Does Green Strike Really Work?

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Does Green Strike Work?Almost everyone looks forward to the warm weather coming. What many don’t look forward to is what can come with it. Referring to the bugs and especially the mosquitoes. There are tons of products on the market to use to try and combat these,but it usually comes down to trial and error. Or, the need to use toxic products. For those looking for a new approach to tackling the mosquitoes it may well be worth your checking out Green Strike.

Green Strike is a different approach to mosquito control. Some of the other methods means using pesticides to keep them at bay, or slathering bug repellent on your skin. Green Strike attracts them and then effectively destroys them. This means they are going after Green Strike instead of you.

The Claim
Green Strike takes the approach of not just trying to deal with mosquitoes but preventing them. They offer two Green Strike units to help with this. One is a manual unit the other is automatic.

The Hype
The hype for Green Strike really focuses around the approach which means you do not have to subject yourself to harmful toxins just to keep the mosquitoes at bay. This system is based on attracting the mosquitoes then trapping them. Once this is done then the eggs that they lay are destroyed.

The Cost
Green Strike is not cheap, and will cost you about $300. However, if it works as good as they say it does then its worth it. Chances are you pay close to this amount through the spring/summer season on a variety of other products for your mosquito fighting.

The Commitment
Green Strike offers several different products for dealing with mosquitoes. You are going to have to decide on which one you prefer. This one which is the Green Strike Mosquito Preventer works on attracting the mosquitoes then destroying them along with their eggs in a contained unit. It is built on the premise of being a controlled pond that mimics the natural settings that mosquitoes favor. While they are being attracted to the pond it means they are staying away from you.

The one thing that we like about the Green Strike is that it has been developed under experts such as an Entomologist. We also like the approach that is being taken of luring the mosquitoes and trapping them. It makes sense why this type of system would work better than bug lights for example.

Final Green Strike Review

We are going to give the Green Strike a Try/Buy. It is new on the market so there is not enough positive support as yet. The quality of the Green Strike appears to be good. The concept is feasible. It certainly addresses a need. The fact that you don’t have to use harmful chemicals is another big bonus. There are a lot of positives about this product that make it one to consider.

Our Recommendation
With mosquitoes being such a big problem we have talked about several other types of products in the past. One you may want to check out is this Bug Zapper Fly Swatter.

What do you think? Does Green Strike work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does Green Strike Really Work?

  1. Any review which also suggests the electric flyswatter toy loses any limited credibility it might have had. The GS shows mesquitos flying in laying eggs and flying out to bite me again and come back and lay more eggs. That is too dumb for words. There is no explanation suggestion the GS had a fan or any power supply . ie it seems to be an expensive gimick and there are no actual reviews of the device by experienced users. The Video was way to simple to give me any confidence that it isn’t just a rube goldberg invention. Sorry, I wish it were not so. Needs supporting data to support such an expenditure and authoratative reviews.

  2. I agree with ‘Me’. But I also don’t see how Google shows, as does the rating above; 3.5 Stars when there are no reviews whatsoever.

  3. Useless review. You say nothing and suggest we try out a novelty fly swatted. Ridiculous.

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