Does Body Beast Really Work?

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Does Body Beast work?Body Beast promises you can go from scrawny to brawny in 90 days. This would be welcome news for any guy that’s struggled to put on the muscle, and always seems to get lean and toned instead of big and muscular. But can this workout finally provide you with the key to getting the body that’s managed to elude you thus far?

Most workout programs out there focus on a combination of weight loss and muscle building. This is because the majority of people want to go from fat to fit. But if your goal is to put on pounds of solid muscle, you will be ill-served by following a workout program that is designed for fat loss and building lean muscle as a side benefit. Like they always do, Beachbody has uncovered a void in the market and has produced a program that caters to those that would’t be completely satisfied by just getting fit, they want to get freakishly strong.

The Claim
Body Beast claims that you can put on 10 pounds of muscle mass in just 90 days. If you’ve had trouble putting on muscle, 10 pounds of muscle will be huge for you. They also say that this was developed by Sagi Kalev, Mr. Israel back in the day. A quick Google Image search will show you the kind of physique this guy has, and should give him enough credibility to listen to what he has to say if you are aiming for a similar body for yourself.

The Hype
The Beachbody company is a master at developing and promoting their programs, and they have a turnkey system that seems to get the job done for whatever they end up creating. This seems to be the latest product off the assembly line, and it is currently going through its boom phase. The hype comes from the long line of successful programs they’ve already created, so the assumption is they’ve got it right again.

The Cost
Body Beast comes in three different formats. You can get the basic kit for $90 which includes free shipping. You can upgrade to the next level for a total cost of $216, or go all out with the deluxe version for $275 delivered to your door. They have a comparison chart to help you decide which one you want to go with, and they break all packages down into 3 monthly payments so you’re not required to pay it all at once. And all of them are covered by a 90 day guarantee, so you can evaluate the entire program before deciding to keep it.

The Commitment
Oh boy, if you want to talk about commitment, you’re definitely going to need it. This is bodybuilding, not just a fitness program, so you’re going to be lifting heavy weights and be expected to lift more than you think you can. If you want to see the best results you’re going to have to push your muscles to the point of fatigue, and keep doing that again and again over the 90 day program. This is in contrast to a fat-burning, cardio-based program where you can just stop when you get too tired or feel like you’ve done enough.

The first thing you’ll notice about Body Beast is that it doesn’t look like any other at-home training DVD you’ve seen before. It’s definitely not for the masses, and it is geared towards those that want to bulk up and get big, noticeable muscles. This requires an entirely different approach, a bodybuilding approach and not so much a fitness program. This means that it cuts out a lot of the fluff and gets right into the lifting and what you’ll need to do to get the muscle you want.

If you’re overweight and are looking for a program to help you lose the fat, this isn’t for you. You should try one of their other programs like Power 90 or even 10 Minute Trainer to lose the weight first, and get some lean muscle going on. If you want to get bigger muscles after that you can go with this and start packing them on. The emphasis here is not on fat loss, but muscle gain, which is totally different.

Final Body Beast Review

Body Beast is getting our Thumbs Up based on the number of successful products already launched by the Beachbody squad. You know you’re going to get a lot of value for the dollar, and you also know that if you put in the time and the effort that they’ve developed a program that produces results. You just have to plug yourself into their system. The research and development is there, the products are all in place, and it’s all mapped out for you. It just requires a little faith to get behind it and give it your all, like an “all in” in Texas Hold ’em.

Our Recommendation
We recommending pulling the trigger on this one if you’ve always wanted to bulk up, but didn’t quite no how and always wanted a blueprint for how to do it. A lot of guys out there just end up with a hodge-podge of lifts they think they should be doing, and a bunch of different products they’ve purchased to help bulk up, but then they spend months working at it and get nowhere. This could be the better way that you always knew existed, but didn’t know where to find it.

What do you think? Does Body Beast work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does Body Beast Really Work?

  1. Before you knock it you should try it. The program is incredibly tough. I am a professional mma fighter and I can say it is definitely possible to gain 10 pounds of muscle in 90 days with this. I have personally done the entire program. This program kicks your ass every day and if you have the drive to lift as heavy as you can the entire time it does wonders.

  2. Remember that these programs are designed for people who have never had professional training. This is like having a trainer on your TV, every day. 2-3 pounds of LBM per month is not impossible, or even difficult. After the first year or so of serious training, these numbers will down trend. But to the audience that this program is intended for, 10 pounds of lean body mass in 3 months means you need to work harder, eat better, or rest more!

  3. Have you seen the guys in the videos promoting this system? They are without a doubt, one hundred percent using steroids or human growth hormone. 10 pounds of lean muscle in 90 days is an incredibly bold claim. 10 pound of mass in 90 days is tough enough, but 10 pounds of LEAN MUSCLE? Seriously, you cannot believe these claims. They use incredible athletes who have clearly been training for years and using steroids along the way to make you think that it must work. But the human body just doesn’t work this way. That is why body builders use steroids. They have to, because the body dies not naturally carry that much muscle. These programmes are scams, in my opinion.

  4. Finally a product for someone like me! I don’t need to lose weight, I need to put on some and I’ve been looking for a system with a good reputation. The guy in the picture, that’s the body I want hahaha~ 10 pounds of muscle in only 90 days! I can’t wait to try this thing out.

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