Does the X Box One S Really Work?

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Does the X Box One S Work?If you have youngsters or even some adult gaming enthusiasts in the home chances are they want the latest X box, so being as it’s close to Christmas we thought we would give you a heads up as to what’s out there in this department.

One of the more popular gaming consoles that has been given a huge facelift and upgrade for this holiday season is the all new X Box One S is the latest from the Microsoft Company and will be sure to get some smiles for the lucky few who find this under the tree!

The Claim
The claim is that this latest incarnation of the X-Box brand is the best yet. The X Box One S has an upgraded memory of 500 gb and also has some other serious upgrades we will talk about in the review portion.

The Hype
The hype surrounding the new X Box One S is derived mainly from the incredible graphics that this unit incorporates. This new version has simply the most amazing graphics yet. You almost feel that you are watching a movie rather than actually playing a game!

The Cost
The cost of the all new X Box One S is only $307.95 at Perfect price point for the upcoming holiday season.

The Commitment
Not a whole lot of commitment required for the X Box One S but a whole bunch of kids and even some adults will undoubtedly be very, very committed to playing the games that are available for this unit!

Okay, so what does this X-Box give us that previous versions have not? Well, for starters the console itself is about 40% smaller than the last version and also has the new High Dynamic Range which offers enhanced color and graphic capabilities for better gaming. This version can also play Blue Ray and streaming video in 4K which means that you can not only play the awesome games in the X-Box One catalog but also stream your favourite videos in 4K right from the console! There are unfortunately some downsides to this unit however. Apparently you need a smart TV to really reap the benefits of the enhanced aspects of this console. If you do not a TV that will accept the HDR then you may be able to get an upgrade or you may not. Better to check before you buy to be perfectly sure.


Final X Box One S Review

If you have a newer version smart TV and have all the necessary components to really enjoy the newer aspects of this X Box One S than you will not be disappointed by the enhanced graphics and playability of this unit. It really is a great gaming experience provided you have the platform to support it. We are going to give it a Thumbs Up.

Our Recommendation
Be sure to do your homework and make sure that the T.V you have will fully support the HDR or find out if you can get the upgrade from your T.V manufacturer. After that, if all is good, definitely get one of these and have an awesome time gaming this holiday season! If your gamers love to play their games on the computer then you may be interested in the Game Booster.

What do you think? Does the X Box One S work or not?

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