Does AllergieBlock Really Work?

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Does AllergieBlock work?AllergieBlock would be ideal for those that suffer from allergies and are reluctant to use a nasal spray or prescription medication to treat their allergies. This is a way to prevent allergens from reaching your nasal passages, in essence avoiding the problem altogether. So does it work?

Allergies are the bane of some people existence, and offering a way out of them is one way to grab attention for your product. If you can do that without using harsh chemicals and other drugs, so much the better. The main things we’re all after is something that provides results, something that is easy to use, and something that performs reliably each time you use it.

The Claim
The makers of AllergieBlock say that it works by creating a positive charge, which blocks negatively charged allergens from getting into your nose, thus preventing them from causing the symptoms associated with an allergic reaction such as sneezing, an itchy or watery nose, and stuffed up sinuses.

The Hype
Many are fed up with their allergies and looking for a long-term way to treat them that doesn’t include taking a prescription medicine, or resorting to an OTC drug that is just as strong as a prescription. Products like Claritin used to be by prescription only and are still just as potent.

The Cost
It’s $20 for a tube of AllergieBlock that has 150 uses in it. The quick math shows that this boils down to a little over a dime each time you use it. Not bad considering that at most you’d probably use this twice a day. At about 25 cents a day you’re looking at $7.50 a month if you ended up using it twice a day every day. If you only have occasional allergies or are experiencing them because of a temporary condition like you’re visiting someone with pets, you can expect to spend far less.

The Commitment
You only need to use this when necessary, so seasonal allergy sufferers can use it when their allergen is in bloom, and those that are allergic to cats or dogs can use it when they know that they’ll be around them. Many other allergy treatments require you to take them daily, even if you’re not suffering at the moment. Your body can also develop a tolerance to the drugs, making them less effective over time.

There are a lot of positive benefits to using a product like AllergieBlock. It doesn’t require that you ingest it, and it also doesn’t require that you spray it up your nose. It’s pretty much a topical application, providing a barrier to allergens so that you get the benefits without having to subject your body to harsh chemicals that work on a neurological level. It comes in a total of 5 different varieties, and even has a kid’s version. It’s super easy to apply, and you basically can’t get it wrong, which cuts down on user error, and increases that chances that it will be effective for you.

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Whatever your feelings regarding the FDA and their approval or disapproval of products and drugs, this one has received the go ahead, and uses that as way to justify its safety. Since it’s not a drug it already has something going for it when compared to other treatment options. They say that by using this you’re getting the benefits without having to deal with the side effects that generally come with allergy medication, such as drowsiness, changes in the way things taste, more anxiety, and foggy thinking. Some medications can even make you depressed, which is all the more reason to try out non-drug treatment options before using them as a last resort.

Final AllergieBlock Review

AllergieBlock is getting our Solid Try recommendation as an alternative to pharmaceutical allergy medications, and OTC brands such as Claritin and Zyrtec. Because of its low price it’s super easy to try this out, and it’s a good idea to give it the 48 hours requested by the manufacturer before you start looking for results. The one thing we did notice in the feedback is that some forget about this part and start looking for immediate relief, which may not occur.

Our Recommendation
Treating allergies means a combined approach of doing your best to rid your environment of the allergen(s) in question, and also helping your body to cope if you do become exposed to them. Allergie Block would represent a way to provide a perimeter defense against these allergies so that you don’t have to give a lot of thought as to whether or not you’ll react to them. While we can’t vouch for the claim that it works by repelling negatively charged allergens due to its positive charge, it is worth trying out due to its low price point and other attractive features.

What do you think? Does AllergieBlock work or not?

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