Does Aerosure Medic Really Work?

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Does Aerosure Medic Work?There is a whole gambit of breathing problems that people suffer with and it can cause a lot of discomfort. Many people have to take different medications to obtain relief from some of the symptoms created by these problems such as coughs, wheezing and a tight chest just to name a few. There may be an innovative device that is drug-free that will help relieve some of the symptoms and its Aerosure Medic.

Aerosure Medic is a form of medical device that does not require a prescription to use it as it contains no drug use. It is comprised of three separate components which is the device, the head and the mouthpiece. It is similar to an inhaler except there are no drugs being inhaled and you breathe normally when using it.

The Claim
The company claims thatAerosure Medic is great for helping those who tend to be short of breath because of their respiratory problem, and for helping to loosen up phlegm so it can be easily expelled. They are promoting the product for those who suffer with COPD, Asthma, and cystic fibrosis as well as other conditions.

The Hype
The hype really focuses around this device not relying on any type of drugs in order to obtain its benefits.

The Cost
The cost of the Aerosure Medic will depend on where you are going to buy it. You can get it directly from their site for $177.99 which is currently the promotion site. Or, it is available on some Amazon platforms.

The Commitment
The commitment will be to learn how to use the Aerosure Medic properly which is really easy. Then you will have to be sure to clean it properly after each use. You might also have to build the habit of carrying it with you so you can use when needed. Also, you will have to charge it.

Whenever it comes to a product that is promoting some type of health benefit we like to be extra careful. If you are thinking that you would like to give the Aerosure Medic a try, you should discuss this with your health care provider fully before doing so. Also, you should never stop taking any medications without your physician’s permission.

The way that the Aerosure Medic works is that it helps to promote air flow through the respiratory system with its built in action. It controls the opening and closing of the flow of air going into the lungs.It encourages the muscles of the lungs to work harder. For those that have had pneumonia or other mucous causing ailments you may have remembered your health care provider telling you to take deep breaths to help loosen up the mucous so you could cough it up.

Final Aerosure Medic Review

While it seems that Aerosure Medic may have its place in bringing relief to some when you study their information there are many circumstances where this device may be contraindicated. So before buying be sure to check out all the information to make sure that your situation does not fall into these categories where you should not use it. You may want to refer your health care provider to the Aerosure Medic website so they can gain full knowledge about the device before giving you permission to use it. We are going to give the Aerosure Medic a Try/Buy provided it has been approved for you by your health care provider.

Our Recommendation
We have looked at other devices in the past that are geared towards helping people breathe easier and one of these was the Inhealer.

What do you think? Does Aerosure Medic work or not?

7 Customer Reviews on “Does Aerosure Medic Really Work?

  1. absolutley useless , sucking air through a straw, would give better results , do not buy this absolute expensive crap, keep your money and talk to a doctor, not a single good review for this product

  2. At £180 it is expensive , frankly all it appears to do is make strange noise when used. I have not felt any benefit by using the device on either method. Tried every combination of breathing fast ,slow,deep or shallow. If you think you need a device of this type try a cheaper one.
    I also use a revitive medic leg treatment device, another waste of money, appear to pay for all advertising they have.

  3. Another expensive rip off. Does not work there are plenty of alternative devices around. Look at the Asthma Foundation or physio Doctors for recommendations.

  4. Very disappointed in this product. It cost $237 Canadian which is a lot of money and I really had high hopes for it. I have been using it for Almost a month and have noticed no difference and no help whatsoever. If anything I find that itIs quite messy as you were using it as the saliva builds up in your mouth and can shoot out the back end of it. Definitely not worth buying and disappointing you can’t return it once it’s opened.

  5. don’t work put a lit flame in front of it. did not move at all. don’t work don’t waste money scam

  6. hi I tried it. don’t think it works at all. why cause I lit a lighter and put the flame to it and the flame did not move at all. so no air goes down your throat at all. a scam.

  7. Still is trying to use it but the company is the most useless co in the health , thy do not answer any queries about even sending a manual to the customer who has bought directly from them as such we are delayed even to use it.

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