Does Abrexin Really Work?

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Does Abrexin work?Abrexin is a diet pill that claims you can lose weight while you sleep. But can this really help you lose weight as well as help you sleep, by increasing a process known as thermogenesis just slightly. So can it really work?

Isn’t the idea of getting things done while you sleep intriguing? Making money and losing weight are probably the top two that people wish they could do, and this product is promising the latter. Thermogenesis refers to the process by which we create heat within the body. It’s long been known in the bodybuilding world, but is now becoming more popular to the mainstream.

The Claim
Abrexin is claimed to be able to work on your body’s internal temperature that it uses to metabolize food. They say it is totally safe to use, and that it only requires taking one pill. They say it is stimulant free, and works to promote deeper, more effective sleep. They don’t make any fanatical claims like being able to lose X amount of pounds in X amount of days, they simply talk about how the product works, and why thermogenesis is important to your overall weight and body structure.

The Hype
With many diet pills the hype comes from the concept of not doing much else but taking the pills and watching the fat slide off. With this one they are taking it to the next level by saying the magic happens while you sleep. They flat out state that this doesn’t create a huge effect in the body, just a subtle shift, and the focus is on long term, sustained use.

The Cost
You can get a one-month supply of Abrexin for $26 online. There have been several reports that it’s not the easiest pill to get your hands on, with several offline retailers running out of stock and offering replacement products instead. There is also some speculation that because it’s coming out of Canada it’s harder to find in the US.

We noticed that they aren’t selling this the way we often see diet pills being sold, with a high cost for a one-month supply, and then deep discounts on multiple bottles. This means you can simply buy it at a fair price, and if you want to continue on you can buy another bottle next month, the way it should be.

The Commitment
Since you’re only taking one pill before bed your commitment level is very low with this. Other diet pills have you taking two at a time before meals, so up to six pills a day or more. They say that this works best by being consistent and using it long term. They ask for 2 months before making up your mind if it works. This may sound like a big commitment, and a way to get more sales, but with all-natural products it takes time for them to build up in the system, so it’s not an unreasonable request.

The concept behind Abrexin is very unique in the diet pill market, and it’s the first one we’ve seen that’s meant to be taken while you sleep, and meant to work while you’re sleeping. In his book The Four Hour Body, Timothy Ferriss suggested the use of ice baths to spark weight loss using the same principal, because it forces the body to shiver, which is one form of thermogenesis. Exercise is also a form of thermogenesis, so taking a pill instead of taking ice baths or exercising sounds enticing to many dieters.

The added benefit of improved sleep can’t be overlooked, as there are links to better sleep leading to improved weight loss, and the contrary also being true. If you’ve noticed the correlation between the quality of your sleep and the size of your waistline you know how important it is to make sure that you get the best sleep you can. In that respect, if you know that you’re not getting enough sleep on a nightly basis, or you find that the sleep you do get is not very high quality, you could take steps to improve your sleep and see if this doesn’t lead to weight loss as a byproduct.

Final Abrexin Review

Abrexin is getting our Solid Try rating, unlike many of the diet pills we’ve seen it doesn’t contain stimulants like high amounts of caffeine, and it’s one of the few we’ve seen that you’re actually encouraged to take at bedtime. While there isn’t any evidence suggesting that it can help with thermogenesis, users are reporting no side effects from taking it, and are giving feedback that suggests it may help with other weight loss efforts. There isn’t enough conclusive data for this to earn a higher rating from us, but since it has a decent price point, is easy to take, and has no reported side effects that we could find, it may be one of your better options.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve been looking for a way to lose weight, get better sleep, or both, this may be a good product to try. Of course you can also break this up into multiple supplements, taking a dietary supplement during the day to help speed up your metabolism, and then sleeping supplements like melatonin to help get better sleep at night. If you’d rather put it all into one pill so you can just take it at bedtime and not worry about it during the day, this appears to be worth trying.

What do you think? Does Abrexin work or not?

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