Does the Timex Ameritus Men’s Watch Really Work?

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Timex Ameritus Watch Work?There are always plenty of things to buy for women and kids of course, but to buy a really meaningful gift for a man can be a real challenge. A watch may be a safe bet, but can you step the gift up a notch by choosing the Timex Ameritus Men’s Watch?

When you first start to do some research on the Timex Ameritus Men’s Watch you may come across the one with the black band, but if you look deeper you will discover the one with the stainless steel bracelet. This is the T2P041KW model. It is really quite intriguing because you could say it is that in between watch that fits in well between the sports line watches and the classy dress models. The stainless steel bracelet model is comprised of three chain links to give a nice width and durability to the bracelet. This is what gives it it’s dressy appearance, but the face and components of the watch lend itself to the sports type setting.

The Claim
Those that are selling the Timex Ameritus Men’s Watch with the stainless steel bracelet are promoting its many features like its 3 chromograph subdials, analog display with quartz movement, the impressive crystal protection dial window, and that its perfect to be worn when swimming or taking a shower.

The Hype
There doesn’t have to be a lot of effort put into the Timex Ameritus Men’s Watch because the brand Timex has well earned its credibility as being a top notch and quality provider of watches. Most often anyone that is setting out to buy a time piece such as this will automatically go to the Timex brands to view their choices first.

The Cost
You will no doubt see a variation in the price of the The Timex Ameritus Men’s Watch with the stainless steel bracelet, but you can expect to pay around $84. for it.

The Commitment
If you are buying this watch as a gift then you have the task of trying to determine if it is going to be the right choice. Most men are quite picky about their watches and they have several expectations of what they should be comprised of as well as how they look. You are going to need to know a little about the man that this watch is intended for. Is he the total rugged type that is going to want a different style watch band that depicts this, or his he your executive type that wants only the best in both watch functionality and gold or silver in the watch band itself?

Overall the Timex Ameritus Men’s watch is the perfect watch to buy for the man who is normally difficult to buy for. As said, it fits nicely in between the choices when it comes to this type of item. It may seem to the onlooker who is buying it that it is a little complex, but most men don’t seem to have a problem figuring out how to make the most of all the bells and whistles that many of the watches come with.

Final Timex Ameritus Men’s Watch Review

We have focused most of our attention on the Timex Ameritus Men’s watch with stainless steel bracelet which is model T2P041KW, and we are prepared to give it a Thumbs Up rating. If you are just not quite sure the bracelet style is going to be received well, then you can consider some of the other watches in the Timex Ameritus line. If on the other hand you feel that a watch of any type is just not the ideal gift choice for a particular man on your gift list then maybe take a look at something totally different like the One Razor perhaps.

Our Recommendation
Buying for the men in your life is probably not going to be an easy task, although there are some males however, that are really easy to buy for. Watches and razors and of course socks and ties are often the first gift items that the gift buyer looks at, but fortunately with choices in watches like the Timex collections it does takes some of the gift buying pressure off.

What do you think? Does the Timex Ameritus Men’s Watch work or not?

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