Does Contour Abs Really Work?

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Does Contour Abs really work?Contour Abs is a revolutionary product enabling you to tone your abdominal muscles without ever walking into a gym. While this may sound good, the question is whether it really works and what isn’t mentioned is that you will need to follow a healthy diet and an exercise routine in order to benefit completely from the system.

Contour Abs has been cleared by the FDA as an EMS or electro muscle stimulation and it comes with very mixed customer reviews. All in all you expect to place it on your abdomen and sit and watch television, while the machine does the rest, but unfortunately this is not the case which has caused confusion.

The Claim
While many happy customers state that the Contour Abs has worked for them and they felt it working straight away, others have not been so fortunate. The Contour is a sculpting system which ensures that every rep is the same, building muscle to your abdomen with ease.

The Electro muscle stimulation or EMS sends a trigger action to the nerve fibers in the muscle, so you can be doing your housework and Contour Abs will send little shocks to your abdomen muscles causing them to contract.

Many customers claim that the Contour Abs system has worked for them, they felt it working straight away and saw results within a few short weeks.

The Hype
Imagine being able to do a stomach workout without doing a single sit up, this is what the Contour Abs has to offer. It is the perfect choice for people who can’t do sit ups due to back or hip problems and can be used in conjunction with a regular exercise routine.

The other advantage is that you can do your abdominal reps from the comfort of your own home. Strap on the belt ensuring you have it on the right muscles and get on with your regular routine. You can sit and watch television, do the housework or do the gardening while the best does your abdominal exercises.

It’s believed to be easy to use, but finding the right spot on your abdomen may take some practice, you will need to ensure that you are targeting the right muscles in order to achieve the best results.

The Commitment
As with any exercise routine, what most people don’t realize is when using this system, you also need to follow a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. You will need to commit to a couple of days each week where you use the Contour Abs belt to work on your abdomen muscles.

Take your time to learn where to place the belt for maximum effect and enjoy the reps at strengths of your choice. While this is very exciting, you must follow a healthy diet and exercise routine which comes with the Contour for maximum results.

Unless you have a medical reason that you are unable to do sit ups, the Contour Abs system may be a gadget rather than a necessity. Think about it, you already have to follow a diet and exercise routine in order to achieve results, so why is the Contour necessary? Why has it become so popular? How are you going to benefit?

What many people don’t realize when they purchase this affordable belt, is that they still have to exercise. You can’t strap it on and sit on the couch all day eating chips and wait for a miracle to happen. You need to do work in order to achieve results.

Final Review of Contour Abs

From evaluating the feedback on this product, there are a lot more positive reviews than negative. If you’re willing to dedicate yourself and add exercise and diet to your routine along with using the Contour Abs belt you will achieve success.

The benefit is that every rep is exactly the same, unlike if you were doing sit ups in the gym and you can choose the strength you want to work out at. Of course choosing the strongest rep to start will only leave you in agony with sore abdominal muscles.

Our Recommendation
The Contour is recommended for anyone who is unable to do sit ups whether it’s because of back or hip problems. If you don’t have a reason to not do sit ups, it’s not recommended.

You need to bear in mind that it’s not a miracle belt and you will still need to do regular exercise and eat a healthy diet in conjunction with the belt.

Official Website: Contour Abs

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