Does the One Razor Really Work?

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Does One Razor work?The One Razor is trying to shake up the razor industry and bring things back to the old school way of doing it with just one blade, instead of 4, 5, or even 6. But can this really work as good as they say it does, and is it the same as when they give you a barber shop shave?

With the razor arms race leading to who can pack the most blades onto one razor it’s getting a little ridiculous. The most advanced model from Gillette has 5 blades, while the folks over at Dollar Razor Club have one with 6 blades. Even with all of those blades they still wear out relatively quickly, and before long you’re looking at

The Claim
The makers of the One Razor say that you don’t need all of those blades, and the reason that there are so many on today’s modern razors is just a gimmick to inflate the price and get you to believe that it’s shaving closer with fewer strokes.

The Hype
They’ve got Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars promoting this razor, which makes sense since he has a bald head and likely does a fair amount of shaving. This is a guy that knows his stuff, or at least appears to on his TV program, so he adds a lot of credibility the product.

The Cost
The One Razor is pitched at a price of $20 but you have to factor in the extra $8 for shipping, plus the extra $5 for an extra set of blades bringing it to a grand total of $33 shipped to your door. They say this is enough to get you through a year’s worth of shaves, which would put you at far less than what you’d spend in replacement blades for something like the Gillette Fusion.

The Commitment
This should lessen the amount of time you spend shaving, giving you a close shave with just one blade. You’re still going through the same motions of shaving, just with a different razor.

To try and prove their claim they say that you only have to look at the way barbers still give shaves. They still use a straight razor, just one razor blade, to get the closest shave around. Some features of this razor look like they’d be very beneficial, including the way you can twist open the head and either clean the razor off, or replace it with a new blade. One problem is that it’s easy to compare one blade against a 5 blade razor because they still make disposable razors with just one blade. The difference between the two is night and day, so they’ve got to make the case that their one blade is better than the other cheap one blade razors still on the market.

The video below is for the Akira razor, basically the same exact concept as this but they put a Japanese theme to it and tried to draw the correlation between samurai swords and the blades being used in the razor. It’s been said that this is the same exact product, just marketed under a different name. The website for this razor is not defunct, so obviously it didn’t find any ground in the marketplace.

One thing to consider is that when you get a barber shop shave it’s not just about the razor they’re using. It involves a lot of preparation beforehand, getting the skin ready to be shaved. It also requires a lot of post shave care, with lotions and creams to help the skin calm back down.

The One Razor is presented by Micro Touch, which we didn’t think too highly of their trimmer, but this looks to be of a better quality, and since it’s not made of cheap plastic should probably handle the simple functions they say it can do.

Final One Razor Review

The One Razor seems worth a try at this price point, as long as you are taking care of your face before and after you shave to try and mimic a trip to the barber shop. After seeing the process that they take in a barber shop, you should look to get your face and facial hair prepared for the shave by lathering up the skin, and softening up the facial hair by massaging it. After the shave be sure to use a calming after shave lotion or balm to soothe the skin.

Our Recommendation
The reason the razor industry is so competitive is because there’s such a large number of guys that have to shave every day. This means that there’s a ton of money to be made because it’s a disposable product. Blades are going to wear out, so you’ve got built in repeat business across a large demographic. But there is definitely room for improvement when big brands like Gillette are charging so much for their refill blades, and paying big name celebrities millions in endorsements each year.

What do you think? Does the One Razor work or not?

41 Customer Reviews on “Does the One Razor Really Work?

  1. Sometimes it is just stupid to try and fix something that isn’t broke. I have been shaving for 40 years and mostly have used a safety razor, They definitely give a better shave. people today do not want to take the time needed to prepare the skin before the shave, that is the only thing that makes a difference in the quality of the cut. The skin and hair must be wet and warm and lathered deeply before shaving. That is why barbers used hot towels on your face before the cream lather went on.

  2. My wife bought me this for Christmas and I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks. I don’t know if it’s me or what but the blades seem horrible that came with it comma paper thin and I can not get a close shave at all. Maybe if I use different blades and also the blades don’t seem to protrude out enough to cut the hair. I shave at the end of my shower so my beard is soft and I even tried using shave cream in the shower and still not a close shave. I do like the razor itself though and like all the other posts remember that this was all my dad had to shave with. Hopefully different blades will make a difference.

  3. De is the way to go went back to it about ten years ago. Tried several different models and blades, settled on a Merkur with shark blades( absolutely the sharpest) 15 bucks for a hundred no drag no knicks and they last

  4. First time I have used a saftly razor in over 40 years. Perhaps not the best shave possible on my first outing but no nicks and a clean shave. After having a full beard until recently and and after having used an electric sod cutter, and play multi blades, found shaving to be pleasurable although a bit longer. Shall see if things are still going well on my second shave and more.

  5. I purchased this razor expecting it to be better than buying expensive Gillette match 3,4,5. I regret it so much I’m even laughing about it! I got bleeding cuts all over my skin I used it on! I wouldn’t ever recommend this product to anyone. Plain terrible. Don’t listen to that bald head Bastard Rick Harrison (pawn stars) . The product is worthless and dangerous!

  6. This and the Van der Hagen razor that some Walmarts and Targets stock are both the same razor, manufactured by Weishi. I have the VdH version, and while I am looking to upgrade, I find it a comfortable shave, and miles better than cartridges, and I have never gotten more than a couple nicks from it. In short, not the best razor, but it’s an acceptable entrée into the world of wetshaving for the budget-conscious.

  7. Garry, you’re not wrong in saying that Micro Touch One is “cheap junk from China”. I’ve been trying to get it to work without hacking up my face for months now, and it’s a losing battle. I’ve tried everything. Soaps. Brushes. I put a good Gillette Silver Blue blade in it, and I’m still getting cut and nicked in the same exact places. From what I’ve read this razor is based on an expired Gillette patent, but I can’t help but think that Gillette wouldn’t make something that’s this blatantly CHEAP.

  8. I started shaving (retro-shaving?) with an old fashioned style razor (mine’s an Edwin Jagger DE09BA11-BL) long before I saw an ad for the Micro Touch One razor. I just got tired of the faddish, multi-blade Gillette (Mach 3, vibrating, gizmo this and that, etc.) and Schick razor wars and wanted to go retro because I prefer older stuff and older tried and true methods. I wanted something nice and built to last so after doing my research I bought the Edwin Jagger after looking at Merkur first. I’m glad the EJ is made in the UK, is heavy, richly chrome plated, polished and knurled like a socket wrench for good grip and not some cheap junk from China which I feel the One Touch is. I also use shaving soap, a shaving brush and a mug to make my own hot rich lather each and every time. The whole process is called wet shaving and I must say, ever since switching over, that shaving is something I look forward to and take my time with, especially with proper preparation. I get very good shaves and love the results after mastering the learning curve. I also finish off with old school aftershave–Pinaud Clubman is my current fave but there’s others to try.

  9. I have a box of these old razors they are antiques maybe I will let husband have one and buy him a box of blades

  10. If you ordered it with a credit card you can file a dispute through them and refuse to pay it. Of course this will involve some extra work for you because you will have to call the company you ordered from and talk with them first. RECORD EVERYTHING when doing this. Then call your credit card company and explain the problems. I have had a couple companies try to rip me off in the same way and have gotten the charges changed or refunded.

  11. I read these reviews….ALL of them…and not to insult people…but if youre getting a bad shave with this or are cutting yourself…youre doing it wrong…DE or safety razors have a bit of a learning curve to them…so you will have to re learn shaving….try looking up a tutorial on de shaving…it takes a bit…but you will get a better shave with much less irritation and much much less cost

  12. I bought and tried this shaver,when I saw it at CVS for $20. I thought that it would be a good entry level safety razor, and I would be spending a lot of money to figure out if I liked it or not. I did research of pre and post shave routines, and bought the necessary products before shaving. This model came with a nice simple stand for the shaver, and 3 Dorco replacement blades. The replacement blades were okay, but not great. I now use Feather blades with it. I love it. It turned out the be a great beginner’s shaver, that is not aggressive, and allows me to learn and build a technique to safety razor wet shaving. I recommend it for any beginner. I can also see the it’s a shaver that will always be one that I can depend on for a nice clean shave, so long as I’m using a good razor. Very happy!

  13. Yes it does provide a good shave but the one thing it does is make your face bleed…Like every time..Even after 15-20 uses, it is whatit is and it, while being the “cheaper” option, just does not provide a GREAT shave like you can get with the overpriced Gillette 5 blade razors…They work awesome and VERY RARELY cut you…When they can come up with a “safety” razor that won’t cut me, i will use it 😉

  14. I just wanted some input. Guys and GALS, I bought because of Rick Harrison from pawn stars to be truthful, I actually trusted the guy. My wife got mine at Wally world. 20 bucks and 20 blades. I’ve never used a better razor. I don’t grow much facial hair, but shave everyday and DEMAND hairless!!! I can’t stand facial hair or even the stubbs. My wife loves it too!!! Blades are so easy to change and even more important, they’re EASY to clean!!!! A clean blade is a GREAT blade!!! I’ve used the 30 dollar razors myself and I’m being as serious and honest as I can be. THIS IS THE WAY TO SHAVE! I did have to change technique a BIT, but not like it sounds. It did take 1 minute longer, but now it’s 2 minutes quicker. JUST MY OPINION. Doesn’t have to be this exact razor, but guys and gals, it’s WORTH THE TRY!!

  15. I seen it at Walmart. I only noticed it because it had the pawn star guy on a cardboard cut out with the display.

  16. I can only tell you this. My wife bought me a gillette fusion because they didn’t have blades for my razor. I used it once. Never picked it up again. Still looking for a decent razor.

  17. I purchased one at cvs, no shipping, no extra cost, and had a coupon for 20% off . and my dad really likes it. Don’t waste money on ordering, they always come out at retail stores for lots less.

  18. I have not tried the One Razor. However, forty years ago I used the “safety razor,” which is what this appears to be. I would cut the hell out of my face. The modern multi-blade razors do not do this.

    I did have a barber who told me the reason I cut myself so much is that I I did not shave correctly with the safety razor – you need to shave with a safety razor by only doing one pass, not taking the blade off your face until you end the swipe.

    I have not been adventurous enough to give the safety razor a try.

    I also have researched using a straight razor. You need to buy a quality straight razor, not the cheap ones on eBay. You need to keep it sharp with a whetstone and a strop. It also takes about fifty shaves to get used to it. No thanks.

  19. My wife got me one for Christmas. I remember my Dad always using one for as long as I could think back. I tried it the night of Christmas, and at first it took longer than I thought, but I loved the shave. It was very close and I had no shaving bumps or skin burn. I noticed that I never had razor burn or any breakouts. My bread actually started growing back in thinner and softer. I will never give up my new razor, and have even got my son and son-in-law switching, not over because it gives a better shave, but cost a whole lot less. Thanks guys.
    Dane Morgan
    Danville, Indiana

  20. I just ordered this on line for my husband. The ad (Rick Harrison) said with this special offer you get an additional 12 blades FREE…with the addition of shipping and handling of $4.99. After I entered my credit info, name, email address and phone number, I was charged $7.99 for the 12 extra blades and $4.99 for additional shipping. Plus the initial $19.99 and shipping of $7.99. So this great offer of only $19.99 actually cost me over $40.00 and I didn’t get anything FREE! Of course, there is no way to cancel my order or contact the company. This better be the best razor my husband ever used!!
    Sounds like false advertising to me!

  21. I’ve been shaving with a Classic Gillette safety razor for years now and I will say that I get a better shave with it than with any of the multi blade razors out there. Not only is it cheaper (about $10-15 for 100 quality blades) but I never get shaving bumps anymore. You will have to relearn how to shave with one of these because you should take long strokes and not short choppy strokes. Again, it’s something that you should want to learn. If you are comfortable paying $100’s of dollars in cartridges, then stay with what you have. But if you see shaving as almost an art form and are willing to take 2-3 minutes more in your shaving, then safety razors or straight razor shaving is for you. Just don’t get a cheap, made in China, handle. Great vintage ones can be found cheap on eBay. Go that route.

  22. ls- i once thought as you do.
    however, you really don’t get a closer shave with those extra blades. i now use an old gillete that uses the drop-in blades. it does just as good a job as my mach 3 did but at a tiny fraction of the cost.
    i can go to the store and buy a container of 10 blades for 3 bucks (about the cost of one mach 3 cartridge) and it will last for 2 months at least.
    a double edge razor is just as good, just as easy and SUBSTANTIALLY less expensive.

  23. LS, I have to respectfully disagree. If having more blades meant you would get a closer shave, you could buy chef’s knives with five blades. That isn’t happening. Further, if this is a standard double-edge razor, you’ll be able to get 100 blades for less than $15!

    Try this: go to the kitchen and get a tiny strip of tin foil. Try to shave with it. Each blade on the Gillette or Schick (I’m using the Schick now because the blades are much cheaper than the Gillette, and you get almost as good a shave) is thinner than that tin foil. DE blades are cut and polished from real metal so you can get a great shave without a bunch of chemicals on your face.

    The DE experience is vastly cheaper than multi-blade shavers and most of the people I’ve seen who have one swear by it. I will say, however, that for the apparent quality of this razor vs. the price you can get much better razors and razor blades.

  24. I know a few guys who are interested in shaving with a straight razor, but it really is a lot of hard work. With today’s modern varieties, I cannot understand why anyone would want to go back to the old method of doing things. Multiple blades means you get a closer shave, and a lot of today’s higher end razors are coated with lubricants that ensure the shave will be safe. It seems to me that it would be a lot easier to just stick with the higher quality razors that are available on the market today instead of reverting back to old methods.

  25. I am an old-fashioned gal when it comes to shaving. I like a good close shave and can’t afford the waxing right now and frankly, I don’t know when I will be able to again. So I decided to give it a go and I did. Wow, I was impressed and the difference in quality is a lot compared to the one I was using before which is similar called Venus. That one comes with a “moisturizing” head that encases the razor blade and you get refills. I don’t know why this one does such a great job on my legs, maybe it is because it is for guy but hey if the guys don’t wanna use it, pass it along to the wives and girlfriends.

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