Does Supple Drink Really Help with Joint Pain?

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Does Supple drink work?Supple Drink says that they’ve got the solution to joint pain in a once-a-day beverage that tastes good. You may think that joint pain is just something that comes with age, but it’s not something that is unpreventable, or irreversible. If you just leave the situation untreated, it will gradually worsen, so it only makes sense to take steps to improve it, or potentially reverse it. But is drinking a drink like Supple the answer, or should you seek other ways to treat your joints?

Joint pain can be unbearable, and can really put a damper on your lifestyle. You don’t want the condition to continue, because you don’t want to get less and less active as you age, or else you risk getting all sorts of other diseases by reducing your activity level. That’s why it’s a serious problem, and one that too many people take lightly, and just try to live with. Getting your joints to feel better means that you will feel better overall, and should be on your list of things to do.

The Claim
The claim of Supple drink is that you can get all of the nutrients and supplements you need to build up cartilage and in turn have healthier, pain-free joints, just by drinking their drink daily. They claim to source their chondroitin from a company that provides pharmaceutical grade product. They also say that a quarter of their net profits goes into research for joint research and health education. They claim that the glucosamine they use is one of the highest strengths available, and that it differs from other supplements out there that are not pure, and are therefore not as strong.

The Hype
The hype is that products like these are going to get more and more attention as the baby boomer generation starts suffering from more and more joint pain. It seems that right now companies are vying for those pain relief dollars, and they are coming up with all sorts of supplements, products, and pills promising to relieve people of aches and pains due to joint stiffness.

Supple also has one of those chintzy interview-style infomercials where they make it seem like their product is the best things since sliced bread. They also are trying to make it a Supple Drink Challenge, and a putting a “cause” behind it as a way to increase sales. It’s all just an attempt to add credibility to the company, and to the product. You should never accept a challenge of a company to try their product.

The Cost
You can get Supple Drink auto delivered to your door for what amounts to $2 a day. Most of the time we don’t like it when a company wants to automatically send you something, but in this case this is something that you’d want to drink every day for the long term, so it makes sense to have a ready supply. If you don’t want to be auto shipped you can find it only for about the same $2 a day price.

The Commitment
All that you need to do is drink a can of Supple every day. If that sounds like too much of a commitment, there are reports coming in that say you can still get the benefits by using it every other day, or even just a few times a week.

Supple Drink uses ingredients that are time-tested and have been shown to work over many years of testing. They aren’t inventing any new joint remedy here, they are simply putting it together in an easy to use package so that you can benefit from it. It consists of glucosamine and chondroiten, and they claim that they use high quality ingredients, and that the reason glucosamine supplements get such a bad rap is because most companies are selling low grade versions of it.

The US is usually behind the times when it comes to naturally based remedies, and Supple says that their ingredients have been used successfully in Europe for many years. This makes sense because we put so many restrictions on things here, which doesn’t give companies a lot of incentive to develop and bring to market naturally based items. For example, they aren’t allowed to make certain claims, and if they do they have to put an asterisk next to them stating that the claims aren’t evaluated by the FDA, which turns a lot of people off.

Final Supple Drink Review

The science behind why Supple drink should work is pretty sound. Replacing the cartilage that is lost over time is a good way to ease the pain you’ve been experiencing. Some people will be able to build this up more quickly than others, which is why you should see how well it works for your specific body chemistry. Our only concern is that you might get a little tired of drinking the same drink day in and day out, as it only comes in one flavor at the moment.

Our Recommendation
Supple Drink is definitely worth a try. With a 60 day guarantee in place there’s no harm in trying it out and seeing what sort of results you get. Since different people have varying levels of joint problems, they will no doubt have different results when trying the same product. That’s why Supple has the guarantee, because all they can do is make the product one-size-fits-all, so they have to cover themselves in cases where it doesn’t work.

Official Website: Supple

What do you think? Does Supple Drink work or not?

12 Customer Reviews on “Does Supple Drink Really Help with Joint Pain?

  1. I find that eating the gristle from cooked animal joints, and washing it down with 54 degree beer cured my aches and pains. Semper Fi !

  2. I use the supple juice for about 3 months,I pay almost $250.00 for the treatment and ilost my money,this juice have a good taste but no working, I call the supple CO.and I tell they the issue,and the answer was that i need to use the treatment but in powder for $269.00. I understand that this is a business but never receive my money,and a replacement. I’m not recommend this product. no work.

  3. Hello Friends,I have joints pain for very long time,i have knee Pain & Back pain.I used everything,but didn’t work.Then someone recomened Dr.ortho oil.when i use this it gave good result,Now i Have no pain in my body.Hey friends u can use this Dr.Ortho oil & capsules.U will see good Result

  4. Ok, out of the gate, I’ll be transparent. I represent another product. However, our Product Liquid BioCell is the real deal. It has received industry awards for best joint health supplement by several third party research companies. It has seven patents, and has 37 clinical trials to back it up. If you want real joint relief, visit our site

    Oh yeah, Liquid BioCell just won best joint health product for 2015 at Supply Side West – a massive nutritional show with thousands of entrants. Check it out.

  5. Supple is a scam. It does not work. I tried it.
    What is worst is when you try to stop the subscription or get your money back. There is no response from the company. About the infomercial that got me hooked. Later I learned that the lady Doctor interviewing the creator of Supple is his wife. So there is nothing impartial of the “interview”.
    Don’t waste your money.

  6. necesito comprarlo el SUPPLEBODIES ya lo e probado es excelente vivo en la ciudad de Medellin (colombia) como hago para pedirlo.

  7. 60 day money back guarantee for a consumable product? Now that’s the craziest guarantee I had ever seen. It certainly gives me the confidence to buy it if that’s what they were shooting for and I suppose they could make such generous guarantee because they know the majority of people will stay with them. Alright, I’m sold. I got nothing to lose by trying anyways.

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