Do Christmas Wreaths Really Work?

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Do Christmas Wreaths Work?Traditional wreaths are used for many different reasons and occassions, but probably the one that most are familiar with is the Christmas Wreaths. What significance does this form of Christmas decoration really have, and do they really work for the original purpose they were intended for?

It is so common for us to take many things for granted and to do certain things like Christmas decorating because everyone else does it, and yet along the way of following tradition we have forgotten that many of the decorations have some symbolization to them from years back.The Christmas wreath falls into this category. The original meaning of the Christmas Wreath is to depict the coming of Christ in the Christianity sector. It is often referred to as the Advent wreath and dates back to the 16th century believed to be first introduced by the Lutherans.

The Claim
While there may not be any specific claims made as to who was the first person to introduce the Christmas Wreath, there is one intriguing story that dates back to 1839 where Johann Hinrich Wichern made a wreath out of a cart wheel. His purpose for doing so was to teach children about the true meaning of Christmas. To enhance his teaching he also used it as a countdown to Advent. It began with the 4th Sunday before Christmas where he started with a white candle, then for the other days he would use red candles.

The Hype
The hype comes for the modern day version of the Christmas Wreaths. Almost any store that you enter that carries Christmas decor will have a selection of wreaths to choose from. While many of these have kept with tradition, the meaning may not be well presented. For example, the circle of the wreath is believed to represent God depicting no beginning and no end as the circle suggests. Even the evergreen that is such a favorite in choice of materials for the Christmas wreath comes with meaning. It is a symbol of the everlasting life that Jesus brought with him.

The Cost
As you can imagine the costs for Christmas wreaths is wide and broad. What you may not know is that there is actually one that can set you back a whopping million dollars or maybe more. Then of course this particular type of Christmas decor is not likely to be in too much of a demand so you won’t be caught up in trying to out do its spectacular components which are diamonds and ruby’s and other very expensive additions. In the realistic range you can expect to pay anywhere between $20. to $40. and even less if you decide to do it yourself and make your own.

The Commitment
It all begins with first determining where you want to put the wreath. In many cases Christmas Wreaths are a favorite decoration to be used on the front door of the home as a symbol of welcome. You need to determine though, if you are going to position the wreath in such a way that it will be exposed to the elements, because this will dictate the type of material it should be comprised of. Then there is the follow up care that you have to consider which is packing it away after the festive season. This takes care and space so you can preserve its shape and newness.

We, like many people do, really like the warm and inviting atmosphere that the Christmas Wreath can depict. It is also one of those unique types of Christmas decor that can set the mood of the season. For those that choose one that is comprised of the traditional components like the evergreen and some of natures offerings, and beautifully colored ribbons it brings to mind the true meaning of the Christmas season. Then for those that like the whimsical, a wreath comprised of all of the goodies that Santa delivers to good boys and girls may be the way to good. Let’s not forget the festive foods that come with the season, and a wreath that depicts these is sure to stimulate the appetite in preparation for the Christmas meal.

Final Christmas Wreaths Review

We are going to give the use of the Christmas Wreath in any of its forms a Thumbs Up. No matter what it’s theme it still goes back to celebrating a festive season that evolves around love, giving and good cheer. Most of us would agree that these are all components that seem to wan during the rest of year more often than not.

Our Recommendation
You don’t have to spend a fortune on your Christmas Wreath and like we said you may even want to heighten the enjoyment by making your own Christmas wreath and while doing so make it a family affair. This can soon become a very precious piece of Christmas deco that can be handed down throughout the generations for years to come. You can get tons of supplies to make your own wreath at quality craft stores.. Also there are additional Christmas accessories that you can get to help shine some light on your Christmas Wreath like the Starnight Laser which comes with mixed opinions.

What do you think? Does Christmas Wreaths work or not?

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