Does BodyRock Really Work?

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Does BodyRock work?BodyRock is a series of workouts provided for free, all online, that you can perform from anywhere and in a short amount of time. Sounds great, but like any fitness routine out there the big question is can you really get results from it?

Most of the time fitness gurus have to spend a lot of effort just to convince you that their workout program is worth buying. Here they’ve sort of turned the equation on its head and give you the workouts for free so you can just hit play and see whether it’s your cup of tea or not. But before most people do that they want to know whether it’s worth the time spent or not.

The Claim
The BodyRock claim to fame is that they’re providing high caliber videos that you’d normally have to pay for, but for free. There is a wide variety of workouts you can perform, for every single different part of the body. They also give advice and tips on what food to eat, including recipes for particular meals that you can make at home and combine with your training.

The Hype
There are plenty of followers behind this program now. Their videos have received upwards of a billion views at this point, and there is a strong group of supporters that already preach about its effectiveness. That’s why it’s important to realize that yes, it can work since it has for others, but everyone is different and has their own path towards their own ideal body structure.

The Cost
This is the best part about BodyRock, it doesn’t cost anything to use it so you can get started today, right now, and you can use it whenever you want for as long as you want. You aren’t even required to sign up, they lay everything out openly for all visitors. They just want visitors to their site, which is ad supported. This is a classic case of giving quality content and supporting that content with advertisements.

The Commitment
These workouts are pretty intense, so as long as you stick with them you’re going to see results. It might not make you look like the fitness models in the videos, but that shouldn’t be your main goal. What you really want to is to be the best version of yourself possible. When you stop going for an extreme ideal and start focusing on you, you’ll see a shift in how you treat yourself and you’ll start being happier with the results you get.

The BodyRock workouts are set up so that they’re relatively easy to follow. They typically include a prep video that shows you how to get ready for the coming workout, plus an example video showing you exactly what you should be doing and the proper form. They also provide a breakdown of what you’ll be doing so you can read what the entire workout entails and refer to it as you go along until it becomes automatic.

They have a spin-off program called The Daily HIIT, which provides you with a new High Intensity Interval Training video each day so you don’t hit a plateau and you don’t get bored. These workouts are meant to be short in duration. The name basically explains the premise, you work out at a high intensity, and in intervals. It’s supposed to burn lots of calories not just in the moment that you’re doing it, but for hours afterwards and into the next day.

Final BodyRock Review

The BodyRock videos are getting our Thumbs Up rating, they’re just too good not to work as long as you put them to use. Some users might have a disconnect, because when things are free there’s a tendency not to put value to them. But these videos lack nothing in regards to effectiveness, so it just matters whether or not you perform them and reap the benefits.

Some people need to put some money into something before they can build up the motivation to stick with it. If you’re one of those people you might have a disconnect here because you’re following videos that you didn’t have to pay for. You might tend to devalue the workouts that are presented to you because you didn’t make 4 easy payments of $30, and they didn’t come on flashy DVDs with glossy eating guides. If you can break away from that line of thinking and understand that you’re getting high quality training guides at the push of a button, you should be able to get results with this.

Our Recommendation
No matter whether you’re a frequent traveler, or want something that you can perform from home in just a short period of time each day, this can provide it. Combine this with proper eating, and you’re on your way to your ideal weight.

What do you think? Does BodyRock work or not?

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