch on amazon. I’m glad you posted your comment about the superior watch.

  52. Agreed! It’s a disgrace for anything made in China to have Ameica on it! No Flags or anything

  53. Was interested until read it was made in China. As retired military I find this very disappointing.

  54. Junk!

    Most of the stuff sold on TV anymore is worthless, overhyped crap. This watch is no exception. While I didn’t buy one, a friend did and it died within a week. No reply from the company for a replacement.

    I bought a Marathon Navigator instead.

  55. This watch is a piece of crap. The stem doesn’t click in place. Any little bump or brush against anything and the watch stops. Does it about 5 to 6 times a day. Should have just went out and bought a Timex. What the hell. They’re not made in the U.S. either. The sunglasses were a good deal for the price but the watch is a joke.

  56. I bought this watch at Walmart last week. Seems to keep time accurately so far but the band is crap. The pin in the band has popped out every time I take off the watch. I’m dam tired of having to struggle getting the pin to stay attached . I’m currently out-of- town and considering returning this Chinese piece of crap when I get back. I’m old enough to remember when Japanese products were poorly made but I’m not willing to wait for the Chinese to get their act together.

  57. I got my husband this watch after he saw the commercial and liked the look. We got the watch about 6 months ago. He’s not as hard on watches as he used to be since he retired (he used to be a cop and was a bit hard on them.) So I figured what the heck, the watch was cheap enough, we’d give it a shot and I hadn’t seen any negative reviews. Once he had it about 6 months, the hour hand started to keep time on its own, It now jumps 9 hours at a pop. I called the company, only to be told the warranty is only good for 30 days. If I had known that in advance, I would have thought twice about the purchase. Don’t bother with watch, Timex has one almost identical, cheaper and with a one year warranty.

  58. I really do not need a comment; I am fine with my life; I just don’t like to see egotistical corrections whether true/false/whatever; if someone makes a mistake let them go. No, some have to rip the poor person and some out like some macho stupid.

    We do not need more know-it-alls. The world is filled with them.

  59. Please do not chastise another person. There is no need for being critical to another. If you cannot say anything positive; please say nothing at all. Your comments only make you look un-christian.

  60. Hello potential purchasers of this watch. I’m about to attempt returning this watch because it is a piece of crap. Here is the email I sent to customer service:


    I am having terrible trouble with my watch. It doesn’t keep time because it operates intermittently. Sometimes I see it has stopped working completely and pushing the knob on the side of the watch restarts it. Please tell me about the return procedure.

    Thank you,


  61. My dad got me one for a gift. Works fine. Keeps good time. Looks clean. May be Chinese made but not much isn’t anymore now a days. No complaints.

  62. OK…..I can only tell you my situation. The watch does not keep the proper time and at time it stalls and freezes…..also i lose valuable minutes. I called customer service and asked for a replacement.
    They said mail it back plus they would give me 5 bucks credit on my card. It costs twice tah plus an hour on a postal line to send it back.. In the GARBAGE it goes.

    Buyer BEWARE by my personal experience. Your mileage may vary…maybe it is a hit and miss item.

  63. Bought this watch thru HSN. It stopped working the day after I received it. I reset the time and it ran until the next day when it stopped again. Back to HSN it goes!

  64. I think it is important to note at the China that fought with us during World War II was not a communist China and I think that’s the big difference

  65. The american Aviator Watch worked for about 3 months then just stopped! Note that warrantee is only 1 month, so beware the watch is cheaply made and you have no recourse to get a refund.

  66. Bought this watch after seeing Rick push it. It came in late April. It never did glow in the dark. After a couple weeks it stopped. I reset it and it worked for a week or two, stopped again. Happened a couple more times. I called a company rep who said the watch was now out of warranty (60 days), but she could send me a new one for ten bucks less than full price, plus shipping. I told her no thanks I was pitching it in the trash. Really disappointed in Rick and won’t be watching Pawn Stars anymore. Particularly because it plays on the patriotic theme. I’m really tired of having to buy garbage from China that’s guaranteed to break in a short period of time. JUNK!

  67. this is the second one that I have . the first one after a month, started giving me false time. Took it the watchman to change the battery, after a few days the same thing happened. Call Costumer service (good luck with that because they say they have 10, 000 products and don’t have a profile for this item) figure that! Sent it back and it is doing the same thing. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! You go to walmart and buy a cheaper watch and last you ten times more than this crap! Shame on this joker on TV,

  68. This watch is a scam!!! I received it as a gift for Christmas 2015. Quit working in January. Started up again and ran for a few days and quit again. Couldn’t get anyone in customer service. Web site sucks. Sent several emails to various websites. Notice they don’t have a rating system on their web site. They pass you around and promise a return phone call that never comes. I have a $10 cheapie watch that has been running without a miss for 5-6 years. If they would spend some of the money they put into packaging and advertising, maybe they would have a decent watch. Poor quality watch. Non-existent customer service. NOT WORTH THE HASSLE!!

  69. I noticed that everyone is complaining about the watch being made in China and so am I . But I feel the quality is very poor and the warranty is almost nonexistent . I received my watch in Jan. 2016. I did not wear it much so I was very surprised went it stopped working . I called customer service today 6-6-16 and I was told it is out of warranty. It has a 60 day warranty and he said they were gracious and added 30 more days for a total of 90 days. You can buy cheap watches at any flee market that run for years and only require a new battery. This watch ran for about 4 months before starting to fail. Well known people like Rick Harrison should do a little more checking into the product before indorsing it.
    By the way, the company is giving me a $15.00 credit so that I can take the watch to a jeweler and get it repaired. I do not plan to put any additional money into this product.

  70. This isn’t about the watch, but seriously. The crap they sell on TV – a few years ago, I blew $30 on a Cat’s Meow automated toy for my felines. They had a better time playing with the box it came in.

  71. This watch has no warrinity beyond 30 days. My watch stopped within 6 months. Into the trash . It’s a piece of shit. Do not purchase this watch.

  72. I ordered one of the American Aviator watches for my husband after he saw the infomercial. I can’t tell you how many times he has told me that it stopped. The most recent was when we were supposed to leave on vacation. I called him to see if he was on his way home, and he said ” I will be in a couple of hours…it’s only 9:30″. It was actually 11:30 and we were supposed to leave at 12:00. Nice way to start a vacation! What a POS!!

  73. I bought this watch for the looks and the price. I wasn’t swayed by the sales pitch. It looked like a good deal so I bought it. WHAT A MISTAKE! A few DAYS after it arrived and I put it on, it just stopped ticking. I sent it back and I got a replacement in a relatively short time (couple of weeks). Now THAT ONE HAS ALSO STOPPED WORKING! I will try to get a refund, so I can buy a good cheap Japanese Seiko, which by the way was our enemy in WWII, whereas China was an ally. Don’t know why you guys are so anti-chinese. (joke)

  74. Why is it people are allowed to lie and be misleading on commercials? I want to redo them and ring a bell everytime they lie. Watch this “quality” watch as the second hand comes around and moves the minute hand. That’s quality. If we keep seeing commercials like this you can tell that people are stupid enough to buy crap.

  75. The junk inside would still be made in china. The U.S. doesn’t make much quality things anymore,

  76. Anyone who buys a watch from a TV commercial is a fool that deserves what they get. These comments are hilarious. Yes, you are being sold Chinese junk by fake reality show personality. Some of you are even a fan of this guy and take his fake sales pitch personally. I’d feel sorry for you, but you’re all simply fools.

  77. Rick Harrison is a sell out. Anything for a buck! Shame on him to be promoting so called American history product MADE IN CHINA.

  78. I try to use unbiased comments from users and listen to those who have checked out the product before making a purchase I can not check out personally. The article claiming to have checked out the watch offered not one ounce of objectivity or submit any test data to back up their rating. Sounds like it was written by or for those selling this watch…and I really wanted to find out it was even marginally well made. Guess I should have been wary as it was being hawked by someone telling me a double edged razor shaves as well as my high tech multi-blade one. siiigh. The search continues.

  79. The watch won’t keep time and is constantly stopping.
    The metal closure spring on the wrist strap came off and I can’t get it track on.
    It does not glow in the dark.

  80. I bought one of these watches after seeing it advertise on the history channel. The first day I wore it the second hand started freezing up and not working.

  81. I was going to buy this watch until I found out it was Chinese made that being said I’ll probably buy something else. But i also believe it’s a little ridiculous to turn this into a political website over a 39.95 watch. I’ll probably never return to this website to see what comments are posted after this one. Let’s remember this is an As Seen on TV advertisement product. I really didn’t expect more than that. Too bad there’s not more truth in advertising but take this for what it is it’s not a political forum. God bless you all.

  82. I thought this would be a cool watch to own and ordered one, not realizing initially this was Chinese made. That revelation was a disappointment , however thought I would wear it since I bought it . The problem is it wont keep time , had it about a month and have had to reset the time 3 times now . Not worth buying or wearing , Cheap Chinese made piece of crap !

  83. Shame on you for griping about China they were our allies in wwII iam glad they helped make the watch I bet there’s parts from England and Russia in it to they where also our allies in the war if you hated China don’t buy phones ,iPhone,computers Galaxy s6 phones oh just shut up your mind and heart you hate everyone and everything our allies have the right to put American flag patches on there stuff when there helping us out and we help them to.

  84. This watch is a piece of CRAP. I bought it for Christmas 2015& already had to get battery replaced. Now the second hand had fallen off. If our pilots used these watches during world war 2 we would now be speaking German & eating rice. Save your money.

  85. Rick, disgraceful you are representing a made in China wanna be AMERICAN product, Chumley would not have done this, so Rick you can suck a Fat Baby Peter, shame on You!!!!

  86. I ordered this watch from Canada and it was debited on my Visa but the watch never arrived and they sent me a notice saying the watch was returned to them and I would receive a refund. I contacted them and said I never received it so how could I send it back. It likely was Cdn customs. So I asked them to resend it out again. When it arrived it looked great and had a nice feel. one problem…it didn’t work. So I thought it might be the battery and I called American Aviator and since they agreed it could be the battery they gave me a $5 credit on my visa to cover the cost. When I took the watch to a watch repair shop he said it wasn’t the battery in fact the minute hand was not working as well it was flapping around. But he said it was a nice looking watch but advised me to return it for a refund. So I sent it back less $8 shipping. Bottom line was a waste of time. Too bad I wanted the watch.

  87. Received this watch on the 31st last Thursday…I even paid extra for the leather band…It keeps horrible time…Will replace battery, but if it still sucks, will place it in the trash…What a waste of $60.

  88. Gimme a break. Any business that’s relocated out of country was almost certainly highly profitable before they left. The greed lies with upper management,stockholders,fund managers and the like that just can’t be happy. Plenty of countries have well paid workforces,Unionized ones in fact,in which their ownership & management does not expect to squeeze and hoard every single ounce of profit. That without which,their employees,would not occur. Japan,Germany,just to name a couple. South Korea is becoming more Unionized now,and other emerging economies,including china will once again follow. The working folks of the world are tired of getting shit on. Americans,both Unionized and not so have unfortunately becoming too complacent in thinking another job was waiting on the next block. America is on the cusp of another Labor revolution. Turn off fox and learn the facts.

  89. Tell that to the folks living around the West Lake landfill,in Missouri. The real facts are the American business will do whatever possible to expand their already bloated profit margains. First it was Taiwan & Hong Kong,then mexico. Now even china isn’t cheap enough,so now they’re headed to glorious vietnam. Check your nikes……..I’ll be wearing my American made New Balance.

  90. The fact that you rail about socialism to justify these companies hopping to an extremely communist society to operate speaks volumes about your limited capacity for rational thought.

  91. Bought a Citizen Eco Drive mil. style watch for some $90 several years ago. By far best watch I have ever owned, even surpassing a Korean War era Rolex from a USN PX. Understand Swiss watches, < SF15K , must have by law at least a 50% Swiss value content which can equate to Swiss case or rotor of domestic manufacture. Swiss labor just to install these items can in some cases be their only content. Movements in this price range are typically hi quality Chinese @ $20-$39 ea.! ; as are the hi end optics often found in German and Japanese cameras. Pay a fair price for true value, and supply your own high end QC for a great Chinese product, every time!.

  92. What a insult calling this watch a American Aviator watch Mr.Harris should be ashamed of himself to promote a Chinese watch movement and calling it a American aviator watch not going to buy it, What a joke……

  93. This is a junk quartz watch, apparently made in China. The sad thing is that very accurate mechanical watches were developed for the war effort. They were dubbed chronometers. They really were an engineering marvel. With a compass and a very accurate chronometer, the planes could accurately navigate to the target and drop their bombs.

    Quartz watches should be hyper accurate, but they aren’t an engineering marvel that a precision mechanical watch is.

    Save your money, and buy a vintage, REAL ww2 watch. THAT would be cool.

  94. I don’t like it any more than you do but you can’t simultaneously say corporations are running roughshod over whackjob environmental laws and criticize them for leaving. All this “environmental guidelines, fair wage and compensation and humane working conditions” is just code for more socialism, which gets defeated at every turn. Until common sense is restored to American business, and out despotic government gets out of the way, you can expect more of the same.

  95. I just read many of the reviews for “this fine watch” that Rick is endorsing, and I have come to the conclusion that he’s only interested in lending his name to it for money in his pocket and nothing else. Of course after reading many of the reviews here it is clear to me that he is nothing more than a money grubbing whore out to make a fast buck, just like he was with that piece of junk razor he endorsed earlier. Well P. T. Barnum had it right “There is a sucker born every minute”. If you need a watch don’t get caught up in the hype, Go to amazon and look thru the watches they have for better prices, that are better than this piece of Chinese junk.
    If this watch is do damn good, why is there an arbitration agreement in stead of a money back guarantee that is only for 30 days from date of purchase ?
    I will not be watching that crappy pawn shop show on the history channel any longer. I would rather watch something with someone I feel is a little more honest than just wanting to take the public’s money by duping people into thinking they are buying something worth while. Also I am disappointed that someone such as this would try to capitalize on a fraud such as this by making a representation that it will benefit or honor our veterans that served our country with distinction and honor by being made in china as it is.

  96. I just wonder how much Rick H. would offer if you bring the American Aviator watch to his store to pawn it ? That would tell you the real value. I was going to buy it but the lack of technical information, almost an omission, makes me leery.

  97. Don’t buy this junk. The watch we get is the timex camper. Same watch as this but better quality. This is generic junk.

  98. China is also a reminder of what can happen when corporations are handed carte blanche to run ragged over environmental laws and fair wage practices. Unless you are living under a rock you know that these corporations operate with a sweat shop mentality and the air in many parts of China is literally unbreathable. Corporations can hop from one underdeveloped nation to an other until each host nation has had enough and excises the parasitic corporation.
    Eventually theses companies will have to return and set up shop in the developed Western World and comply with environmental guidelines, fair wage and compensation and humane working conditions.
    They could put out a quality product at higher price that will offset the “onerous” restrictions placed on them. Except now their own employees can afford to buy the products they have paricipated in producing with pride in the USA. That formula worked very well for Henry Ford.

  99. This is a disgrace, especially marketing it with the whole World War 2 backstory and saying it’s “American”. What an insult to all of our veterans.

  100. Agree with your comments, but still avoid buying China made products whenever possible, even if it means paying more.
    The other thing is I think it should be a wind up watch also, like it no doubt was back in the day.

    Unfortunately it’s a product and a sad commentary on the reality of our times.

    Here’s hoping for a return to more AMERICAN made products in the near future

  101. I figured it wasn’t made in the USA And turned out to be fact. It’s worth maybe $1.99 retail price. It won’t keep time. Loses about 20 minutes in 3 weeks and is not adjustable. It won’t keep a charge on the face for seeing at night or darkness. It’s cheesy at best and promoted by a cheap prostitute with no ethical morals apparently. I’ve known titie dancer’s with more etics. A complete failure and insult to our armed forces. Past present and future.. Austin By God, Texas gives the whole bunch of crap a united thumbs down along with the middle finger on both hands.

  102. I stopped watching this fool a long time ago and I would never buy anything from the likes of him. Rick, you and your boring show suck!!

  103. Totally agree with bohdanknianicky… was NOT corporate greed but expediency that forced production of our products overseas……steel, autos, foundries, railroads…..all destroyed by the greed of UNIONS.
    When will we learn.

  104. I saw this late night ad on TV, and I was very tempted to order a watch. But several things didnt add up.
    Nowhere on the commercial did they give any details about the mechanical details of the watch. Is it electric, electronic, or standard wind up? How could it possibly be that inexpensive and be of any quality? Where was it made? What is the case made of? Stainless steel? pot metal? Plastic? Omitting important backup details usually means it is junk. Buyer beware, no matter who is doing the selling, omitting important details usually means the worst.
    Once again our local boys made good sold out to the almighty dollar. How sad.

  105. My advice is to buy a Citizen BM8180 Eco Drive. It sells for $99 on Amazon and keeps perfect time has day and date and resembles the watch hawked by Rick Harrison. By the way it does glow in the dark without shinning a light on it. No winding and no batteries to buy .

  106. Unfortunately all things are made in China.Look at the facts, if I was “big business” I would move my plant out of the country. Thanks to our policies and UNIONS, they have a choke hold on our industry,
    However, slowly, some of them are coming back b because the countries they’re in are corrupt and manipulate their currency,
    You already know all of that. Americans, on the other hand, have lowered their standard from quality to junk. Shame on us.
    After reading all revues, I think I’ll wait. I like the look of the watch and I like the features, a watch that glows in the dark and has large numbers for old veterans to see.
    I’ll take it back even further. Why not have these features and a watch that needs winding. Don’t have to depend on batteries.

  107. To everyone leaving the reviews about this watch I want to thank you. I was going to buy this for a military guy for Christmas but now I know to stay away from this Chinese made pos.

  108. Pawn shop owner selling foreign watch. That’s a man who exploits failed lives with
    fake, dispicable hype to honor American heros with mis-information.
    How could anyone disrespect Americans this much with China made crap.

  109. Wow! I was almost looking to get this for my brother in law for Christmas. Well, this confirmed my lack of belief in ANY of those TV promotions. I don’t do “China made”.

  110. I’ve sent two email to their website requesting where the watch was made, given the price point. NO RESPONSE…which is no surprise, given the comments on this website!
    The whole advertising thing irritates me…concur with one of the comments on this website that many of us would gladly pay a higher price for this type of item MADE IN USA, or at least, a country that is not considered adversarial by many.

  111. I first saw this Watch on TV the other day and was impressed, however I just wondered where it was manufactured and found out where “China”. Not only will I not purchase it, but I will not disgrace my Father who served in the Navy and other Vets. Totally Disgraceful to lead the public to believe this is to honor our Vets.

  112. any product that is promoted buy a pawn shop owner should not be considered for purchase sad sad that Rick claims to be a patriot but is promoting a Chinese product shame on you

  113. No $39 watch is worth wearing unless you work in a job where it will get damaged. There are plenty of better used watches on Ebay, made in Japan at least.

  114. Probably the same fine quality as the crappy razor for $19.95. Oh yeah, plus $12.00 shipping for a 4 oz.package. Not nearly the quality of the old Gillette double edge razors that sold for like $3.95. Rick Harrison is nothing but a whore. Spend $50 to $100 bucks and buy a cheap Invicta from Evine. Their cheaper watches are assembled in Thailand, but at least they use Swiss components. When they do use an Asian movement they buy them from TMI, a division of Seiko. (quality stuff)

  115. I already stopped watching the show, Rick is a screws those people out of thousands of dollars a day. Then tries to dup the american people buy selling chinese junk. He is as about as smart as The clown chumley.

  116. I just ordered one then read this. Unbelievable!!!!
    Rick leads you to believe it’s made in the USA and that the watch glows automatically in the dark. All f. Ing lies. You have to shine a light on it to glow. Rick you screwed us all over a paycheck for your dumb ass. Let’s stop watching their damn show. That should eventually hit em in the pocket book.

  117. I was going to order one but when i found out it was made in china i changed my mind. if you want a good watch look at the stainhausen watch very beautiful and a thin watch

  118. I received mine today. It was one of our novelty gifts we give to each other on our wedding anniversary so we don’t break the bank. For the price, I like the look and feel of the watch. I won’t mind wearing it every day, as I keep my more expensive watches that are rarely worn in a jewelry box. The fact that it’s made in China is just a reminder that we have forced manufacturers to leave the U.S. because of our high corporate tax rate and choking regulations.

  119. D Con…… You are only partially correct.

    Though the United States Air Force (USAF) was not founded until September of 1947, it was the United States Army Air Forces (also the Navy and USMC) that flew WW2 missions, not the Army Air Corps.

    The Air Service, United States Army, existed from May of 1918 through July 02, 1926. The Air Service was superseded by United States Army Air Corps (USAAC), which was in turn replaced by the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) on June 20, 1941.

    The United States did not enter the Second World War until the Japanese attack on Oahu in December of 1941, so U.S. aerial operations of WW2 were not carried out by the USAAC.

  120. There was no USAF during WWII! The Army Air Corps flew the missions, and the USAF was born in 1947, well after the war — please get the facts right 🙂

  121. Great piece of gear at a very modest price. Not luminous in the dark or if so, not for long. That said, it is well built, looks great and is a perfect novelty gift or suitable watch for daily wear.

  122. They should be ashamed with the marketing techniques. This is made in China. Have it made here and I would gladly pay $300.

    How can you put the American flag on this crappy watch.
    HEY RICK your dad served in the navy.
    Can’t you even show him some respect.

  124. I can’t cancel the last post, it was inaccurate.
    This is a modern watch, the guts probably sell at walmart for 12-15 dollars.
    I would like one with a upgraded to more quality guts. Looks like this isn’t a good watch.

  125. only a total dumba$$ would buy this piece of chinese garbage and the dude hawking it is only out for the $$$$ Rick, you’re a disgrace and I served. You suck!~

  126. Hey, Christopher, thinking about ordering this watch for my husband. have you received yours yet? please let me know – don’t want to get into the mess you got into for a watch!!! thanks.


  127. I first ordered American Aviator Watch on 5/10/2015 i was given info that said it was backordered my order was canceled on 8/5/2015 I called after checking on my order they had never notified me the order was stopped I had them restart the order on 8/10/2015 i will call them again on 9/15/2015 to see if they have any watches yet If they don’t get this resolved now I will email Rick Harrison to find out if he knows his face is representing a company that can’t deliver

  128. I ordered a watch after watching Rick Harrison on a commercial a few weeks ago, and I am trying to track the order down. Any help would be appreciated.

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