Does Posture Now Really Work?

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Does Posture Now work?Posture Now is a pretty simple idea: if you simply pull your shoulders back and stick your chest out, your posture improves and you’ll be in better alignment. It achieves that by strapping to each upper arm and gently pulling you where you need to be. But does it work?

Your posture can really be a non-verbal cue, and can tell others things about you that may or may not be true. If you are always slouching you may look more tired and older than you actually feel. It’s not something that can typically be changed overnight, and is the result of years of accumulated bad posture habits, and a world where we’re moving less and less throughout the day, and spending a bulk of time in front of a computer.

The Claim
The makers of Posture Now claim that their product is a way to gently remind you to keep yourself in a naturally good state of posture by reminding you to keep your shoulders back. This naturally causes you to have your chest out, and your entire body starts lining up in accordance with your torso. This can be an especially hard habit to instill for those that need to type at their desk at work, as this typically involves having your shoulders forward to reach the keyboard.

The Hype
The inventors of the device were on Shark Tank pitching their idea and asking for money to expand their business. This caused some initial exposure for the product, and from there it has generated additional hype as more people have tried it and reported back on how it works.

The Cost
Posture Now is $40 plus $7 shipping. When comparing this to other posture products, it is at about the same price, with some models costing far more, and others clocking in at a bit less. We haven’t seen anything that works quite like this does, so there isn’t a way to get the same effect at a lower price at the time of this writing.

The Commitment
They say you’ll only need to wear this 10 minutes a day to see results in your posture even when you’re not wearing it. But you could wear this as much or as little as you’d like, since it can be worn under clothes. They only caution that you’re not supposed to wear it while driving, as it can impair your ability to drive. Aside from that it could be worn when you feel that you are the most prone to bad posture, either at work, while exercising, or for special events like a job interview or a date where you want to convey confidence.

The Posture Now system is rather simple, and it is that simplicity that makes it effective. We like how they say you’ll need to wear it less and less as you go along, and as it becomes a habit to naturally stand and sit with good posture. It’s been put through the review process by those that actually review posture braces and compare them and it received a passing grade. Some of the features highlighted were that it goes on and comes off easily, and that it can be worn under clothing without drawing attention to yourself, or making you walk or behave awkwardly.

They followed up a solid concept with good manufacturing and it’s made of materials that should provide you with plenty of use and stand the test of time. This is a product that you’ll buy once and be able to benefit from it for a long time to come. It’s something that you could wear for as long as you needed to wear it, and then take a break from it for awhile, and then come back to it again if you find that you need a refresher on what it feels like to have good posture.

Final Posture Now Review

Posture Now is getting our Thumbs Up rating, as it’s been shown to work at least for the short term. The product’s inventors say that it provides permanent posture correction, but this remains to be proven. What is known is that while you’re wearing it you’ll have better posture, and this fact alone makes it a good buy for anyone that works at a desk typing or computing all day. It’s also good for those that like to go for a daily walk or jog, as it will make sure that you have better posture while enjoying these activities.

Our Recommendation
There is likely a reason that you were drawn to this product, and it’s likely because you’re concerned about your posture and looking for a reliable way to help stand a little taller and be more mindful of your posture. This product represents a way to do that, and has several advantages over conventional back braces that it merits a trial run.

What do you think? Does Posture Now work or not?

19 Customer Reviews on “Does Posture Now Really Work?

  1. I can see how this could make some permanent correction. PTs use sports tape to hold back shoulders. If you feel the tape stretch you know you are going back to old posture habits. It’s as mental as it is physical. But you still need to do some form of exercise.

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