Does Avesil Really Work?

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Does Avesil work?Every once in awhile a product like Avesil comes around that really divides people into two camps, one that says it works, and one that says it’s a ripoff. They can’t both be right no let’s see what the deal is here.

It’s easy to hope for a miracle pill that will help with your weight loss without really requiring anything from you. It would be wonderful to eat the food that you really like without the guilt that comes with it.

The Claim
The makers of Avesil say that you’ll lose weight, have a reduced appetite, be able to burn fat faster, and have an increased amount of energy. All of these are things that we all long for at some level if you’ve been struggling to lose weight. It’s the trifecta: less hunger, less weight and fat, and more energy, without the need to make major overhauls to your diet and lifestyle.

The Hype
Any diet pill is laden with hype because it’s the ultimate form of weight loss: effortless. Of course you could get better results by watching what you eat and getting regular exercise, but many people just want something that they can keep their current lifestyle with, but get the results they want. There is also some hype added to the term “trial” because most people associate a trial as being free, or a smaller sample of a larger product. But the trial offered here costs shipping and also gets charged to your card if you don’t cancel it.

The Cost
If you’re looking at the trial offer of Avesil you’ll be paying $4 up front, and then $90 two weeks later. The trick is that you’ll be receiving a 30 day supply and you’re given 14 days to evaluate it. This will lead many to believe that they still have plenty of time left on the evaluation and won’t notice something is up until the charges appear on the statement or the next month’s supply shows up at the door 30 days after the original order is placed.

The kicker on that is you’ll be paying $96 for a one-month supply on their auto-ship auto-charge program, but you can buy it for $69 straight up from Amazon without worrying about being enrolled in any of of membership program.

The Commitment
The lack of commitment is a big draw to a weight loss pill. You’re only required to take two capsules a day with this, so it’s less commitment than other pills where you have to take several of them multiple times a day.

The majority of those that have tried Avesil are reporting moderate to poor results with it. If it were just a few people saying that the results left much to be desired, that’s one thing, but there is enough data to make it statistically significant, and reduce the likelihood that this will work for you in conjunction with your other weight loss efforts.

In addition to the quality of the product, what we’re also seeing is problems with the ordering process, specifically the trial offer and the subsequent charges that occur when you don’t cancel. The way this is set up is very confusing, and even if you read the offer details psychologically you’re still prone to feel like you’ve been taken advantage of. Here’s why: Let’s say that you let your guard down and take them up on their trial offer for $4. You figure hey, if it doesn’t work I’ll just cancel and I’m only out $4. It arrives and you start taking two pills per day.

By day 14 you haven’t even put a dent in the bottle, there’s still more than half of the bottle left still rattling around in there, so you figure you have more time left to decide. Nothing is really happening yet so you give it another week or so to gauge the results. Next thing you know you’ve got another 30 supply delivered to your door, or you check your bank statement and you’ve already by charged for your initial bottle, and possibly your initial bottle as well as your next bottle. At $90 a pop that can really add up quick.

It’s not that the company is technically doing anything wrong, because it’s all laid out in their details, but there are several ways they could fix it if they were really interested in providing a quality product and letting you trial it. First, they could send you a 14 day trial supply, since that’s all the time you’re given. Next, they could have you call in only if you want to reorder, so if you forget you’re not automatically charged. And finally they could have it set up so that you can cancel online, rather than having to call and cancel.

Final Avesil Review

Overall, we’re giving Avesil the Thumbs Down rating based on poor feedback of the product itself, as well as several accounts of a faulty ordering process. Their trial offer is set up in a most unusual way, and seems more like a way to collect your credit card information than anything else. If you absolutely must try this we suggest ordering it from a third party retailer like Amazon where you know what you’re getting and how much you’ll be charged and you won’t have to worry about any further charges or forgetting to call and cancel.

Our Recommendation
You need to be very specific about what you’re going to use diet pills for, how long you’re going to use them, and how you’re going to stop using them. With that in mind you also need to be very specific about which ones you go with. It’s important to find a brand of pills that has good peer reviews and a straight up ordering process. You shouldn’t have to order a large amount of them at once in order to get a decent price, and you shouldn’t be set up on any sort of long-term member program because you don’t want to be on diet pills for the long term.

What do you think? Does Avesil work or not?

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