Does the Worx Trivac Really Work?

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Does the Worx Trivac work?Worx Trivac is a lawn tool that has three functions, hence the name, it can mulch, blow, and vacuum. It seems to be getting pretty good reviews from users, but how well does it work when put to the test in real life?

Worx is a company on the cutting edge of providing zero emissions yard tools like mowers, edgers, and trimmers. Their products are electric and moving towards being cordless. After looking at their body of work it’s plain to see that they have a habit of making quality products that generally satisfy buyers.

The Claim
The main claims for the Worx Trivac are that it can do three common jobs around the house, all in one system. You can blow debris from sidewalks, driveways, and gutters. Or you can suck up big piles of leaves, and if you choose it can also mulch said leaves so that you don’t have to worry about trying to bag them up.

The Hype
There isn’t much in the way of hype for this machine, they basically just say what it can do. There may be some positive buzz going around for Worx as a company because they are big on making green-friendly products in an industry that is known for producing little gas guzzling and ozone depleting yard tools.

The Cost
The Worx Trivac goes for $140 at the official site, broken up into 3 payments. Amazon has them for less than $80 but of course there’s no payment plan. Both sites offer free shipping, so you get this delivered to your door either way. When you consider that you’re really getting at least two tools in one, it makes for a pretty good deal.

The Commitment
This should actually lessen your involvement when it comes to yard work. This would represent a better way to get those pesky leaves sucked up each fall. It would also make things easier than trying to use a broom to sweep grass clippings from walkways.

The Worx Trivac just seems to work. That’s what user feedback suggests, and the unit is popular enough to have sold many units and a large number of people have come back to chime in on its performance. With the ability to suck, blow, and mulch with just a few adjustments to the machine, you can take care of most anything that comes your way in your yard. Since it’s got a cord, you don’t have to worry about a loss of power, and you’re still helping to stay green by using an electric motor instead of a gas one.

When it comes to keep your yard looking good, there are really just a few key items that you need in your shed or garage. You need a reliable mower, an edger to get the sidewalks and curbs, a weed whacker to get around trees and up against the house, and something to help you manage grass clipping and leaves. Since the standard set up is to use a broom to sweep away grass clippings, and a rake to rake up all the leaves in the yard, both of which require a lot of repetitive motion, this Trivac makes quick work out of what otherwise would take hours and leave you with a sore back.

Several Worx products are going cordless as battery technology improves and they can make tools last longer with a lithium-ion battery. The Trivac is not yet available as a cordless, but you better believe that one day it will get this upgrade and will then be a force to be reckoned with. Imagine all of the features it has plus the ability to roam about the yard without worrying about a cord.

When this finally does make the leap to cordless, we’ll follow up with a review as to how well it performs. They’re no doubt waiting until they can outfit it with a batter strong enough to generate the kind of power needed to successfully act as a blower and a vacuum. It’s not easy to create that kind of suction, and requires a pretty powerful boost. You definitely wouldn’t want to sacrifice performance for convenience, as it would take you twice as long to do the job just to save you from being limited by your extension cord. Speaking of which, make sure that you have an extension cord long enough to reach all of the places in your lawn.

Final Worx Trivac Review

The Worx Trivac is getting our Thumbs Up review based on a solid foundation of user feedback, a long track record of success from the Worx corporation, and the ability to easily switch between different chores in the yard, while keeping things neat and tidy. It’s nice that this is an electric yard tool so you’re not emitting harmful gasses into the air as you use it. There may be big jobs that this would have a tougher time with than a gas powered blower, but for small to medium jobs, which is most individual lawn jobs, this is just the right size.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve always wanted a combination blower and vacuum, this would have to be one of the better choices you could make. It’s well-made by a company that appears to be positioning itself to be around for a long time to come. Peer feedback ranks this as a quality piece of equipment, and with a price point around $100 you simply can’t go wrong.

What do you think? Does Worx Trivac work or not?

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