Does Wonder File Really Work?

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Does the Wonder File really work?Organizing your papers and bills from time to time may be very tiring. It can also seem rather pointless because you know that eventually the arrangement will be ruined again. And for some people, this problem will cost them a lot of wasted time. They cannot just ignore it because it will be hard for them to work on a place that is very untidy. Because of this, Wonder File is out to help you with your “paper problems”.

Wonder File attempts to help people in arranging the papers they need to save and retrieve from time to time. It is an organizer made up of polyester, and features a clear four-corner filing system. It can be folded up in such a perfect way that you are guaranteed that your papers will not be ruined. It is perfect to be used by everyone who wants their files to be organized, and all in one place. Even better, this organizer can be brought anywhere you want to go and it’s very versatile.

The Hype
This amazing organizer can help people do some things they cannot do with an ordinary organizer such as writing on top of it. By using the Wonder File, you just can put anything you want into it, and soon you will have a nicer work place. In addition to that, this product is also very portable, and you can put it inside a drawer where you can easily find it and retrieve the things you want to use at a later time. And most of all, anyone can own and use it.

The reason why many people are convinced to buy this organizer is that they feel it will be very useful for them. It is suitable for just about everyone, for those who are very busy and do not have much time to arrange their papers and other things, those that live in fast paced cities, or moms who are very busy keeping their homes clean and running smoothly.

The Cost
If you are enticed by the promotion of this product, you can buy it online. This organizer costs $19.99 excluding the shipping fee. What’s great about this offer is that they give you a buy one get one free offer. And with this, you get a chance to have two of these organizers with just a few clicks of your mouse. However, you also have to pay for additional shipping and handling fee for the free one. So this means that you get to spend a bit more money to have another one of these organizers.

Colors and Features
Before you finalize your purchase decision, you will be given the chance to choose what color you want. This product comes with three colors, black, red and plaid. When you receive the product, you will notice that the center pocket is quite large, which makes it suitable for a laptop. Aside from that, the other pockets are made with zippers so that the papers you put in them are secured inside. Lastly, the product is ready to use so you won’t have much problem with it, right out of the box.

This organizer is a big help for many people, and has a thoughtful design. Wonder File makes your house clean and free from papers such as bills, statements, and other important documents. If you are a student you will find this product very convenient, especially when you are doing a thesis or you have to save some of your test papers.

Aside from that, you get to put your laptop in it so you do not have much problem in bringing another case for it. This also holds true for businessmen, professionals, and even hobbyists and craftsmen.

Final Wonder File Review

The reviews for the Wonder File show that most users are satisfied with its performance. It is something that is worth buying. It contributes to the better performance of its users since it makes the workplace cleaner and more organized. All in all, this product lessens the time it takes to store and retrieve the paper trail that life leaves behind.

Our Recommendation
Buy one of these organizers and make your home or workplace more conducive for getting things done in an efficient manner. Wonder File is worth your money, and you also get to have another one so you can store more papers or other things, or give to your friend or family member.

What do you think? Does the Wonder File work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does Wonder File Really Work?

  1. I bought the Wonder File to use for my coupons. I absolutely love mine. I am able to file my inserts in one area, then organize coupons in another area and then fold away for easy access. When it is my shopping day the Wonder File flips open and I can access all my coupons easily. I take the coupons with me to the store. This is an excellent way that coupon users can keep their coupons in one place and organized at the same time. I haven’t tried mine for bills and important papers, but it would be good for that too.

  2. The Wonder File is basically a big floppy organizer that folds up into the size of a regular folder. It is durable, and you get two for $20. Personally, I prefer using an according folder or some other type of portfolio, but if you’re working on a larger product or typically carry a variety of different papers around (like a teacher or student), this will suit your needs. A similar design of product has been available for a long time, but it was typically marketed to specialty professions like engineers and architects. While not my preference for storage, I can say this product is of solid quality and provides a good value.

  3. I suppose the wonder file has it’s ups and downs for different people but that it really is a great organizational tool. It’s good for neat freaks, and as you so put it, queens of clutter too.

  4. To the concern of the Wonder file I feel that this product is absolutely great. I personally am a student and think this would be ideal for organization, the kind you can’t really get with a tradition backpack or bag unless you are a super neat freak. For a student such as myself the wonder file might not be able to stand up to multiple textbooks in it at once, perhaps depending on the books themselves, but might hold one or two texts, my laptop, notebooks, and spare pens and pencils. Granted, I can see how versatile this wonder file is so I would not only have one for school but I would have another for my written works because I am also an author. I have written a few books already and I can remember my system of organization when I was writing them, it worked, but I feel that this wonder file would only increase organization for me. One other thing too, I’m happy to know that the wonder file comes in more colors than just red, it may come in many but all I really cared about was that it come in a nice businessman’s black. I have every intention of buying one, especially now that another semester for school is right around the corner.

  5. First of all, I am very willing to admit that I am the queen of clutter. I am an organizer-wanna-be, but my attempts to become organized have failed. For Christmas, I was given the Wonder File by a friend who is always shocked by my messy desk. At first I was very excited about the Wonder File, but then got so frustrated with it. I had a difficult time decided what to keep in the file and never really got the hang of how to fold it up so that it looked presentable. Any time that I used the file I had to sit at the dining room table. It was too big and bulky for my cluttered desk. I found it a hassle to have to unfold and refold the file each time. The concept sounds great, but it’s too much effort.

  6. I can’t believe how simple this product is, but also how effective it is too!
    I was given one as a gift because my home office is always a mess.
    I probably don’t use the Wonder File as it shows in the adverts etc, but having one file with this many pockets and size just makes it so easy to store of the papers i’ve been working on.
    So, at the end of the day, i can pack it all away nice and tidy and the wife doesn’t nag me 🙂

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