Does the 21 Day Sugar Detox Really Work?

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Does the 21 Day Sugar Detox work?The 21 Day Sugar Detox, as the name suggests, helps you to kick sugar out of your life in just three weeks. If you’ve battled with sugar cravings for some time now, and have tried to limit your intake and failed, this may sound like a good program for you. So let’s see how well it actually works.

Sugar, the refined, processed sugar found in all sorts of foods that we eat, is definitely something you want to avoid eating. But it’s easier said than done because it is an addictive substance, and it tastes really good. The reason a lot of diets don’t work out is because your body resists them in an attempt to get the sugar it craves. Starting out by breaking your sugar addition would be wise, and would make it easier to follow a healthier eating plan afterward.

The Claim
Diane Sanfilippo, the creator of the 21 Day Sugar Detox program, says that you can banish the cravings you currently have for sugar and sweet things by follow her plan. She says that you won’t have the cravings and withdrawal symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and hunger pangs that come when you stop giving the body what it is demanding. She doesn’t really get too outlandish on the claims being made, and much documentation exists on the harmful effects of sugar, and therefore the positive effects of cutting it out.

The Hype
There is a lot of buzz surrounding this detox diet, but much of this is due to affiliates that are hoping to earn a commission from a sale. That’s why you have to be careful when you read a “review” that is really just someone trumping up the benefits and saying that it works.

The Cost
It’s $21 for the 21 Day Sugar Detox PDFs, which you can download instantly. You’re covered for 60 days by the ClickBank guarantee, so you can get these, look them over completely, follow the plan for the three weeks, and still have plenty of time to decide if it’s worth keeping or not. Consider for a moment the financial benefit of stopping your sugar cravings: no more trips to the soda machine, no more filling your shopping cart with overpriced pre-packaged cookies and sweet treats.

The Commitment
One draw to this program is that it is only 3 weeks. That’s easy to wrap your mind around, which leads to feelings of efficacy, which is key to success with any health or fitness system. By having this set up as 21 days, you have a better chance at sticking with this finite time period. Some fitness programs last 30, 60, or 90 days, which wouldn’t quite be reasonable for a detox program like this.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox makes sense on a few different levels. Excess amounts of sugar can really throw off your efforts for overall weight loss. They cause spikes in blood sugar levels, and turn into fat if you don’t burn them off. They’re also responsible for the famous “sugar crash” which can effect your productivity at work or at home. This is designed in a way that you’re not starving yourself while you’re on it, so you shouldn’t have those strong hunger pangs that come with juice fasting or doing other cleanses. You’re only starving yourself of sugar, but assisting the body in overcoming the withdrawal.

There are some differing opinions by nutritionists and dieticians about removing a particular food from your diet. But this detox program is geared towards getting past the need for these foods so that you can later observe how your body reacts to them. At this point, if you’re addicted to sugar it’s just become your norm. You’ve become accustomed to having it in your system, and taking in more each day to feel “normal”. By removing it from your body, you’ll return to a more natural state, and you’ll see that this really is a foreign substance.

Overall, we see little harm that can come from following this diet, and only positive benefits by naturally reducing your dependence on sugars, especially refined and processed sugar. What’s nice about this is that you can get plenty of great information for free from the blog, which will give you an idea of the kind of quality you’re going to get if you purchase it. Anytime you see an author providing free resources that are actually good, they’re usually saving the better info for their paid products.

Final 21 Day Sugar Detox Review

The 21 Day Sugar Detox system is getting our Solid Try rating, and it can be helpful for various objectives, from losing weight to transitioning to a new way of eating to simply break free from your current eating patterns. You’re totally covered with the money back guarantee, so you don’t have to stress about whether it’s going to work for you or not, or whether it’s going to be worth getting or not. This is one of those great times when you can thoroughly try out a product, use it, benefit from it, and then make the decision on whether you want it.

Our Recommendation
Whether you end up getting rid of sugar completely, or simply reducing your intake dramatically, you’ll benefit from trying this program and we recommend it. You can attempt to perform a sugar detox on your own, but that would require getting free information found online, and this provides all that you need to know from a nutritionist, in an easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand format.

What do you think? Does 21 Day Sugar Detox work or not?

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