Do Barbell Clothes Really Work?

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Do Barbell Clothes Work?For those who have worked very hard to get themselves in shape which includes both genders, it can be really difficult to find clothing that really provides the perfect fit. For the muscle builder it can often mean having to buy clothes a size larger that just does not fit right in all the right places, for example. The solution comes in the Barbell Clothes.

Barbell Clothes is a new-ish clothing manufacturer that designs and makes clothing for the athletic among us who have completely different clothing needs than most of the population.

The Claim
The claim is that by using more flexible materials in the Barbell Clothes clothing line they have given the very chiseled among us the opportunity to wear stylish and fashionable clothing while still be able to accommodate the sculptured body style that many athletes possess.

The Hype
The hype surrounding the Barbell Clothes is realized by the massive KickStarter campaign that they engaged in to get the company up and running. Considered one of the most successful campaigns for a fashion related line in the history of Kickstarter ever the company took the ball and ran with it all the way to end zone!

The Cost
The prices for their broad range of Barbell Clothes differ from product to product of course with a standard pair of jeans hovering around the $149.00 mark. While this is certainly more than you would pay for a pair of Levi’s at Walmart they are much less expensive than many of the “designer” jeans on the market today and perform better than most of those when used in an athletic situation.

The Commitment
Barbell Clothes requires no more commitment than any other clothing items would require. Just be sure to follow all the label instructions with regard to settings and the like to ensure that your fit and finish remain the same wash after wash!

The main problem with regular cut apparel is that it tries to accommodate the largest section of the population possible. So, most jeans will be cut for an average body size and shape and most truly dedicated athletes do not fit into the average category when it comes to body size and shape. Hence the need for Barbell apparel! The denim that Barbell Clothes uses is a blend of regular denim and a denim that is stretchier than most. This gives the Barbell jeans the chance to move with the body rather than hinder your movement as most jeans do. The attention that Barbell places on the areas of the body that get much bigger when you work out regularly like the buttocks and the leg muscles, give the athlete the chance to wear a pair of jeans that actually fit his body correctly and without impediment. While anyone can wear Barbell apparel and will look awesome they really are designed for those who have built bodies and they are great for that purpose!

Final Barbell Clothes Review

If you want a very comfortable pair of jeans that you can look good in as well be able to toss around the ball with the kids or friends that actually move and stretch with the body then look no further than Barbell Apparel. Both women’s and men’s styles are available and both are designed with the athlete in mind. They look really good and are flexible enough that you never feel pinned down or feel trapped when wearing these Barbell clothes!

Our Recommendation
For anyone, male or female with an athletic build or for anyone who just wants a bit more flexibility in their jeans this is the brand for you! Barbell makes a solid line of apparel designed with the athlete in mind but that will work for anyone who wants both comfort and style in the clothing. Highly recommended for athletes and those who love to work on their bodies! If you are looking for clothes to shape your body then check these out.

What do you think? Does Barbell Clothes work or not?

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