Does WalkFit Really Work?

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Does WalkFit work?It’s not too hard to determine if WalkFit is right for you. Are you experiencing foot pain, which could also lead to other pains in the lower part of the body? Then you might need something to remedy the pain that prevents you from carrying on with your daily activities.

It would be rather inconvenient to deprive yourself from doing work, walking, running, or anything else you want to do, especially outdoor activities. Therefore, you might need WalkFit to help you carry out your day-to-day activities more easily.

WalkFit aims to solve all your concerns and other complaints in regards to foot pain. No one ever wants to suffer, and limit themselves from carrying out their plans or other activities. No one ever wanted to just stay in one place and refrain from doing so many different movements just because they are suffering from foot pain. Everyone wants to enjoy life and all it entails. So why choose to suffer with the pain? The makers of WalkFit hope to get people moving again.

The Claim
WalkFit is a new, innovative product which will help people of different ages in reducing lower body pain. It attempts to reduce the pain you suffering in your ankles, feet, and knees every time you go out for a run, or when playing sports, or even by simple walking. Whatever intensity of pain you have right now, WalkFit will help you get rid of it, according to them.

It is a padded insert used by placing it inside your shoes to reduce lower body pains. When you run, for example, you use your feet to move faster. You are moving in an unnatural way because you are creating stress on your feet, as well as on your knees. This increases the possibility of being injured.

There are some activities which are not actually good for the lower body. However, this supposedly solves all these problems. It realigns your feet to their natural position to bring back the right movement of the foot. In this way, your weight is distributed evenly, and thus reduces the stress inflicted on your feet.

Aside from that, another claim is that WalkFit also helps in strengthening the knees, feet, and ankles. This only means that the inevitable demands of walking, running, sports, or in any other activities which involve the feet, will have a lesser negative effect on your body.

The Cost
These inserts can be bought for $20 from several online retails, as well as direct from the manufacturer.

The Commitment
Buyers of WalkFit should know that these inserts are made to be used in replacement of the built in support or extra pads in your shoes. Therefore, even before you use this it is necessary that you remove the supports and pads, which are already inside your shoes.

It is also very important to note that once you use the product, wear it for only 1 or 2 hours daily to give yourself time to adjust to the inserts. In addition, know that the product is best when you wear loose shoes to avoid tightness of the feet when using fitting shoes.

Once you purchase the product, you will receive three inserts leveled as low, medium, high. So always start with the low insert, and go up from there.

The Evaluation
This product just seems to be another kind of alternative for reducing lower body pains. However, you should know that it is not just another insert. It works in amazing ways and helps you do your jobs more easily.

Final WalkFit Review

There are a very few users that have complained about WalkFit, saying that it never had any effect on them. But maybe, if you just try to follow simple steps as mentioned above, then you will probably be satisfied with the results. There are some restrictions when using the product, that would produce better results. So always follow the directions to the letter in order to be able to use it properly.

Studies have shown that over 90% of users are reportedly satisfied with their use of WalkFit, claiming that it has indeed lowered down their body pains. Aside from that, it is an effective device because it is not just another product designed to get the attention of the market. It is a product recommended and designed by doctors. So you can definitely guarantee some sort of relief, however minor, when you use it.

Their infomercial gives a good idea of how it works, and many of its benefits, without too much hype.

Our Recommendation
If you are one of those people who experience lower back pains, then this is the perfect choice for you. Grab your own pair now to enjoy your life more easily, and in a natural way without drugs or surgery.

What do you think? Does WalkFit work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does WalkFit Really Work?

  1. I purchased the original walk fit inserts (ones with the solid heel) from TV several years back. They fit perfectly and I got comfort the very minute I put them on – Instantly. Now, this product is unavailable and the platinum has taken its place. Really? The platinum has the cushy heel which breaks down eventually and is uncomfortable to start with. . . Why aren’t you interested in pleasing your Customers by keeping all your products available for US to choose what is best for US. So if you have any of the original solid sole inserts in the backroom please let me know I’d like to get them (Women’s size 7 Please) PS; When you have a good product, no need to change it!

  2. I purchased the Walk Fit for my husband as his feet are always hurting him and we looked at others that were very costly. The Walk Fit are stiff and terrible. He tried them for about ten minutes and they don’t loosen up. He said it is like putting a brick into your shoes and trying to walk. I took my husband to New Balance shoe store and had a pair fitted for his feet and they work great. They have added cushion that forms to your feet. The shoes ran around $100.00, but well worth it as the Walk Fit is a waste of $30.00.

  3. I was able to cure Plantar Fasciitis on both feet by using Walk Fit inserts combined with wearing passive night splints over-night. The walk fit inserts started to provide daytime relief within a few weeks. Which is really fast in the world of plantar fasciitis. I did low for 6hrs. a day for a couple of days. Then switched to medium wearing as much as I wanted. After a few months when I didn’t feel medium stretching my arch anymore I moved up to highs. One pair comes with all 3 levels. I highly recommend for Plantar Fasciitis.
    There is a negative I have, though. You have to be careful on the shoe you use. I’ve sprained my ankle numerous times wearing the inserts. They advertise as using in running shoes. I’m not sure about that. Maybe high quality ones with good ankle support.
    I wear them in my work boots all day long. I no longer require them for my casual shoes. I just make sure I wear quality mid range shoes(i.e.sketchers). Overall: Excellent product that in a few weeks made(or saved) my work life.

  4. I’m sure the creators of walk fit have done really well for themselves, but surely if somebody is having pain when walking a simple shoe insert isn’t the answer. There is clearly something medically wrong, and at the very least i would expect them to be looking at custom fitted inserts that are available.
    maybe as a short term fix, but please don’t rely on these long term, you could be doing more damage!

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