Does Underworks Really Work?

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Does Underworks work?Sometimes we could all use a little support, and Underworks undergarments hope to provide it. They are basically trying to reinvent the girdle, and make it something that both men and women can wear to get a slimmer looking physique in a matter of seconds. They make a wide assortments of underclothes for men, for pregnant women, and just for overall health. But do they actually work at giving you that slimmer look, or will people be able to tell you’re just holding it all back?

Girdles reached the height of popularity in the Vicorian age, as women tried to bustle everything up to fit into their dresses. You don’t hear much about them today, but people are still using modified versions that are designed to make them look slimmer, but without cutting off the blood supply. The idea is that it improves your posture, and makes your clothes look better, and thanks to modern materials and innovation, you can wear them and still be comfortable.

The Claim
Underworks says that they’re “reshaping people’s lives”. Other than that they don’t make a big deal out of their products, and they don’t go overboard on what sort of results you’ll see. They basically just showcase their product line and let you decide which product would be right for you.

The Hype
The hype is that they are trying to get people, both men and women, to wear girdles, which is a pretty tough sell, as people have an idea that these are going to make it hard to breath, or hard to carry on with normal motions like standing up or sitting down.

The Cost
The cost of Underworks products seems pretty reasonable. For example, a man can get their Ultimate Chest Binder for $30 and a pregnant woman can get a maternity girdle for $45. They also offer reduced pricing when you order 3 or more of each of their items, which makes sense since these are worn under your clothes and will pick up all of your sweat and body odor and might need to be replaced more often than your other garments.

The Commitment
This is where you’ll have to jump on board with the idea. You’ll have to commit to wearing this, getting it on, having it on, and keeping it on. Those that have tried it say that it is tight-fitting of course, but they also say that it’s comfortable. You could decide to wear this just once in a while for a special occasion when you want to look good in a suit or a dress, or you could put it on every day if you want to give the look of being leaner and tighter.

Comfort has to be the main concern, because it doesn’t matter how good you look in it if you’re not going to wear it because it doesn’t feel good. Most people have reported that it does indeed fit snugly, like you’d expect it to, but that it doesn’t restrict your movement, and you’re able to relax in it, and move comfortably without drawing attention to yourself with robotic motions.

When you have a shirt on over your Underworks garments, they’re basically undetectable, and the part that is seen just looks like a regular undershirt. This is important because you don’t want it to look like you have a contraption on under your clothes, you just want to look more fit and like you’ve been working out.

Final Underworks Review

At first we were skeptical, but the more we looked into how Underworks works, the more we see that it is a valuable product that can help people feel good now. And really that’s what it’s all about. This isn’t a way to put off dieting and exercising, or a way to think that you’ve actually lost weight, but it can be a patch on the innertube that is your self-esteem, and can give you that feeling like you’re making progress, even before you are.

So the best way to use this would be to start on a diet and exercise program, but use one of these products to look your best now, because now is where the magic happens. By feeling good now you are more likely to stay on with your health conscious efforts and you increase the likelihood of being successful with it.

Our Recommendation
It may seem like a strange item to buy, but the reasoning is sound. You don’t have to use a girdle in lieu of diet and exercise, but it can help you put your best foot forward today, and then you can make an effort to lose the weight but not have to wait around for the results. When you reach your goal weight and size you don’t have to worry about wearing the girdle any more.

What do you think? Does Underworks work or not?

12 Customer Reviews on “Does Underworks Really Work?

  1. Yes it does take a some time get use to being in a vintage girdle. I happen to have a mild case of scoliosis, and a small belly even though I do work out 5 to 6 days a week no matter working out does not help. I finally went to a professional corsetiere for some help. She told me with a good fitting in the right kind of make and model girdle that is does take some time to get use the benefits of being in a girdle, I found to my pleasant surprise she was right. First she did was determine what kind of girdle I needed to be in, which has a lot to do with your life style, I am very active, but for work I work sitting on computers. As far as my body since I have a mild case of scoliosis plus a small belly the corsetiere explained that since I had never worn a decent vintage girdle and over a period of time your stomach and back muscles no matter how much exercise you can do will still become weak and need some kind of support. She measure my hips and waist and picked out Rago 6210 which is a vintage style girdle long legged high waist boned and zippered panty girdle. Then she had me go through some further girdle training, first I had to learn how to properly put on a girdle by laying down on a bed leaning way back pulling up my knees and pulling up the girdle, hooking up the hooks and eyes and pulling up the zipper, I was amazed when I stood up how great I felt all well encased and held in a supported, what a great feeling with great posture sitting and standing.
    The corsetiere also told me that part of the training was to get use to keeping my stomach muscles relaxed and just rely on the girdle for supporting my posture, that does take some time, but after a period of time once you can keep your muscles relaxed and let the girdle just hold and support you trust me you do feel so much better with dramatic increase in energy and confidence. The next is the corsetiere recommended developing a daily routine wake up clean up and put on a girdle and go on with my day.
    I followed what the corsetiere taught me and I found to my pleasant surprise to wearing a decent vintage boned firm girdle is quite beneficial, you do get to the point where you do not want to be without a girdle and you really do love the benefits, you look better and feel better.

    Come and join us and post your comments:

  2. You are so right with your recommendation. Since my wife made me wear a girdle a few years ago I am wearing a girdle every day. I remember the first days have been hard but after I got accustomed to the girdle now I like the encased feeling. My wife says that my whole posture looks better, I stand more upright. I can only say that I benefitted a lot from girdle wearing and can only recommend it. I mostly wear a high waisted long leg girdle.

  3. How on earth do they expect me to purchase one of their items when they will not let me see their video saying that it is private well if that nis the case they can keep their garments

  4. In fact most women wore open girdles with suspenders and nylon stockings up to about 1969-1970 and then most of them switched here in the British Isles to panty girdles and nylon tights and continued in most cases wearing the latter every day up to about 1978, so it’s not all that long ago.
    And some of us got so used to it we continued wearing them to the present day.
    And yes about girdle dependency that women report, I’ve had it for years , long as I can remember. All that firm support gets to feel great after a while. All feeling of being squeezed actually stop then. and instead a feeling of being firmly encased and held up all around happens. This is particularly the case with your belly and the cheeks of your bottom, it gets to feel really snug back there.
    Then it happens that after you’ve been out of a girdle for a while you actually get to miss all that blessed support and want to get back in immediately.

    But of course the biggest attraction of a girdle right up to today is being slimmer , trimmer and all held in and held up. And where you know your bottom is not swirling around as you walk in public either.

    I’d definitely recommend girdles to everybody whether women or men.

    Happy girdling all:-)))

  5. I always thought these were just strange and unnatural. Do these really make you look all that slimmer like they claim? I have the suspicion that while they may indeed make you appear to be slimmer, that it’s just another way to fool people. What happens after you take it off?

    Will you have suddenly lost weight or will the gut revert back to the same large shape it was before you put it on? I have a feeling the latter is true because I just can see how you can get instant results without changing your eating habits and doing some form of exercise. I just seems like you’re trying to deceive people into finding your less fat than you really are.

    I can see it being used as a confidence booster but how long can you wear that before you actually see results? Will it really all that useful if you gain weight and still wear it? It makes me wonder if it even is as comfortable as they claim. I mean how much will you be able to hide before it starts to re-show again?

    But I could definitely see this used in combination with diet and exercise but this just seems like another frivolous attempt to get people into thinking they can loss weight instantaneously without having do anything. But if it can inspire you to actually go out and lose weight then why not? Just don’t expect it do anything other than hide weight for you.

  6. I’m working very hard to lose all the fat that I’m carrying on my ass and on my guts, but until I can call myself a normal looking human being I’m going to need a little bit of assistance to look normal XD It’s tough to get ahead in your career even without looking dull because you’re fat and when you’re fat you better believe you ain’t going nowhere up anytime soon. If you want to be one of the leaders of the company then you better look the part as well. Maybe I’ll write a book about underworks one day and how it helped me become a CEO lmao~

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