Does The Slide Effect Really Work?

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Does The Slide Effect workThe Slide Effect is a workout system that says you can get the body you’ve always wanted in just 15 minutes per day. It involves using sliding motions that you’re supposed to be able to use on any floor surface, so let’s see how well this actually works.

At home workout systems are so popular because we all want to avoid the high cost of the gym while having a way to workout in a comfortable environment. It’s good for rainy or snowy days when going outside is not very inviting. But you don’t want something you’re just going to kick under the bed and forget about for months at a time.

The Claim
The big claim made by the makers of The Slide Effect is that you can get a full body workout from their program. They claim that you get everything you need to get started and to stick with it, including a DVD that walks you through the workouts, and a nutrition guide so that you can be eating the right things in order to slim down while you are toning up to reveal your muscles. They say it tones the major muscle groups that get the most attention, including the glutes, shoulders, biceps and triceps, legs, and of course abs.

They say that this is using gravity, and that it also has resistance bands so that you’re getting a pull that you have to push against from multiple directions. This is why it is effective at working out so many muscle groups and providing a full body workout. It’s claimed that anyone at any fitness level can benefit from this, and that it works because you’re combining cardio with resistance training, so the effects are multiplied.

The Hype
Every exercise product that promises you the body you’ve always wanted is dabbling in hype. Everyone has their own vision of what their perfect body would look like. By conjuring up this image and promising that you’ll be able to get it by just devoting 15 minutes per day they are creating an enticing offer that many people would jump at.

The Cost
The Slide Effect has a trial offer of $15 which includes free shipping. The rest of the details are that you get 40 days from the time the item ships to evaluate it. If you keep it past this time you will be charged three $30 payments for a total of $105 when you factor in the original $15. There’s also the option of buying it all at once and paying $90. With this option you still get the free shipping and they waive the $15 trial fee.

The Commitment
Your commitment, or lack of it, is one of the big selling features of this system. They say you’ll only need to invest 15 minutes per day in order to get the results you want from it. We’ve seen some pretty short time commitments on fitness products, like Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer, or the uber-famous 8 minute abs, but 15 minutes is a pretty low time commitment, and most people can find a way to work that into their daily routine. Also, it arrives at your door ready to use, so you don’t need to set anything up or assemble anything to get started.

Sliding exercises like the ones seen in The Slide Effect have been used for quite awhile now, so they’re not proposing that you learn a new way to exercise. What is really the novel part of this product is the ability to use it on multiple surfaces. Usually slide systems come with a special mat that you have to use with it so that you can be assured of frictionless sliding.

The best workout programs out there are the ones that take an exercise that’s been around for multiple years and package it in a way that makes it easy to use at home. They also need to provide a blueprint for success so that you can follow it step by step and be assured that you will get the results you’re after if you just follow along. And that’s what we’re seeing here, a workout that has been shown to work in gyms and fitness centers across the country, with everything you need to complete it at home.

Final The Slide Effect Review

The Slide Effect is getting our Serious Try rating, based on the quality of the product, the positive feedback it’s garnered, and the consumer-friendly trial offer. Paying $15 to try this out is a great idea, and they give you plenty of time to see if you like it or not. Since shipping is free if you return it you’re only out return shipping costs. And since this is not a big machine the return shipping costs won’t be very much. If you like it you won’t mind making the payments on it, and even those are set at a reasonable amount.

Our Recommendation
If you’re looking for a way to supplement your gym workouts, or want a system that you can use exclusively to give yourself a good workout, this could be it. Just remember that if you can commit to it everyday for several weeks and months you’ll get results. If you only use it here and there you won’t end up with the body you really want, so be sure that you set aside the 15 minutes each day to use it.

What do you think? Does The Slide Effect work or not?

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