Does Night View Really Work?

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Does Night View work?The Night View glasses are like sunglasses that you wear at night to cut down on glare without cutting down on what you’re able to see.

It’s especially hard to drive when there is sun glaring right in your eyes, which is why so many people wear sunglasses while driving during the day, but at night it can be just as dangerous and blinding with all of the bright headlights contrasting with the dark conditions. And of course there are those people who put halogen bulbs in cars, or those that forget to turn their brights off, so you end up with massive glare that can make you lose sight of your lane.

The Claim
The makers of the Night View glasses say that they work to cut down on glare, allowing you to drive safely at night without compromising your vision or making things any darker. They say that it’s the yellow coating on these lenses that blocks the blue light waves that are responsible for all of that glare at night. You’ll be surprised just how many sources of glare there are. Of course from the headlights, but also brake lights, street lights, and even traffic signals. It’s all supposed to be reduced with these glasses.

The Hype
These have their own mini-infomercial that tries to show how they work, which adds some hype because you’re not quite sure if they way they’re being depicted is exactly how they’re going to work in real life when you get them home.

The Cost
Night View glasses total out at $26 for two pair. The advertised price is $10 but that quickly jumps to $18 with shipping, and then they tack on the 2nd pair but charge shipping for it, which brings it to $26. In the event of a return you’d only get a $10 credit back on your card, so it’s a bit of a risk because $16 plus the cost of return shipping gets wasted. When you consider that each pair is $13 delivered to your door, it’s still such a competitive price that it’s worth taking a big of risk for a solution to night driving.

The Commitment
All that’s required on your part is to put the glasses on at night and continue on with what you were doing, most likely you’ll want to use them when driving at night. It might take a little while to get used to wearing these at night, since unless you have prescription glasses you’re likely not used to wearing any eyewear while driving at night.

Anti-glare glasses are nothing new, and have been on the market for quite some time now, so they’re not exactly creating a new product here, but marketing it in a way that will get more people to want to try it. This is good for a few reasons, it means that the technology behind it is matured, so it’s not like you’re being a guinea pig for a product that is totally brand new. It also means that they can make these pretty cheaply, as the materials are already in existence so they don’t have to spend a lot on R&D to try and perfect this.

Another point to consider is that these are meant to be worn like sunglasses, so if you already wear prescription glasses you might not want to get these and go with something like these HD Night Vision wraparounds instead. They’re larger sized and meant to be worn over your prescription glasses. If you wear contacts or don’t wear glasses at all then the Night View glasses would be a better choice for their size and style.

Final Night View Review

The Night View glasses are getting our Solid Try rating. We checked out other night driving glasses that might be able to compete with these, but were unable to find good ones that are in the same price category. You end up spending around $40 or more for a decent pair, and since these get good feedback at a price that’s less than half that it makes sense to give them the go. If you split the cost with a friend it makes the most sense, because then the most each of you is risking is $8 if they don’t work like you hoped they would.

Our Recommendation
These make a good choice, and you’ll want to decide on something instead of continuing to drive around at night if the glare is affecting your vision. You definitely wouldn’t want to hem and haw on a pair of nighttime glasses and then have something bad happen to you on the road because of it. Pull the trigger on something, either these or a different pair of well-reviewed driving glasses if you don’t mind spending a bit of extra money on them.

What do you think? Does Night View work or not?

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