Does Air Alert Really Work?

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Does Air Alert really work?Can Air Alert really increase your vertical leap? Believe it or not, you can be trained to jump higher if you want to engage in sports like basketball professionally. When you are a part of sports and activities like this, high vertical jumping can really be an asset. You can either enroll in a one-on-one training program or simply get a system that will teach you the basics of vertical jumping.

Both ways can be effective but you can economize more if you simply get a training program in DVD form. The Air Alert is one type of program that you can take home and train yourself to do.

Jump training programs have helped beginner athletes in harnessing their skills in jumping. In fact, some of today’s famous NBA players may have started out with these types of programs. The Air Alert can basically do the same for you, as it will teach you the proper ways of developing a high vertical jump.

The Claim
Air Alert claims that this jump training program can help you increase your vertical leap from 8 to 14 inches high. It also claims that this can be done using safe and effective means. You see, other jump training systems make use of weights, but the Air Alert simply makes use of your own body mass in harnessing your jumping prowess. Through constant practice using the methods in the program, your body will be trained to instinctively learn how to jump higher and higher. And in just 15 weeks’ time, you can jump by 8 to 14 inches higher than your original capacity.

The Hype
Aspiring athletes definitely want to develop their vertical jumping abilities. And even non-professional athletes are also interested in a training program that can develop a high vertical jump, as this can also be utilized in recreational sports and fun games with friends. Being able to dunk a basketball when you’re not very tall, or to spike a volleyball in the middle of a match is something that many people would get a kick out of.

The Cost
You only need to make a 1-time payment of $30 to get the complete set of the Air Alert vertical jumping program. The package includes a DVD, a training booklet, and a workout chart to help you keep track of your progress. You will also be provided with vertical jump measurement charts so that you can monitor the improvement of your jumping capabilities over time.

The Commitment
In order to make the Air Alert program effective, you should carefully follow all the instructions given in the training booklet. It is recommended that you read and understand the whole concept first, so that you can execute the steps and routines properly. Through repetitive jumping practices, you will learn about the right way to jump in order to make each leap as high as possible. The training system will also aid in making your legs powerful so that they can carry out an effective way of jumping.

The system involved in the Air Alert program is quite realistic and believable, as it involves a slow method of training. However, the program’s claim of increasing your vertical jump by 8 to 14 inches in a short span of time can be quite doubtful. Note that you will only be relying on your own body mass for this training, and it can take a while for your body to adapt to the training than if you were using weights.

Final Review of Air Alert

Yes, Air Alert works, but it may not be able to support its claim of making you jump 8 to 14 inches higher. With regular practice, you can surely develop your way of jumping since you will be strengthening your leg muscles as well. And the good thing about this DVD program is that you can do the training right in your own backyard with only some chairs as your training equipment.

Our Recommendation
We are only recommending the Air Alert jump training program to beginner athletes. While non-professional athletes can surely learn something from this training program, it may not be very useful for professional athletes who are already proficient in jumping high.

Just a note of precaution to beginners: always wear the proper basketball shoes for this training system and don’t over exert yourself during the program. By over-exerting some of the routines in this program, as well as in other exercise programs, you can expose yourself to some serious injuries.

What do you think? Does Air Alert really work?

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