Does the Sharper Image SmartPhone Photo Printer Really Work?

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Does the Sharper Image SmartPhone Photo Printer Work?Almost everyone loves taking pictures with their smartphones but printing them off can be a hassle. Now there is a great solution for this without having to depend on a computer or a WiFi connection. There is no doubt the Sharper Image SmartPhone Photo Printer would make somebody very happy were they to receive it as a gift.

The Sharper Image SmartPhone Photo Printer is an incredibly useful photo printer that allows the user to print their pictures taken by smartphone on a completely autonomous device requiring no computer or WiFi connection.

The Claim
The claim is that by using the Sharper Image SmartPhone Photo Printer you can print your pictures wherever and whenever you want them without the hassle of going to the store and printing or even using your computer and printer which can be exceptionally expensive with the cost of regular printer ink so high!

The Hype
The hype is mainly found in the fact that the Sharper Image SmartPhone Photo Printer is so small yet can offer complete picture freedom! I can think of nobody I know who does not have at least a few dozen pictures on their smartphone. The technology had allowed us to capture the most unique and intimate moments in our lives quickly and without investing a whole lot of money on cameras and accessories. Yet, unless you download those pictures onto your computer or make the occasional trip to the photo machine at Walmart they simply stay on the phone until they are deleted to allow for more storage space…and more pictures! Now, you can simply print the keepers right then and there (or when you get home…that is okay too!) and delete the rest!

The Cost
The cost of the Sharper Image Smart Phone Photo Printer is an exceptionally reasonable $149.99. We are sure that there are others that are similar and maybe even lower in price at the major retailers but we really, really like this one in particular for the things it does and how it does them!

The Commitment
Other than replacing the required color ribbon at the appropriate intervals and making sure that you have the proper photo paper there is very little required in the way of commitment. You do not even need a computer to operate this unit as it generates its own WiFi Signal and can connect autonomously making it even cooler!

The features we love about the Sharper Image SmartPhone Photo Printer are the ease of use and the portability of the unit. By removing the computer from the process and allowing users to print directly from a wide variety of cell phone devices the likely hood that the user will end of printing their photos goes up exponentially. Parents and Grandparents will absolutely love the fact that they can know print those awesome pics from the day at the beach or the vacation easily and hassle free and will even make them more inclined to do so and share the photos in the way photos were meant to be shared! The unit is very easy to use, simple load the color cartridge and make sure that the paper is installed correctly and then use the included app to crop and edit your photos and then simply hit print! All there is to it! The app lets you perform a variety of edits and you can even design photo collages and calendars that can be printed in seconds! A great idea and execution by Sharper Image!

Final Sharper Image SmartPhone Photo Printer Review

With Christmas just around the corner and everyone taking pictures with their respective devices the opportunity to get some awesome photos is upon us and the Sharper Image SmartPhone Photo Printer is a great way to print and catalog those events for all to see. Moms and Dads will love this device and the kids will be fighting over who gets to use it next! A great buy for the money and a great idea and product overall!

Our Recommendation
Highly recommended for both the great quality of the Sharper Image SmartPhone Photo Printer and for the awesome features that it incorporates! Sure to be a big hit for anyone who receives one for Christmas (or for any other day for that matter!) Certainly one of the best products of the Christmas Season! If you are looking for some great storage solutions for your images be sure to check out the Storage chest.

What do you think? Does the Sharper Image SmartPhone Photo Printer work or not?

5 Customer Reviews on “Does the Sharper Image SmartPhone Photo Printer Really Work?

  1. The printer will not work with iPhone 13 pro max. It does not allow you to add the iPhone 13 pro max. It only lets you choose IPhone 12.

  2. When I first got one of these printer was back in 2019 and I loved it but just before The warranty was up it stopped working. Since then I have been sent 3 printers and all of them haven’t worked and had to send back this time I am just getting my money back and hope to fine something else

  3. Got the SI 4×6 printer for Christmas. Immediately began developing pictures and was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the prints. Even when I made a copy of another picture and was notified it may not be as clear as an original, I was happy with the results.

  4. This is junk from the box!! Color ribbon rolled up and got tangled so tried a new cartridge…same thing! Would not recommend this to anyone! Waste of not so cheap money!

  5. This printer is awful!! Prints are blurry!! There are lines going through the pictures! It is a terrible waist of money as the prints are worthless!!
    Very very disappointed and would not recommend it to anyone!!
    Need to work on this product SI!!
    Linda Cunningham

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