Do Armor All Wipes Really Work?

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Do the Armor All Wipes Work?Keeping up with cleaning your car can be a big task and expensive one if you have this professionally done. There may be a way that makes it much easier, the results more long lasting, and more affordable in the long run. This is if you are using the Armor All Wipes.

There are a collection of Armor All Wipes that you can use for car cleaning needs. These are comprised of the Armor All Wash Wipes, Wax Wipes and the Armor All Tire and Trim Shine. So basically everything you need to clean your car, shine it, and tend to the appearance of the tires and trim as well can be done with the Armor All Wipes.

The Claim
Armor All claims that the Armor All Wash wipes eliminate the need and hassle of using buckets of soapy water, followed by rinse water. They claim their Armor All wipes for washing your car are large and pre-soaked and capable of removing all types of soil and grime. The Armor wipes for waxing the car which are the Armor Wax Wipes only require one application. Then finally when it comes to the wheels the Armor All wipes to look after this job is the Armor All Tire and Trim Shine. These are in the form of a sponge which makes them easy to work with.

The Hype
The hype really focuses around all the products you need for a good car cleaning come in three easy forms that are simple to use. No muss no fuss is really the tag line for the Armor All Wipes. Not having to make a bunch of purchases of a variety of products could be a cost saver. Then not needing a bunch of equipment means you can clean your vehicle no matter where you are.

The Cost
Your cost is going to be $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. For this you are going to get a 12 pack of the wash wipes, a 12 pack of the wax wipes and a 8 pack of the Tire and Trim sponges. So you are getting a complete set of the Armor All Wipes needed for a total car cleaning.

The Commitment
The commitment is going to come from you being determined to dedicate the time to your car cleaning with the entire Armor All Wipes process. Although you don’t have to do all three steps at once. If you just want to clean your car and not wax it, or clean the tires, then the choice is yours. No matter what you decide chances are this process with the Armor All Wipes is going to save you a lot of time.

Really you have to admit that the premise behind this simple Armor All Wipes is really a good idea. These three products all come under the Ultra Shine category so as such they haven’t got a lot of feedback as yet. Armor All in general has a pretty good name attached to its brand.

Final Armor All Wipes Review

We are going to give the Armor All Wipes a Thumbs up but we are not really sure how economical this is going to be. There are going to be a lot of variants that come into play. For example, how big your vehicle is and how dirty it is is going to determine how many wipes you need to use.

Our Recommendation
If you look at the premise that it’s going to take you the entire packages of the Armor All Wipes to totally clean your car then you are looking at a cost of roughly $28. You need to determine if this is too costly. You need to compare it to the costs of the other types of products you would need to buy to gain the same results. To start the interior segment of our cleaning this car vac might be of value to you.

What do you think? Does Armor All Wipes work or not?

5 Customer Reviews on “Do Armor All Wipes Really Work?

  1. I’ve used these on my old & new cars – work well, need about two or three per car, but the shine looks good, & is lasting well. I’m a little concerned wiping a dirty car, but they seem to pick up the dirt. I need to take a close look at the finish, to see if there are any scratches…

  2. The wheel wipes are sensational! I was in doubt until I tried them on my Chev Silverado alloy wheels (polished aluminum) and they look like chrome. Now I will try the wash and wax wipes. A lot less hassle than hose, bucket, soap rinse etc

  3. Well the instructions do tell you to use a microfiber cloth afterwards, so can’t really fault them there.

  4. I’ve purchased and tried both, the wash and wax wipes. My findings are that I doubt I’ll ever purchase these again. The wash wipes seem to work reasonably well, except they leave a very wet residue behind that results in dried spots and they leave tons of lint all over my truck. I have to use a micro-wipe to further clean the truck afterwards. They didn’t do a very good job of cleaning dirt from the surface at all.
    The wax wipes seem to work OK, but they leave spots and streaks which have to be wiped afterwards. Using either one on pressure sensitive decals results in lint fibers left behind which tend to lift decal edges. Not impressed overall with either product.

  5. Yes! This product works exactly as advertised. I washed my car by hand first but used the wipes for waxing. I have a Lincoln Continental with a fairly new black paint job. It took five wipes to complete the waxing process, but the car is shining like a nickel and a dime! Worth every penny you pay for this product.

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