Does the Air Curler Really Work?

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Does the Air Curler work?The Air Curler represents a truly unique and novel way to curl you hair using your current hair dryer and their specially shaped plastic unit. If it works it would mean a fast way to get the curly look, so we had to check in more detail to see what users think.

Those with straight hair long for curls and there are plenty of ways to get them, and new ones coming to the market on a regular basis. It’s a matter of getting the best curls possible in the shortest time, and with the least amount of hassle. You don’t want to burn yourself, harm your hair, or use products with a lot of chemicals in them to get the results you want. That’s why when a product like this comes around where you can’t hurt yourself, where it doesn’t harm your hair, and where the results look like a salon’s, it gets attention.

The Claim
The makers of the Air Curler claim that it is able to give the curls because of the way bowl is designed. It is shaped in a way that creates a mini vortex in which your hair spins around and around very quickly. They say you don’t need to add any product to your hair, and that you don’t need to use a curling iron or any other gadget in conjunction with it. They also say you’ll get detailed instructions on how to use it, so you won’t be lost once you get it home.

The Hype
The infomercial ads a bit of hype to this, comparing it to a cotton candy machine, which is what it looks like while it’s in use. But also it’s depicting a best case scenario where all conditions are perfect and the results look amazing. You should understand that there is always a gap between how a product is shown on TV and how it performs in your home.

The Cost
In one of the very few times that we’ve seen this, you actually can decide if you want to get one or two of the Air Curler, and you’re not forced to pay the extra shipping on the 2nd one if you don’t want it. This means that you can opt to pay $23 and get just one, or pay $29 and get two. Either you’re thinking that two would be great, or you really don’t need that 2nd one, and here you get to decide if you want to keep the $6 or not.

The nice part about not paying an inflated shipping price is that you can actually take them up on their 30 day money back guarantee and you’ll get back a larger portion of the purchase price. Many companies will charge a small amount for the product and a larger amount for shipping so that no matter whether it gets returned or not they’re still making a profit. But in this instance it seems that they really expect you to be satisfied, and have set up the pricing structure accordingly.

The Commitment
This should represent a faster way to get your hair curled than other methods. The “cotton candy” method they’re using takes about 30 seconds for each section of hair, so you can do your entire head in a few minutes. The nice thing is that it’s also drying your hair at the same time, and also there’s less room for error, so you don’t have to go back and fix mistakes as much as you’re used to.

The air curler has shown that it is effective not only through the infomercial, which always show the product working, but also in real time on video, like the one below. In addition that this it’s also received positive feedback from third-party users that say it does work to create a sort of vortex that your hair spins around in. It may look a bit chaotic while it’s in use, but when the hair comes out if it it looks like it’s been properly curled.

One concern that many have when they see it in action is whether this is going to cause their hair to be extra frizzy, or if it’s going to tangle their hair in the process. The end result is that your hair is curled up do to the vortex nature created within the unit. It is not tangling the hair, and it is not causing it to frizz up. It doesn’t frizz because you’re using the hair dryer’s cool setting for the second half of the treatment, so the curl sets and the hair rests and it turns out looking good.

Final Air Curler Review

The Air Curler is getting our Solid Try rating, as this is a truly unique way to curl your hair that doesn’t involve using dangerous heating elements that can burn your fingers and scorch your hair. The likelihood of screwing up with it is cut down very low because it’s remarkably easy to learn. You also don’t have to worry about getting it wrong because the directions are very easy to follow.

Our Recommendation
If curling your hair is a regular style for you, this makes sense to add to your hair styling collection because the price is relatively cheap, and because nothing else we’ve seen offers the same sort of results without a lot of fuss. We’ve seen curlers that work as well, but that aren’t as easy or fun to use.

What do you think? Does Air Curler work or not?

34 Customer Reviews on “Does the Air Curler Really Work?

  1. Oh my lord…..before doing any research, I decided to buy this from DOLLAR TREE (sorry to you all that spent much more)..First off, be prepared to try every blow dryer in your house to get a secure fit, Took me trying 3, and finally just gad to choose the lessser of evils, since none really had a tight fit. I had to wet my hair 4X before I rigged what I thought was a fit, NOT!!! Eventually, very awkwardly, (wetting the hair again at this time…about 15 minutes< I was finally able to get my curls! HAHAHAHAHHAHAH…connections dont connect, and 1 out of 6 sections had a very loose curl. Unfortunetly, by the time I hooked up the dryer AGAIN, i needed more water to try the next section, In the mean time, the first so call curled was gone. I guess you get what yo pay for….DONT BUY THIS!!!! NOT EVEN FROM THE DOLLAR STORE!!! Buy a lottery ticket or give your dollar to to a street performer, You will be more satisfied,,,,honestly

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