Does the American Aviator Watch Really Work?

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Does the American Aviator Watch Work?Not everyone is into collectibles, but when it comes to something like the American Aviator Watch that depicts a part of our history, then it is something that almost every man will appreciate.

The American Aviator Watch was originally made for the USAF, so pilots would have a time piece that was precision made and accurate for them to be able to count on. This could be imperative for the many missions that were carried out in the second world war. It is an impressive looking analogue watch. It has glow in the dark features and clearly read hour, minute and second hand components. The wristband is made of a well constructed nylon that is comfortable to wear. It has a face that it is a little larger than some of the other watches constructed during this time.

The Claim
The promoters claim that this watch was constructed with its precision and accuracy because of the heavy responsibility that was placed upon it during the missions carried out during the 2nd world war. Missions had to be carried out to the split second, and pilots needed a time piece that would allow them to do this. It also had to be durable and be able to withstand the rigors of war. This current timepiece is expected to meet these standards.

The Hype
With the history behind this watch it adds a special significance to it. This is what makes it an ideal gift for any man whether they have a military background or not. Even those that are really not into collectibles, show a deep respect for the history this watch depicts.

The Cost
This American Aviator Watch is being offered for $39.95 and this includes the shipping. Included in your order you will also get a World War II booklet, a collector’s case and a certificate of authenticity. This entire package really makes an impressive yet affordable gift.

The Commitment
No doubt you always have some man on your gift giving list, and they are not always easy to buy for. The great feature about this watch is that it can be worn with pride, or simply put on display. It really is appropriate for the young man, or the older senior. It would most like hold a special meaning for any war time veterans or those serving in the military now.

The American Aviator Watch is really not glitzy but it has a clean, strong and durable look to it. It certainly would compliment any attire that it would be worn with. It is well made and is reported as being scratch and water resistant. This is important for the men who are on the go.

Final American Aviator Review

We’re prepared to give this watch a Thumbs Up review. It is a modern day version of the original and classic aviator’s watch, and is being offered at a very reasonable price. There are several other versions of Aviator’s watches on the market and over all they seem to be getting decent reviews. This particular watch has the individual numbers laser etched onto it which adds to its impressive look.

Our Recommendation
You really may want to consider ordering a couple of these and putting them away until you need a men’s gift for a special occasion. Watches are not always an easy item to pick out as a gift, but this one just about fits any man’s lifestyle. Another time piece that we found to be of interest to many was the Timex Ameritus, which has a slightly dressier look.

What do you think? Does the American Aviator Watch work or not?

155 Customer Reviews on “Does the American Aviator Watch Really Work?

  1. I am adding this website to my favorites bar. The comments are great. I watch Pawn Stars and I think Rick is great but I’m not buying this watch. The made in China part isn’t really a problem as long as the guts (the movement) is Japanese or Swiss or USA although the Fossil line has movements made in what was Hong Kong and they are very reliable. If you have opened hundreds of watches like I have you can tell the difference in quality. Minor note, no watch can be labeled waterproof anymore. Even if it is a real diver’s watch it will still just say water resistant but will have a depth or AT (atmospheres) rating, the higher the AT or depth rating the more resistant. Rick should donate any money he gets to a Vet group. He can’t possibly need the money, heck Chumlee drives a Lambo .

  2. Analog has nothing to do with quartz or ticking. A quartz watch can be analog ( old fashioned numeral face with actual hands) or digital (just digital numbers, no hands). No quartz watch ticks unless you have Kryptonian hearing and you are hearing the oscillations of the quartz crystal. True ticking requires gears as in mechanical watches..

  3. My daughhter bought this watch fpor me two Christmas ago and it worked for ! MONTH. I called the company a month later and they asked me to ship it back and they would replace it………that was 1 1/2 yrs ago and NO REPLACEMENT yet……The ads/company/promotion are scams in my opinion…….I liked the style of thew watch and would wear pone if they would just live up to their ads.

  4. This watch is a dud. I have had to replace the battery about 6 times and I have only had the watch about 2 years. It does lose time as the battery ages (I think) I did complain to the company that makes this piece of junk but got no reply.

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