Does LeptiBurn Really Work?

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Does Leptiburn work?LeptiBurn is brought to you by BioTRUST and claims to be able to help you lose weight by helping to manage healthy leptin levels. Sounds interesting, but can it really work the way they say?

Leptin gets its fair share of attention as a hormone that helps to regulate your appetite and energy levels, and this function has been well-documented with scientific research and study. There are products out there that say that they’re able to alter the body’s leptin levels, and that’s where things get a little fuzzy as far as what’s been proven and what hasn’t.

The Claim
LeptiBurn is claimed to be able to increase the production of leptin in your body as well as the sensitivity levels. They say it supports more rapid fat loss, and can help you through any plateaus you experience in your weight loss efforts. Losing weight is a common claim for pills like these, but very few of them that we’ve seen focus on leptin the way this one does, making it a rather unique product in an otherwise crowded marketplace.

The Hype
The hype is instilled in the fact that this is a diet pill, and therefore is promising fat loss from a bottle. These sorts of pills are often referred to as miracle weight loss pills and the idea is that they provide effortless results and answer the prayers of many dieters. There is also a section on the research, but this is simply referring to studies done on the ingredients it contains.

The Cost
At $69 for a one-month supply of LeptiBurn it’s not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. They have it set up so that you can bring the per bottle price down by buying more of it at one time. But you have to stop and consider why you’d need several months of it if it works so well.

The Commitment
This involves taking two pills twice daily, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. Compared to other pills that only require 2 per day taken at any time it can be a little tricky to remember to take these at the recommended times. You’ll also need to take them on an empty stomach, which can be hard for many people to remember or fit into their schedule.

We do like that LeptiBurn lists all of their ingredients so you know what it contains. It’s also good that they cite studies regarding each of the ingredients in it. This is a step beyond what you’ll get with the majority of diet pills on the market. But there is still a gap between research done on the individual ingredients, and research done on the actual Leptiburn itself. The methodology is if A and B works and our product contains A and B then our product works, But this is not an accurate statement because the consumer has no guarantee that the product contains the exact A and B that was used in the study.

It seems to be relying heavily on green tea extract, which has shown to be effective for weight loss and is said to lower leptin levels. BioTRUST offers a wide assortment of products in the health industry with many of them getting decent reviews from users. The one thing you want to make sure of is that you’re getting this feedback from unbiased third party sources, and that you’re not using the success or failure of any individual experience as reason to try it or not try it. You should look at a large enough sample of data to make a balanced choice. We’re seeing that on the whole it’s getting more positive feedback than negative.

Final LeptiBurn Review

LeptiBurn is getting our Try rating, based on its money back guarantee and the slight edge it has in its user feedback. You have to make sure that you take it as directed, and that you’re making dietary changes at the same time in order to see the best results. If it does what it says it’s capable of, you should experience faster results than you would from dieting alone, which could help you stick with your new lifestyle and lead to long-term healthy habits without the need of a pill.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve looked at the diet pill market for any length of time your head is probably spinning from all of the choices you have. There are hundreds of pills all with their own blend of ingredients that they swear will help you to lose weight. The key is finding one from a reputable company that provides a safe and effective product at a reasonable price. This offering by BioTRUST doesn’t really live up to these standards on every level, but may be worth trying, since it’s shown results for some and is covered by a comprehensive guarantee.

What do you think? Does LeptiBurn work or not?

20 Customer Reviews on “Does LeptiBurn Really Work?

  1. The following answer to the following question is not given on this site.

    Are statins, baby aspirin and blood pressure tablets safe to take with LeptiBurn?

  2. The following answer to the following question is not given on this site.

    Can I take LeptiBurn if I am on blood thinners and other heart medicine, and also the statin Lipator?

  3. Can I take LeptiBurn if I am on blood thinners and other heart medicine, and also the statin Lipator?

  4. A friend of mine was a dedicated user of the pill LeptiBurn and sang the praises of its work. I love my friend dearly and honestly didn’t see the need for her to lose any weight. Be that as it may she claimed she could see the differences in her body, especially her midsection. I honestly never saw the difference, like I said I thought she was the perfect weight already, but I think it made her feel healthier, as though her body was functioning more smoothly. If that’s what this pill can do for you, then I guess it can be the perfect product depending on your body type.

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