Do PackIt Lunch Bags Really Work?

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Does PackIt work?PackIt lunch bags don’t have any ice packs in them, the freezable part is embedded right in the lining. They’re supposed to be able to stay cold for up to 10 hours, meaning you could store your lunch leftovers and not have to throw it away. But do they really work that well, or are they just a gimmick that leaves you better off brown bagging it?

Taking your lunch to work might be the square thing to do, but it’s way healthier than eating out for lunch every day, and it’s easier on the wallet too. But since you’re being a good boy or girl you shouldn’t have to suffer through partially chilled food during your lunch break. And you shouldn’t have to be forced to eat it all or toss out the leftovers that you can’t finish. But that’s what most lunch packs offer these days, so there’s plenty of room for improvement in this area.

The Claim
PackIt claims that their lunch bags are different than most because of how long they’re able to keep their cool. They also say that they’re made without PVC and without lead, so you don’t have to worry about storing your food in them. They say that the gel that goes inside of it is eco-friendly and patented. It’s got a handy handle on the top so it’s easy to carry around, and comes in a wide assortment of styles so you can match it to your personality, or have your kid pick out something they can live with, and hopefully not get bullied too much over.

The Hype
With unemployment numbers on the rise it’s interesting that there’s a ready market of those that have jobs to bring lunches to. But with the state of the economy it makes sense that more and more people that have jobs are bringing their lunch rather than going through the expense of finding a place to eat every day. So when you factor in the cost savings of bringing a lunch, with the fact that you don’t have to worry about a heavy ice pack that can get condensation all over your food, it’s no wonder this is getting attention.

The Cost
You can get your very own PackIt lunch bag from Amazon for $20 and if you add $5 more you can get it shipped for free with their super saver shipping. This lunch bag will pay for itself in one week of not having to buy your lunch at a restaurant, or if you’re packing it for your kid it will curb the rising cost of school lunches, as more and more schools opt to have their cafeterias catered by local fast food and restaurant chains.

The Commitment
This is supposed to be a reduction in your commitment level, because it doesn’t use an ice pack you just toss the entire thing in the freezer. This means that it’s always ready to go, and you don’t have to lug around a heavy ice pack. If you’ve ever forgotten to put the ice pack in the freezer you’ll appreciate that this doesn’t need one. Of course you do have to remember to put this in the freezer overnight so it’s ready the next morning.

The the design on a PackIt is pretty basic, and it looks like an assuming lunch bag. But since you don’t have to have an ice pack in there with your food, it means that everything is cooled evenly. You don’t have to worry that one item will stay cool while another will get warm. Their claim that you can keep your leftovers from lunch cool enough to take home at the end of the day might be pushing it, but many users report that it does keep the food nice and cold for lunchtime.

The feedback this is getting is pretty impressive, and paints a clear picture that it works as advertised. Of course there are dissenters, just like there are with any mass produced product that makes a lot of sales, but the overwhelming majority seem to really like it, which means there’s a strong chance that you will too. Any product gets complaints, but the funny thing is most people won’t try to sort it out with the manufacturer, they’re content to just complain about it. They should at least give them a chance to rectify the situation.

Final PackIt Review

We’re giving the PackIt a Thumbs Up and a green for go on this purchasing decision. It’s only marginally more expensive than other lunch bags and lunch coolers, and the convenience of not having to have an ice pack makes it worth it. If you’re a current lunch bringer you’ll definitely like it more than what you’re using now, and if you’ve been resisting bringing a lunch for lack of a good way to keep food cold, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Our Recommendation
There’s not much not to like about this, it folds up nicely in your freezer so it doesn’t take up much space, it cools longer than conventional ice packs, and it comes in a design that is trendy yet retro at the same time, resembling a brown paper bag but coming in a selection of different colors and styles. We like it and we’re not alone, most people give it the nod of approval as well.

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What do you think? Does PackIt work or not?

38 Customer Reviews on “Do PackIt Lunch Bags Really Work?

  1. The Packit lunch bags really do work. My husband works outdoors in the heat and I was always trying to find a way to keep his lunch cool. You don’t want someone to get sick eating their lunch. I purchased the Packit lunch bags and my husband said his lunch was cool when he opened it. His drink was cold. It is perfect for everyone who takes their own lunch to work. It’s better to be safe with lunches and this is one way to do that. I recommend this product for anyone.

  2. I don’t expect it to keep the foods cold for up to 10 hours but I’m a realist and I’ll be okay with about 5 to 7 hours. It’s nice to not have to worry about separate ice packs and during summer it’s perfect to keep food cold and fresh. I’m going to try to for my work lunch first and if it works well then all my kids will get one too.

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