Does the Artic Air Portable Air Conditioner Really Work? to keep cool on a hot day is not always easy, especially if you’re not fortunate enough to have air conditioning. Even if you have a number of fans that oscillate and help to move the air around, if it is hot air you are moving around, there is not much relief to be found. One product that has helped many individuals to deal with the extreme heat is called the Artic Air Portable Air Conditioner.

The Artic Air Portable Air Conditioner is a great little item that helps to cool areas up to 45 SQ feet. It has a two speed fan that is ultra- quiet, and it is an eco-friendly unit that can cool both inside and out of the home. The Artic Air Portable Air Conditioner  acts as both a humidifier, as well as an air purifier, and it takes hot and dry air and turns it into cool moist air that is evenly distributed within its 45 SQ foot parameter.

The Claim
The compact Artic Air Portable Air Conditioner is eco-friendly and utilizes Hydro-Chill evaporative cooling technology that allows it to draw in extremely hot air, and as it goes through a wet filter and exits the other side, it comes out as dehumidified and cool refreshing air, that can help cool a good size room far better than any type of fan could do, and this unit can last up to 8 hours on a single charge.

The Hype
The huge hype with the Artic Air Portable Air Conditioner is that with its compact design it is able to fit any type of space, such as a desk, coffee table, night stand, or anywhere else you may need to have some cool refreshing air. It is unbelievably convenient, lightweight, portable, and very easy to use, and with a tank that you can fill up to last up to 8 hours, you simply have to plug it in, and receive the benefits this great little portable unit will allow you.

The Cost
It seems the cost for the Artic Air Portable Air Conditioner is around $34.99 but if you shop around you may get a better deal

The Commitment
The Artic Air Portable Air Conditioner is a tabletop evaporative cooler that has a strong 350 W of power, combined with its whisper-quiet two-speed fan. Along with the programmable digital thermostat so you’re able to adjust the control over your climate easily, you can readily set it to whatever you are comfortable with. You can not only plug the Arctic Air into a standard outlet, but it will also plug into a USB Port and the 350 W device will be able to give you the cooling help you need on any hot day

Obviously there’s no doubt that having a regular air conditioner is going to be far better than what this type of unit can provide for you, but when you consider how much it costs for electricity, even having this type of relief is a godsend in many type of heat waves that some people encounter. It’s because of its evaporative technology it is able still to be able to provide you with cooling air,just by adding water to this unit and plugging it into your regular outlet or USB Port, that this is something worth having at home when it’s hot.

Final Artic Air Portable Air Conditioner Review

There are a few other products on the market that advertise they are able to provide the same type of relief without gases such as Freon, but it seems that the Artic Air Portable Air Conditioner has gotten great reviews from a large variety of people that have used this unit compared to others, and have found this one much superior.

Our Recommendation

If you are looking for something more compact you may like the Zero Breeze.

What do you think? Does the Artic Air Portable Air Conditioner work or not?

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