Is the Ultra Cuddle Better Than the Snuggie?

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Does Ultra Cuddle work?The Ultra Cuddle looks a lot like a Snuggie at first glance, but it has some features that makes it different, and makes you wonder if it’s better to get that than a Snuggie. If you already got swept up in the Snuggie craze you might be trying to decide if it’s time for an upgrade, or if you held out you might be trying to choose between the two. We break down the two for you.

Apparently comfort is a very big market, as the success of the Snuggie proved that people are serious about their cuddle time on the couch. It’s not surprising that another blanket-based product has come along to try to steal some of the thunder that was generated by the Snuggie phenomenon, so we took a look at how it stacks up, and which one is the better choice if you don’t yet have either one.

The Claim
The Ultra Cuddle claims that because of its special foot pocket your feet will stay warm and toasted, and you won’t have to continually recover them as you sit. They say that one size fits all, and that even two people can share one Ultra Cuddle. They also say that it folds up into a plush pillow, so it has more than one use. They also say that because of the shawl design, you’re getting your back covered, so it won’t be exposed the way it is with a Snuggie.

The Hype
When we first stumbled upon this product we immediately thought it was a Snuggie knock-off. But as we explored further into what it is we found that it’s bringing the challenge to the Snuggie and is a valid contender. Of course they are riding on the coattails of the Snuggie, but there are enough complaints with the Snuggie to justify a solid competitor.

The Cost
The Ultra Cuddle is $30 and they offer free shipping if you want to wait around for it, or expedited options if you want to pay a bit more. This is a larger price than the Snuggie, which can be found for anywhere from $10 to $20. So you’re going to have to pay a bit more to get an Ultra Cuddle, but they’re thinking that it’s worth it, as they are setting it up as more of a premium product.

First World Problems
Trying to get the best cuddling experience is definitely a luxury, and we should be grateful to live in a country where we have to make such pressing decisions as these. But hey, when it comes time to relax, you don’t want to have to worry about your tootsies getting cold while you’re watching the big game or your favorite show.

The Ultra Cuddle has a front opening, so you won’t get the straightjacket feeling you get with the Snuggie. The foot pocket is the real ingenious part of it, because one of the biggest problems when it comes to using a blanket is keeping your feet and toes covered. For whatever reason they always seem to find a way out of the blanket, and the next thing you know they’re either letting in a cold draft, or just getting a bit too cold and ruining the effect altogether. It’s hard to feel warm throughout your body when you’ve got cold feet.

They’ve kept the arm sleeves, so you’re still getting all of the benefit of the Snuggie, with some impressive upgrades. The foot pockets alone sold us, and the fact that your feet would be secured in them means it would be hard to lose your cozy position. We also like that they’ve made it so you can fold it up into a pillow. You could do this as a way to store it neatly, or use it as a pillow when you don’t really need a blanket.

Final Ultra Cuddle Review

The Ultra Cuddle is getting our Thumbs Up review, as it solved a few inherent problems with the Snuggie, and has some well thought out features that make it a must have for any man cave or other cozy spot where you want to curl up with a good book. The Snuggie was nice, but you couldn’t really move around the house with it because the back of it would be all exposed, and it would fall off the shoulders a lot. With this your shoulders are what supports it, but it still drapes over your front, covers your back, and would be a better way to stay warm all throughout the house, not just on the sofa.

Our Recommendation
The folks at Snuggie, Inc. will probably add a foot pocket to their next incarnation of the Snuggie, but until that day arrives the Ultra Cuddle is making a serious case for itself if you’re looking for the ultimate in “me time” snuggle sessions.

What do you think? Does Ultra Cuddle work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Is the Ultra Cuddle Better Than the Snuggie?

  1. I love it as well. I like the comforting feel it has and the fact that it is so nice and soft. It feels like you are draped in a nice expensive material. It is great for lounging of any kind and sleeping as well. The fact your feet are in them is perfect for me as I have a linoleum floor, no carpet at all and it keeps my feet to where you can feel the cool under your feet just enough. You wont get them all cold and uncomfortable though. You are going to have to get one for each of your friends and family for sure and at ten bucks you are good to go!

  2. I don’t have a Snuggie, but I think this sounds like a better idea. I do like letting my feet out from underneath the blanket, but I know that that’s a little unorthodox. Most people really love to have their feet covered, and it’s a really great design to have a built-in way of making sure your feet don’t slip out from under the blanket–unless you want them to. I also like that this is more of a robe, where it covers your back and drapes over your front. I always felt kind of silly and restricted in a Snuggie, almost claustrophobic, because I didn’t like the way it’s closed in the front.

  3. I bought the Ultra Cuddle because I love my snuggle. I love the opening in the front of the Ultra Cuddle. The Ultra Cuddle is larger too which is makes it better. I hated that I didn’t have enough cover for my whole body, but you get this with this product. If you are a snuggle user, then this is the same, but with improvements needed. The price is the same as I paid for my snuggle and I’ve got my twenty dollars’ worth and more from it. These make awesome Christmas gifts and you can get them at Walmart for only ten dollars a piece.

  4. I love my snuggle but it’s true that it could use some design improvements. Ultra cuddle were smart to fix the little problems that the snuggle had. They didn’t have to invent anything, they just fixed the problems and they basically made a perfect snuggle. I have a feeling that my snuggle will not get much time out of the closet when the ultra cuddle arrives.

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