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Does Yoli work?Yoli is a health product line as well as a potential money-making opportunity. Whether you’re trying to decide whether to use their products or jump at this business opportunity, we’ve got you covered with the info you need to make the right decision.

There is a rising number of network marketing or MLM companies with health products as their core. It makes sense that happy customers would make great salespeople, but there is the inherent problem of using exponential notation as your business model. While there are certainly success stories when it comes to MLM businesses, the fact is that for every stand out success there are hundreds or even thousands of non-success stories.

The Claim
Yoli bills itself as the “better body company”. Their Better Body System claims that you can lose up to 15 pounds in just one week. After looking at what is included in their flagship package, you’re going to be using nutrition shakes, energy drinks, and a pH balancer. Could this lead to short-term weight loss? Probably, but as far as long-term use you’d eventually want to establish a sustainable diet that doesn’t rely on shakes and special drinks.

They also claim that you can get their products for free by referring just 3 others. They also state that you can make money by becoming a distributor of their products.

The Hype
The hype regarding Yoli products will come from the viral nature of their pricing and discounting structure. They will give you your products for free if you refer 3 people to them. This creates a sort of “pay it forward” phenomenon whereby you might have someone bugging you to buy so that they can get theirs for free.

The Cost
There are varying Yoli products, as well as different price points depending on how much you want to get involved with the company. Their “Transformation” kit has a retail price of $280 and has a total of six different items that you’re supposed to use in conjunction with each other. They have preferred customer pricing that gets that price down to $165, but you have to become a preferred member in order to get that pricing.

To get full member pricing you will need to purchase their larger packages so that you can resell them to others. Their Party Pack appears to be your cheapest way in, which is $1000 and includes 4 Transformation kits that you would then sell to others, or consume yourself over the following months. But in order to make money from this you’ll need to move product every month, and their commission structure is set up so that you’ll need to consume a certain amount of products on your own in order to qualify for all payouts.

The Commitment
In regards to their health products, you’d want to take them regularly so that you can get the best results. These products won’t do much if they are taken as a one-off, or once in a while thing. You need to maintain your body daily.

In business you have to be committed fully to whatever you’re choosing to do, so you have to be willing to get behind this completely if you want to stand a chance of being successful. This would mean trying the product out to see if it’s something that you could get really excited about. Then you’d have to treat it like a real business and go to work on it daily.

The products Yoli offers are similar to many of the other weight loss shakes, and if you follow their Transformation program you’ll most likely see some results. What you’re basically buying into is the idea that these products are of a higher quality than others that are sold directly without the need to go through a personal distributor. Another thing you’ll have to get over is paying inflated retail prices just because you don’t feel like jumping on board with the whole membership concept.

Call us crazy, but we like buying things straight up. Set a price and that’s what everyone pays because that’s what the product is worth. It amounts to nothing more than a marketing gimmick to charge non-members a higher price, and is a blatant way to encourage a membership, even if you don’t want or need one.

Final Yoli Review

Yoli products are getting a Try rating from us, but as far as making money from it, or trying to get your products for free by referring others you might want to take a pass. That being said they don’t seem to offer anything that you can’t get elsewhere for potentially less money and without having to overpay because you’re not a member. One of their products, Alkalete, is worth checking out further, as we haven’t seen too many products of this nature, and it could be a way to make your body more alkaline. But there would need to be several documented studies that shows this actually helps your body become more alkaline, and not just changing the water’s pH.

Our Recommendation
Yoli might be worth looking into more, but it will be hard to get objective information on it, both the products and the potential to make money from distributing their products. There are basically two types of people that will offer you this kind of information: those that are trying to get you to buy or join up under them, and those that have tried it and didn’t like it. Either way you’re getting biased feedback, and not anything useful in making your own decision.

What do you think? Does Yoli work or not?

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