Does Modera XL Really Work?

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Does Modera XL work?Modera XL is a supplement that is designed to help repair the neurological damage that is done when you use an addictive substance. The thought is that when you get your brain’s neurotransmitters back to a healthy state, your cravings should subside and it won’t have its hold on you anymore. It is an interesting theory, so we looked into it further to see how it is holding up in the real world, when real people try it out.

If you’ve been trying to kick an addiction such as smoking or drinking, you have probably noticed that quitting cold turkey results in a lot of intense cravings. This is because you are conditioned to want what it is you’re trying to stop yourself from having. This makes the brain and the body revolt against your new wishes. It can get so bad that you find yourself driven to have another drink, or another cigarette, or whatever it is you are trying to give up.

The Claim
Modera XL says that it is able to balance your brain chemistry, and that it is clinically proven to work. They say it does this by replenishing the vitamins and nutrients that you’ve lost while being addicted to the substance in question. They go on to say that it has been tested and shown to positively support your system while it battles the withdrawal symptoms and cravings. They also say that it is not hard to use, all you have to do is pour the mixture into a glass of water and drink it down.

The Hype
There is a little bit of hype to this when it says that it can help you quit smoking or quit drinking alcohol, but there is a lot more hype placed on it when it makes the claim of being able to help you with a drug addiction. Nicotine and alcohol are hard enough to kick, but you can wrap your mind around an all-natural product like this being able to help you with the cravings. However, harder drugs are notorious at being hard to break free of, often bringing with them withdrawal symptoms that require hospitalization, and psychological problems that require a therapist.

The Cost
A 30 day supply of Modera XL is $90 including shipping. This includes 60 packets and you take one packet twice daily. They give you a 90 day money back guarantee, so they’re pretty confident that this will help you, and that you will be happy enough to keep it. When you consider that your addiction is probably costing you far more than this each month, it not only makes sense for your health, but also for your finances. Also, take into consideration that this is not something you have to take indefinitely, and once you are past your addiction, you can wean yourself off of this as well.

The Commitment
You have to commit to quitting for the long-term, especially if you’ve been smoking, drinking, or using drugs for a long time. This shouldn’t be thought of as something that you can just decide to do over the weekend. If this works the way it says it does, this should help maximize your efforts, and make it easier for you to get over the hump. When you compare this to going cold turkey, or using some other herbal remedy to help with your cravings, it is pretty easy to take, and is only a twice a day ritual, so it’s not something that will trip you up too much.

If you take the 90 day challenge with Modera XL it will run you $270 but you’ll be covered the entire time by their guarantee. There are only a few ways this can go: You’ll either feel way better after 90 days and you’ll consider it money well spent, or you’ll be a total disaster after 90 days and want your money back, or you’ll be somewhere in between and be able to make an informed decision as to whether you want to stay on with it or not. With something as subjective as being addicted, getting reviews from individual users won’t give you much insight into the effectiveness of this.

Final Modera XL Review

Modera XL is an interesting premise, and we’re giving it a Try rating. The thought of helping your brain recover from being addicted to either cigarettes, booze, or drugs is something that is not really brought up by other products. It’s the pathways in your brain that have gotten you into this habit, and it is those same neural grooves that are keeping you in the pattern that you’re trying to break free of. If this can help feed your brain back to health and repair the damage, then you should see less cravings and have an easier time with quitting.

Our Recommendation
If you feel like you need some assistance with your quitting efforts, then you definitely want to get some. This can come in the form of all-natural products like this one, or you might want to enlist the help of your doctor or a therapist trained in helping people end their addictions. If you don’t want to make a big deal out of it, and just want to give some help to your cold turkey efforts, this would be a good way to get some nutrients into your system, and the saying “it couldn’t hurt” seems to apply here.

What do you think? Does Modera XL work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does Modera XL Really Work?

  1. He is a fraudulent salesman that prays on the suffering of addicts. Save your money

  2. I’ve been smoking since the age of 17 and now I’m well in my 30’s so I think that would safely classify me as an addict. I never saw the point of nicotine replacement therapy like nicotine gums and patches because people get hooked to those things just as easily as the cigarettes. I have a friend who quit smoking with nicotine gum but now he’s addicted to the gum. Besides, nicotine gum didn’t even help much with the craving anyways. Instead of trying to replace the nicotine consumption, modera xl repairs neurological system, it sounds good but who knows if it works in real life. I’d end up saving more money if I can quit though, so the cost might be a little steep but it’s worth a try.

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