Does the 6 Second Lounge Really Work?

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Does the 6 Second Lounge Work?There is no question that we can end up spending a ton of money on our outdoor lounge furniture and often its not long before it becomes worn and dated looking. Could a better solution and maybe a more affordable one might be the 6 second lounge. Not only would  it begreat for using when the time is right, but its great for storing in the off seasons.

The 6 Second Lounge is an air filled chair that sets up easily and provides a lounge that will hold up to 480 pounds.

The Claim
The claim is that because of the easy set up and the small package when deflated it makes it easier to bring along to the beach and tail gate parties.

The Hype
The hype is that the 6 Second Lounge fills by simply allowing the air to flow in the gaping end hole by simply holding into the blowing wind or spinning in a circle to catch the wind and then closing the hole with the included clip is all it takes. It unfolds just as easily and stores in a very small bundle.

The Cost
The cost of the 6 Second Lounge is a reasonable $39.99 on the Six Second Lounge website but there is a $7.99 shipping and handling fee. Add an extra $19.99 to your order and you will get a second 6 Second Lounge.

The Commitment
The commitment to the 6 Second Lounge is pretty minimal. It folds up into a very small package when not in use and can be stored in a very small space. It requires no batteries or real maintenance other than cleaning off the sand if you used on the beach or the beer and chicken-wing sauce if used at a tail gate party. It can be simply hosed off and then dried and you are ready to store or use again.

While the concept of the 6 Second Lounge is pretty cool and the thought of simply swinging the lounge in the air will fill it enough to allow 2- 220lb men to sit comfortably is an amazing concept yet one that seems too good to be true. Anyone who has slept on an air mattress while camping will attest to the fact that when even a small amount of air is released from the mattress it becomes quite less stable and comfortable and that is when it is filled with an air pump that fills it to capacity. Simply swinging the giant air bag through the air or in a circle seems to us to be an inefficient way of filling a lounge or anything else. It simply does not seem like it will fill enough air to hold a single person of any weight and to hold 2 would be very difficult. If there was not enough air it will simply sag and the sitter will sink into the chair or into the gap created by the folding of the unit.

Final 6 Second Lounge Review

We would have to give this unit a try/buy rating. The concept, while pretty unique and cool does not seem to hold up to the weight of scrutiny. It is difficult to get the amount of air into the unit to hold a large heavy person and to hold 2 would be almost impossible. If it were a very windy day you may get enough to hold a smaller person but by simply spinning around it is doubtful that it would fill enough to hold any substantial amount of weight. While we love the idea we would advise the buyer to proceed with caution.

Our Recommendation
Finding simple ways to increase your comfort level is not always an easy or affordable task. We have approached other products in the past that seem to make like a little more pleasurable like the Rcline and Unwind seating.

What do you think? Does the 6 Second Lounge work or not?

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