Does the Bell and Howell TacVisor Really Work?

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Does the Bell and Howell TacVisor Work?Bell and Howell is well known for manufacturing quality items that are extremely durable and extremely helpful. One new item they’ve come up with is a military inspired visor that works to block glare, without blocking your view. The Bell and Howell TacVisor allows you the safest view of the roadways by simply attaching it to your vehicles visor, and it works for both day and night.

The Bell and Howell TacVisor can make an amazing difference when you are driving, both day and night. During the day it truly reduces the blinding glare from the sun, and at night it really minimizes the effects you have visually from oncoming headlights, especially when people leave their high beams on. It really will help to give you a feeling of increased safety when you are driving.

The Claim
The claim of the Bell and Howell TacVisor is that by utilizing incredible light filtering technology, that has been inspired by the face shields worn by fighter pilots, you’ll be able to block glare, as well as enhance colors, to create a much greater and sharper field of vision. It is easily installed in any vehicle in seconds, and it is built to last.

The Hype
The hype with the Bell and Howell TacVisor is that it is based on technology is the same that fighter pilots use for their face shields and when you check out the video at the As Seen on TV website, you will be amazed of how much more you are able to see compared to not using this visor. In addition to giving you much better vision, it also helps to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays that you would be exposed to without any other protection.

The Cost
The cost for the Bell and Howell TacVisor can vary but is around $21.99.

The Commitment
The commitment of the Bell and Howell TacVisor is that by utilizing light filtering technology it will block excess glare and harmful UV rays. It will allow you to drive safer, both day and night, and because it is manufactured with heat resistant materials, you will not have to worry about warping and discoloration, as it is designed for prolonged usage and will remain an integral part of your vehicle for many years to come. If at any time you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back with no questions asked.

Bell and Howell already has an amazing reputation for providing quality goods that are built to last and can take a beating. For the price, the Bell and Howell TacVisor is well worth the money, if you can even avoid one single accident. Having peace-of-mind when you’re driving is essential to having a quality trip, and especially if you are driving long distances and at night, having a tool to help you increase your vision and reduce the amount of glare on your eyes is something that is well worth any dollar amount.

Final Bell and Howell TacVisor Review

After checking out the Bell and Howell TacVisor thoroughly and reading the online reviews, it seems many people are happy with how the visor works, but some have complained that the clip that attaches the visor has a tendency to break in some cases, but this has been the only complaint that we have seen online.

Our Recommendation

If you are looking for an alternative or something to compare the Bell and Howell TacVisor to you may want to check out Easy View.

What do you think? Does the Bell and Howell TacVisor work or not?

16 Customer Reviews on “Does the Bell and Howell TacVisor Really Work?

  1. If I could have given the stars a 0 I would have.
    Tac visor is a complete and total rip off! You will feel roped into a scam. It doesn’t work at all & the advertisement is NOT TRUE – do not believe this sham. You will be totally disappointed! Shame on you B & H. You’ve stooped to a new low!

  2. Do NOT waste your money on this product. When I tried to install it on my visor the plastic clip snapped in half, rendering it useless. Complete waste of money.

  3. I tried to clean the smudges off but did not use soft cloth; scratched it Bad enough that I quit using it within a week. I live On the ocean; sun on in my eyes heading out and in my eyes coming in truly needed assistance ☹️

  4. Worthless…plastic Tac Visor’s clip cracked and broke in less than a week of normal use!

  5. Any shaded plastic would do better. This product has a film added to it which normal coloured plexiglass would work far better, and would be quite cheap. Same with the glasses they also sell. Their whole product line is a scam.

  6. I’m getting a big run around dish razor does not work I had it for a week and I haven’t cut a whisker yet it just don’t cut hair only thing I got under water see if it works underwater but it does not work shave at all

  7. I really tried to give this product every opportunity to be a positive, but it’s just not. When I bought this Visor the ad showed a different clip that adjusted to the visor, but the one I received is what is showed now, the plastic clip …. It would not fit as direction showed without pointing the sharp edges down toward my head when closed… I tried putting it on the other side of the visor and got by for a while…wasn’t very effective, but …Now the clip has broken and it won’t stay on the visor at all…. This could possibly be a good product it they would have kept the original visor attachment… but the one they are sending now is useless…

  8. I bought one – cannot use because the dark side for daytime works like a mirror – all I see is myself not the road and the coating is bubbling. which led me to believe it might still have a removable film on it – Cannot remove it. I am afraid to try the night one for the same problem – works like a mirror. Did get the plastic coating off of that one. don’t waste your money

  9. Was really disappointed when I received this in the mail. First I though I was getting two daytime visors. I got a visor with daytime, & nighttime attached. Second it is too narrow to be of any value. Third , just looking at it and seeing the cheap way it was made…. I know its junk and will not last. Wish I could return it but the web site doesn’t say anything about returns.. Lot of hype, but nothing more than lies…..

  10. WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAP! Did not reduce glare from sun at all! Don’t waste your money

  11. I agree that the Tac Visor is worthless. The plastic gear wears very fast. This renders the up and down feature useless! Save your money and invested in a pair of good quality anti-glare sun glasses.

  12. Not worth three stars. Maybe 1.5 or 2 stars at best. The plastic gear that allows for the up and down motion is cheap and pure garbage. It lasted only 3 months or for the length of a summer. Certainly not worth the expense!
    I suggest you purchase a pair of good sun glasses; regular or flip.

  13. Total piece of garbage. Had it a month…clip broke, daytime lens curved badly. Also does very little to cut glare. Total waste of my money. I remember when the name Bell and Howell stood for something good…not anymore.

  14. It works by taking away glare but not all together. It would help better if I was 6 feet tall. Needs to be longer in length. Can’t give 10.

  15. I leave a one star as it doesn’t go any lower. I received two for a Christmas present and they are just on the other side of worthless. I called my son to ask about returning them and was told it would cost just as much to return and with all the jumping through hoops to get a refund it was not worth the trouble. Do not waste your money on these.

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