Nutribullet vs. Vitamix: Which Works Better?

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Nutribullet vs. VitamixIf you’re sizing up the Nutribullet vs. Vitamix contest, and are looking to buy one or the other based on who the winner is, read on. We’ve compared and contrasted these two popular blenders to see which one deserves your counter top space.

The Tale of the Tape
These two kitchen gadgets couldn’t be more different in terms of raw power and capacity. The Nutribullet is basically trying to serve one, maybe two people at a time. The Vitamix has enough space to make beverages for 4 people, or cook recipes for the entire family. In terms of power the Nutribullet clocks in at 10,000 RPMs while the Vitamix boasts an impressive 37000 RPMs.

The Vitamix has also been around for several years and is often used in comparison tests with professional-grade blenders costing several times more. The Nutribullet is a relative newcomer to the market and is largely known through its infomercials.

Nutribullet Weigh In
The Nutribullet is claimed to be able to turn the cells of your foods inside out so that you’re getting more nutrients than you would if you used a juicer or ate them whole. It’s not really meant to make smoothies or to be used as a food processor. It’s main function is to blend up fruits and veggies and liquify them for easy consumption.

Vitamix Weigh In
The Vitamix is well-known as the blender of choice for many chefs, and you can see it being used in commercial settings at some juice bars and coffee shops. It’s spins and blends so fast that you’re supposed to be able to make soup with it, as it blends up the vegetables it heats them up as well so you simply add a few additional ingredients and you can pour the hot soup right out of the blender.

Cost Comparison
The Vitamix is notoriously pricey, with many of its models clocking in at over $500 and the Nutribullet is priced at a nifty $120 and even has a 6 month payment plan to make it painless. In this regard, Nutribullet is the obvious winner, but let’s do a further comparison to see if the price is a knockout punch or if Vitamix can make its sale.

Where They’re Similar
They both claim to be able to pulverize fruits and vegetables, to the point that there isn’t any pulp left. If you don’t like the idea of a juicer that separates the pulp from the juice and yields a very small amount of juice compared to all of the fruits and vegetables you’re putting in the top, both of these blenders can help. They are meant to blend up the pulp so fine that you don’t even notice it as you drink the juice, but still get all of its benefits, like added fiber.

Where They’re Different
The Nutribullet isn’t trying to be all things to all people. It has a very specific set of abilities and it simply says it can do these few things very well. The Vitamix wants to be the focal point of your kitchen, and wants most recipes to pass through it by offering several different features. The Vitamix boasts a long track record of success, has few reports of it breaking down in its prime, and it’s easy to order replacement parts in the event that something does break.

In this regard, the Vitamix tries to sell you on the idea of doing lots of tasks in the kitchen, which is easy to get roped into, but the reality is that if you aren’t currently in the habit of doing something in the kitchen, a particular gadget won’t be able to start the habit. The best products out there are the ones that take a task you already do on a regular basis and make it easier or more efficient for you.

Final Nutribullet vs. Vitamix Matchup

At first glance, it appears that the Vitamix is the hands-down winner. And in many respects it does outperform the Nutribullet. If you have a $600 budget for your blender, then by all means grab the Vitamix. You’ll be happy and you’ll be able to forget about blender shopping for several years to come.

If you need to be a little more conservative with your blender buying, and you’d feel the pinch of spending $300-$400 for a refurbished Vitamix, then the Nutribullet will likely meet many of your expectations, while fitting nicely into most budgets. We’re definitely fans of buying one high-quality product and keeping it for several years, rather than buying a cheaper and poorly made product again and again. In this instance the Nutribullet may not last as long as a Vitamix, all else being equal, but it should last you a good amount of time and provide good results in the meantime.

And the Winner Is…
We’re going with the Nutribullet for its value for the dollar. At $120 for a blender that lives up to much of its claims, you’d have to buy 4-5 of them to equal one Vitamix, and that means that it’s hard for the Vitamix to be able to compete in this realm. You might be able to do more with a Vitamix, especially if you buy a model with several attachments that enable you to grind grains and knead dough, but if you’re just looking for a straight up blender or juicer, the Nutribullet is a better choice.

What do you think? Which Works Better: the Nutribullet or the Vitamix?

16 Customer Reviews on “Nutribullet vs. Vitamix: Which Works Better?

  1. Nutrabullet. Do not like that rubber seal slips off my nutra bullet & it leaks after that everywhere.

  2. Hey Jacques,
    My VItamix blends so much smoother than my ninja blender, no comparison. It won’t blend well if you are making a tiny batch, so that is probably why it’s texture was off. But I do notice that carrots are the one vegetable that make the smoothies fiber-ish so I use them sparingly. I have the larger, wider Vitamix (Professional Series 750) and have no problems when I always use 1 cup or more of liquid, making a large smoothie for just me. For really thick recipes, such as hummus, it makes a big difference getting it to freely spin if you have a big enough batch (meaning use 2 cans of garbanzo beans). Try testing various vegetables to see which ones are smoother to you. I hope you don’t give up.

  3. We have a Vitamix and tried several times to blend veggies into smoothies and it just doesn’t work, the texture is very unpleasing, you can feel the fibers, and the Vitamix is huge and half the mix splashes on the sides of the jug when making small portions and doesn’t even touch the blades. When you blend a slightly thick mix, it creates a bubble around the blades and again, no blending occurs until you push it down with the stick, such a pain. We have a thermomix too and are much happier with the blending capacity of it but have not tried to make smooth uncooked veggie smooth drink as nutribullet claims to achieve. Now a friend convinced me his nutribullet 1000W is actually working but reading this review claiming the vitamix is making a smooth drink out of veggies I’m starting to wonder if people just don’t have the same definition of “smooth”.

  4. If you can afford it, buy the Vitamix. I got one of the cheaper $100 mini-blenders as a gift years ago and loved it, using it at least 1-2 times a day to make smoothies and ice coffees. The motor burned out 1 month after the 1-yr warranty. I replaced it with an Osterizer, but it didn’t pulverize and liquify the foods at all. I tried another name brand blender from a department store, but that brand also left chunks of food particals in the liquid to get stuck in-between your teeth. I finally bought a Vitamix at a Costco demonstration, and LOVE this machine! After using it a few times, I wanted to kick myself for not spending the money earlier! The power and speed of a Vitamix makes you realize how much weaker the cheaper blenders are. You truly get what you pay for. If you follow the instructions and clean (rinse) your Vitamix right after using it, it is VERY easy to clean. If, like my husband, you let the residue dry and stick to the inside of the container, then it requires more than a quick rinse to clean it.
    I’ve had my Vitamix for over 10 years. Just bought the newer Vitamix with the automatic shut off feature. Old one still works fine, so I’ll either give it to one of my sisters or sell it. If you have a Nutriblast or Ninja or other sold-on-TV brand that has lasted for more than 5 years, count yourself as one of the lucky ones. Check other e-reviews, and the track record of the Ninjas and Nutriblasts lasting much past their warranty is not good!

  5. Forgot to mention, we’re going for the Vitamix Pro 300 and will update here then how we like it 🙂

  6. We do have a 600 Watt Nutribullet that is supposed to do a 20’000 rpm, which I think it doesn’t, looks more like just 10’000. I agree with the others, it’s supereasy to clean. The big downside of the Nutribullets is that you can not just add some more stuffs easily without having to unscrew the blade cover and make a mess, also before screwing it toghether again you need to rinse the blade cover if you don’t want some of the mixed stuffs in the Nutribullet mainbody where you sure don’t want to have the mess. Price is okey and it doesn’t take much space at all, but the blade speed is to low for certain things.

  7. These 2 products are both great… But I have had my nutribullet for 5 years now & love it. I use it nearly everyday! I think people have to look at all the options and capabilities of both products and figure out what they will actually use. If your like me & want to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your day via smoothies then the nutribullet is an excellent choice.. AND Costco has an excellent return policy. Try it out and if you really don’t like it, take it back. Plus it’s SUPER EASY to clean.

  8. I have a vitamix best investment ever. I had a nutribullet and it died on me after a year. I brought another nutribullet and that died on my also. I was always told to invest in something good and it will last a long time no matter how much it cost you will win in the end. I have had my vitamix since 2009. I have seen my friends but the lastest nutribullet on tv time and time again. Mine is still going strong, theirs is in the garbage from braking down. They don’t want to spent the money but they are anyway only in installments.

  9. I am very happy with my vitamix and wouldn’t trade it for a nutribullet that only does one thing and for a limited lifespan. Sometimes more is better and in this case I think that has proven to be true.

  10. Are we talking about the same appliance? My Vitamix could not be any simpler to clean. I rinse it immediately with hot water. You don’t even take it apart. And for a more thorough cleaning I add a small amount of dish soap and hot water, let it blend for a minute and done.. Blends greens, frozen fruit, ice perfectly smooth in 30 seconds! Love my Vitamix.

  11. I have one son in college and another starting out on his own, they both asked for a nutribullet as a house warming gift. My eldest, of course asked if I would be willing to part with my Vitamix, first. As he put it, “hey pops, you think you might buy a newer one?” You see I have my current Vitamix since 1997. That would be 18 years. Pulverizes, makes soup, margaritas, smoothies, juices, etc….

    If you can afford it you will be glad. Even if it means taking a small loan, you will be glad. Nutribullets, do ok.

  12. my first vitamix died in 4 years. my second one is in 7 th year. i hate cleaning it, and am going to try nurtibullet. vitamix was really good, pain to clean imo.

  13. Debbie this individual is John Kohler from and is one of the most knowledgable individuals when it comes to juicers and blenders and subsequently does a lot of YouTube videos on comparisons! I wouldn’t say it is a ridiculous comparison at all!

  14. That was painful to watch, what an annoying individual and ridiculous comparison. You said it yourself, you didn’t blend it long enough in either one, Any credible “comparison” should be comparable. Two horsepower compared to 600 watts (.8 horsepower) is hardly comparable. Both are excellent machines, in totally different prices brackets.

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