Does Glasses USA Really Save You Money?

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Does Glasses USA work?The concept of Glasses USA is that you can save on eyewear compared to buying it from local eyeglass shops, and other online retailers. Sounds great for those in the market for spectacles, but how well does it really work at keeping more money in your pocket?

Money saving sites are big right now, and this is one that represents a specific niche where it’s altogether too easy to overpay for a pair of glasses. Places like LensCrafters and America’s Best do a decent job of creating the idea that you’re getting a good deal, but they still leave plenty of room for a site like GlassesUSA to come along and offer rock-bottom prices on the most popular and in demand frames out there.

The Claim
They claim savings of up to 70$ off retail when shopping at Glasses USA which sounds amazing, since eyewear can really add up, especially when you are looking at designer frames. Being able to look good in your new glasses is important, so you want to go with some of the more current designs, and it just so happens that the ones that look the best usually carry with them a higher price tag. It’s nice to think that you could end up with a pair of great looking frames for the same price as the bargain brands you find in stores.

The Hype
Everybody likes a good deal, and when you’re shopping around here you’ll feel like you’re getting your frames at the lowest price possible. This helps cut down on buyer’s remorse later because you won’t be sitting there wondering if you just paid more than someone else for the exact pair of glasses.

The Cost
They have frames starting at $38 and going up from there. The thing is that even when you’re buying their lowest-priced frames you might be paying twice as much somewhere else for the same glasses. That represents a cost savings, and so it’s free to use the site, and in fact it ends up allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

The Commitment
It’s nice because this is a straight up deal, you’re not committed to buying a membership in order to get the savings, and there are no recurring charges or commitments that you have to make in order to enjoy the deals they have.

They do have a pretty extensive collection of frames, and cover everything you need in the world of eyewear, from sleek and sophisticated frames to sunglasses. The feedback from customers that have used it to purchase their specs has been overwhelmingly positive, according to third party reports from those that don’t have a vested interest in the company. They’re able to tell it like it is and describe the kind of quality of the frames you receive, and also to judge whether it is the exact frames sold for more at other sites.

So the question is: how can a site like this sell glasses for so cheap and still be able to make a profit. The answer is that with some industries there is such an inflated overhead compared to the cost of manufacturing that there is too much wiggle room left for a site to come in and undercut the competition. With many people making the switch to contacts, glasses are becoming less and less of a hot item, and the competition is getting more and more fierce among designers and manufacturers. Therefore what we’re seeing is better looking glasses and more affordable prices than we saw 10 years ago.

One nice feature is their frame finder, which will help you drill down to a selection of potential perfect frames for you. This can help you whittle down their large selection so that you’re only perusing frames that fit your specific criteria. This is especially helpful when you show up not really knowing exactly what you want, and seem overwhelmed by the number of choices. It helps dramatically to remove some of the clutter so you’re not looking at frames that just don’t work for you.

Aside from that you’re able to search pretty effectively by selecting the price range of frames you want, the color, and even what kind of material you want your glasses to be made out of. All of this makes your decision that much quicker to make when you are choosing between 3 frames instead of 300.

Final Glasses USA Review

Glasses USA is a great place to start when you’re shopping around for eyewear, and after an extensive search and comparison between different sites, we were unable to find another location that offered the same brands of frames for less. So this makes it a great site to use as a starting point because you’ll know how low you can get them, and you can get all the details on a frame from the manufacturer’s website, but then make your purchase at Glasses USA.

Our Recommendation
Contacts may be very popular, but if you’re going for that sophisticated look then you owe it to yourself to check out this site and see what’s on offer and for what price. Since they don’t ask you to sign up as a member in order to see what they’re offering, you can check here first, or check here after you find the frames you want at another site to see which has the best price, either way it’s worth bookmarking.

What do you think? Does Glasses USA save you money or not?

16 Customer Reviews on “Does Glasses USA Really Save You Money?

  1. I wish I would’ve read these reviews before I ordered from this company. I’m experiencing the same thing with my order. Going on day 20 and they’re finally being shipped from Thailand. Last I checked I ordered glasses from GlassesUSA not GlassesThailand. This company sucks.

  2. I ordered my glasses it’s been several days. The company stated it give me updates I have received none. I emailed them and they sent me a generic email. I will not be fine from this company again because they advise me they give me updates and they have not done so.

  3. So far a confusing experience. I paid for express shipping. I received an email yesterday with an update to track my order. When looking at the tracking information it indicates the order was shipped from Thailand, then India then Germany and had to go thru customs?? hmmm. GlassesUSA? Did I pay extra for my glasses to go thru your quality department in Thailand? I also called customer service. The person on the other end of the phone had such a thick accent I couldn’t understand what she said other than “glasses shipped”…gee thanks a lot. I really hope if and when I receive these glasses they are better than the experience I have had so far.

  4. It took 33 days to get my glasses. Over a month. They lie about production and shipping times. Customer service is AWFUL. If you complain, they apologize and say there is nothing they can do. If you ask to speak to a supervisor, they give you a tracking number and tell you to contact the USPS, even when the issue is not how long the item has been in transit from shipping and all you are doing is asking for a supervisor. I had to cut and paste my request for a supervisor so many times that she had no choice but to tell me to call the 800 number and ask for one. When I did, I got the same runaround, and an agent telling me my tracking info and thanks for calling. I continued to ask for an agent until she gave in. The agent understood that the order should not take 33 days. She then gave me tracking info and expected me to be satisfied. What is wrong with these people? I made her read the chat transcripts and look at my order information. She realized that on multiple levels, things went wrong with my order and it is not right. She said she would pass all of this along and offered me expedited shipping on my next order. As if I would ever consider ordering from them again. She offered to let me return my glasses and I said I have read reviews about your return process and I don’t want to spend any more time dealing with the incompetence of shipping and returns at the company. Avoid this place. Like the plague.

    I ordered a pair of RayBan New Wayfarer prescription sunglasses. When they arrived they appeared to be knockoff frames- brittle, flimsy plastic frames that were so large they fit outside of my ears. (I tried the same glasses on in a department store- different material (nylon), and a proper fit). I notified the company that I was returning them and printed out a label, then shipped them back to Glassesusa. The next day, ALL OF THE EMAILS CONNECTED TO THE TRANSACTION DISAPPEARED FROM MY EMAIL INBOX!!! No purchase confirmation, no shipping notice, nothing- all gone from my inbox. I searched and came up with 20+ promotional emails from them, but all records of my purchase were set to auto delete (or manually deleted with the gmail unsend feature?). I’ve never seen a company so sketchy. I have a complaint in to PayPal, and I’m waiting for a resolution, but I’ll say this- Don’t do business with this company!!!

  6. I’ve just begun what I now fear will be a long and arduous journey with this company. I’ve been waiting for two weeks for the glasses that I assumed would be here by now. I just learned this was wishful thinking. After two weeks they just went into “production” which their website claims takes 3 days. I’ve waited the 3 days, but they are still listed with the same status. I tried chatting online with customer service and it was abysmal. She offered no real information and said that she would make my order a “priority”, but couldn’t tell me what that meant (would I get my glasses sooner? When can I expect them?). She literally told me that there was no way she could tell me when to expect them or if this delay was usual. Hopefully, you’re reading these before you purchase from them and not after like me. Go elsewhere, it wasn’t a deal and I only used them because they had the frames I couldn’t find anywhere else.

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