Does Vivofit Really Work?

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Does Vivofit Work?Most anyone that is making moves to enhance their overall fitness and health  like to know what progress they are making, and just how much work they are really putting into it. Often this comes down to guess work unless you are using a device like Vivofit.

Vivofit is monitoring device that will help you to track and record some very important stats regarding your overall fitness regime. It is one of the fitness devices offered by Garmen. The other related product within this line is the Vivosmart which has some additional benefits. The Vivofit allows you to monitor your steps,distance, and calories. It allows you to set and track a personalized daily fitness goal. For convenience it will show the time and has a move bar.It is heart rate compatible and has the Garmen connect feature.

The Claim
Most of the claims that the Company is making all focuses around what the Vivofit has to offer. For example, its data display is being promoted as easy to read, or it is most convenient to connect to the garment connect which takes you to their free online fitness community. For some of the other features the company promotes why they are of such value, such as the time to move feature. They are relying on research that has shown that inactivity reduces the body’s ability to burn fat enzymes. By being reminded to get moving you may reverse this inactivity.

The Hype
Many people when they become dedicated to becoming fit like all the support they can get. Using a Vivofit is like having an additional resource to rely on to tell you how you are doing. You may figure that you walked miles during the day, but your Vivofit is going to tell you exactly how many steps you actually did take. Then having a nudge to get moving is something else that a lot of people like. Knowing what individuals want when it comes to meeting their fitness goals in what the hype of Vivofit encompasses.

The Cost
You will probably find that the cost of the Vivofit varies a little depending on where you are purchasing it from. It is found on Amazon and there it is being offered with or without the heart rate monitor option. Looking at the black colored version with this option included it is currently selling for $119.99

The Commitment
There are a couple of commitments that you are going to have to make if you want to put the Vivofit to good use. First you are going to have to plan some activities that are going to be monitored by the device. So this means you will want to do some walking, and if you are trying to lose a few pounds then you are going to want to start watching your calorie intake. Then you are going to have to commit to wearing the Vivofit so it can do its recording. Then you will want to design a regime for yourself that is going to better the statistics that you are being given.

We wanted to see what others thought of it and we took a close look at the Amazon reviews for this because there were lots of them. Overall the device has gained a 3.5 star rating, but it isn’t broken down to specifics in regards to ratings with or without the heart rate monitor. It has gained a impressive 1,143 reviews though, and currently the model without the heart rate monitor is showing as a #1 best seller on Amazon under their GPS and navigation equipment category.

Final Vivofit Review

The price is pretty good, it has some great features, and it has some decent feedback so we are going to give the Vivofit a Thumbs Up rating. It looks good to and overall most people say its comfortable. Plus, its waterproof and there are some great color choices. Every little bit helps when it comes to getting fit and the Vivofit seems like it would be a good addition to the get fit goal.

Our Recommendation
Before making your decision do some comparisons of similar products. This way you will make an informed decision and more likely have greater confidence in the Vivofit if it becomes your ultimate choice. To get you started on some comparisons take a look at our Basis Watch review.

What do you think? Does Vivofit work or not?

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