Does the Basis Watch Really Work?

Does the Basis Watch Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does the Basis Watch work?The Basis Watch says that it can give you the most detailed picture of your overall health, because it’s tracking your heartbeat. With an price that’s higher than competing products it has to deliver more features than the competition, so let’s see how it stacks up.

As technology keeps improving, the tracking devices being developed seem to get more and more sophisticated. Heart rate monitors have been around for decades now, and have helped athletes get the most bang for their buck from their aerobic exercises. These days there are several devices that have hit the consumer market promising to give us a window into how our daily actions effect our overall health. It’s made it a bit hard to sift through them all, because they’re all basically offering the same features at roughly the same price point. But not Basis.

The Claim
The makers of the Basis watch say that you’ll be able to maximize your days by the insights it provides in regards to how your body works. They say that you’ll be able to incorporate more activity into your day, and be able to see objective proof that it’s leading to a healthier you. They also say that you’ll be able to get better sleep, and wake feeling well rested and ready for the day ahead. When you exercise it is tracking different factors to find out which activities yield the best results, so you can do more of what’s working, and less of what’s not.

The Hype
Right now there are plenty of products to choose from, and they’re all part of what’s known as the Quantified Self movement. This is all about blending technology into our daily lives, letting computers keep track of things and giving us feedback on our activities. The theory is that the more knowledge we have about the way things effect us, the better we can tailor our lives and have a better experience. There is some debate as to whether this trend is actually providing meaningful information to the user, and whether it is helping people be more healthy, or at least less unhealthy.

The Cost
The Basis Watch is $200, about twice the price of a FitBit, and significantly higher than the Nike FuelBand. They try to justify the increased price with the fact that it monitors your heart rate as well, something that the other products lack. It’s almost not a fair comparison to put it up against these sort of products, since neither Nike nor Fitbit claim to be able to offer this kind of sensory tracking. So far they are relying entirely on tracking motion, both when you’re awake and when you’re sleeping. The Basis gadget is using sensors that are monitoring physiological reactions in the body, so you’d expect it to cost more.

The Commitment
Wearing the watch is your biggest commitment, but you’ll also want to sync it up and look over your data, using the information they provide to make adjustments to your daily activities. As you use it and make changes you should also come back to see if your changes are producing positive results. Aside from that you are a passive part of the process, and the more you can go about your daily business without remembering that you’re wearing it, so much the better.

The Basis Watch makes a pretty strong case for itself, and since it is monitoring your heartbeat it can give you more detailed and accurate data than some of its competitors. For example, while you’re sleeping it can get very detailed information about whether you’re really asleep or not. Your heart rate should hit obvious levels so over time it will know exactly when you’ve fallen asleep, when you’ve stirred, and when you’ve awoken. This ability alone

The sensors this contains make the difference. In addition to picking up your heart rate, it’s also measuring your perspiration levels, and its accelerometer tracks your movement, even the movement that you don’t typically count towards your overall activity level. When you consider that at some point in the future people will have the option to be outfitted with internal monitors that will track all sorts of bodily functions, this seems to be bringing the future forward in a way that few other products on the market are doing. From our research it’s in a class by itself as far as features and functions.

Final Basis Watch Review

The Basis watch is getting our Thumbs Up rating, and they successfully justify their higher price point with the accuracy of the data they’re providing, and the way they present the information to you can lead to real life changes. They make it a point to distinguish themselves from other products that are more geared toward tracking your individual workouts, and they say they are more interested in the bigger picture, how you spend your entire 24 hour day.

Our Recommendation
If you’re willing to pay more for potentially better data, this would be one unit that is taking things to the next level. When you look at something like the Nike FuelBand, or even the FitBit Flex, you’ll see that they simply don’t have the level of sophistication that this does, and are lacking major features. They are basically only tracking your movement, whereas the Basis device is getting into the nitty gritty with actual sensors so you’re getting data you can better rely on.

What do you think? Does Basis Watch work or not?


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