Will Brainetics Give You a Mega Memory?

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brainetics reviewMath is a subject that is used in almost all walks of life in today’s climate from complex algebra used by scientists to builders on construction sites and Brainetics is a tool designed to help with anyone looking to improve their math skills.

Brainetics is a math tutorial program that is designed to build the users confidence in using math. It can be used by people as young as 9 as well as by senior citizens that are looking to keep the brain active.

The Claim
Brainetics official website claims that their product will help to “Develop a mega memory” and aid the user to “master amazing math feats”. While the majority of people use math in their day to day work or school life, they mainly use simple or basic math. Brainetics theory is that the program can build on each individual’s confidence in math and lead them to a greater knowledge which will undoubtedly be of use.

Brainetics is advertised as the means to “unlock you learning potential” which will be invaluable when it comes to trying to find a job.

Brainetics very clearly and proudly states that the age range of their product is from 9-90. It will help young children gain better grades in high school and set them up well for college and the world of work ahead. It can also be used as an aid for further learning to college students if they were less able to perform in math during their prior learning.

Those people that are already working and perhaps need a boost in their confidence around math can also gain huge benefits from the Brainetics training program and it can lead to a better future with a promotion or a greater job. Senior citizens that have taken retirement are also fans of Brainetics as it is a great way to keep the brain stimulated.

The Cost
The Brainetics package includes 5 DVD’s, a parent’s manual, a playbook and a set of flash cards and playing cards. For the complete set, the price is $149.99 including shipping. Brainetics also offer a 30-day trial which is priced at $14.95 after which the full price will then be a further $149.99 making the total price $164.94 but gives you the added option and ability to try before you buy.

The Commitment
Once Brainetics is purchased, you can learn in the comfort of you own home and at a pace that suits you. There are no mandatory tests to be done but the advantages will be clearly seen when it comes to a math problem that would have previously left you stumped. You can even record the content onto personal music players and learn on the move.

Whatever way you choose to learn, Brainetics is far more convenient and requires a whole lot less investment in time and money than it would to attend a full college semester or an evening math class.

Brainetics digs in to the roots of math and gives the user a deep understanding of equations and algebra. The tutorials will stimulate two parts of the brain simultaneously to help the learner pick up new facts and information while also training the memory so that these facts are not forgotten.

It is perhaps one of the most fun ways in which you can learn further math and is extremely flexible. The course can be done from anywhere with a computer and at any time of the day. You can also introduce competition into the leaning process by competing in the fun tests using the flash cards with your friends, family, or colleagues.

Our Final Review of Brainetics

It is hard to find any bad reviews about Brainetics. Having the ability to enhance your personal skills and boost your career is a great advertisement for a product and all users have commented that it propelled them to greater heights. For those that are already extremely proficient in math, this may not be a product for you, but for the majority of people that are not math wizards, this product will make a difference.

Our Recommendation
Brainetics is quite pricey so it is advised to take advantage of the 30 day trial before purchasing the full works. This will give you a taste of what the course is about and the structure. As for users, those that may be stuck in a dead end job or falling behind at school or college, Brainetics does work and should be invested in. Promotion and pay raise is not guaranteed with Brainetics but it will give you the best possible chance.

What Do You Think? Does Brainetics Really Work?

14 Customer Reviews on “Will Brainetics Give You a Mega Memory?

  1. I have read just about all of the comments. Other than the teacher, I have not had the opportunity to read reviews from parents and people who have purchased this product. I want to see a review from someone like me who although does average with a tutor and can then pass a test a month later remembers nothing. I am looking for examples such as my child was having so much trouble or … but after using this product my child was this much better and he or she can … Also where are the reviews from people who have used it and it did not help them. I would like to know why they thought it was not a good product. All I am seeing are reviews in other places of people who have not used this product and say that its not worth it. Now one can really know for sure unless they have personally used it themselves. I would love to see someone writing in saying wow my memory is about as good as a flat tire and this product took me from a to z in a month.

  2. I understand what some of you are saying about free youtube videos. But some many not have the time or experience to dig these or other free help from the internet. I get buried myself in all the google results.

    Brainetics is not any different in cost/benefit than the exercise programs that are sold. It takes a certain experience, knowledge, and flexibility to give non-standard explanations about problems. The author of Brainetics has apparently done the internet searching and condensed – distilled his acquired knowledge into this program. How much would a tutor cost for your child? Would a tutor go over the problem or subject multiple times without charging for the time?

    I am in New York state, where teachers have to be certified by the state by testing and education at ‘ teaching colleges ‘, where the skill of teaching is not being taught. But the ‘ bookkeeping ‘ i.e. record keeping, of teaching. Some people are natural teachers, others could not teach rabbits how to multiply.

    Some may find the price prohibitive, but how many secondary books will it take to find an approach that you or your child can understand. I am a self-taught computer tech and have spent $50 on one book to successfully comprehend certain concepts. I have also taught computer basics to adults – and have had to come up with wild but simplistic explanations for some ideas that are needed to continue the classes.

    Additionally, the Brainetics program does not have to be purchased from them at the web page. I have found it on Amazon for about half the price. I did not check the price on ebay. There are many sources of used or nearly new educational materials. On occasion I have even found such programs at yard sales and such.

    Bottom line — if it works, isn’t it worth the minimal cost?

  3. Barb: Indeed, a GOOD teacher would be preferred. However, far too many schools grab the onlt math teacher available. Rarely does a parent have a choice of teachers. Quality suffers and so does the student. Seeking alternative methods to address a math learning deficiency is probably good parenting.

  4. Can anyone give me a link to these types of utube or free download sites so I can compare Brainetics to the free versions or the free tutorials on utube. Ta

  5. I have very mixed feelings about Brainetics. A friend of my purchased this product to help his daughters have a better attitude towards math. Because I teach math in a jail setting, I was very curious about Brainetics. I sat in on a couple of sessions that the girls were viewing and I wasn’t overly impressed. I think that the company does a good job in explaining different math concepts, but I feel that a good teacher will do the same. When I teach division, fractions, how to solve for “x”, etc., I always teach it a couple of different ways and tell the students to use whichever method makes the most sense to them.

  6. I completely agree with you Phyllis! Math has always been my weakest subject. It seemed not matter how well the instructor tried to teach I was never really able to comprehend anything past Algebra. Science on the other hand was something I was not bad at but it was definitely something I really wasn’t interested in the long run. With that being said I really did benefit from years of having a tutor and watching videos I found off of YouTube. I remember seeing an ad for this years ago and it looked like it would be very helpful. But if I can get the same help from YouTube or a tutor what’s the point?

  7. You’ve hit the nail right on the head. I purchased this for my 5th grade class I teach. It is a pricey program when you consider that most kids and parents could find several reputable free or low cost learning resources online. But because I have a class of 30+ kids, using this system when we break into smaller groups has proven to be very effective. It really is an improved method to learning math, evolved from many of the latest learning trends and needs that kids now face versus when you and I were sitting in class. It’s a great improvement but is a bit out of park in terms of practical affordability for most families. The only caveat I have is if you have more than 2 – 3 kids who are within 5 years of each other, then this might actually be a great deal. Get the most use out of it. And certainly take advantage of the low cost trial.

  8. I Saw Brainetics’ television advertisement about a month ago. We didn’t buy it, but I do have something to say about it. When we saw the commercial, my husband and I said ‘first time I have seen such a product in years’. I Remember my parents scribbling tax numbers and other calculations using “long math” and my mother scribbling market and fabric yardage in the paper margins using “quick-math”. Same concept for brainetics. In fact google books has loads of 1600’s-1900’s public domain science history-math text publications of primary school education that comprise “quick-math”/”science math” and it’s free. Brainetics is not a rip-off, not overrated, not ‘new’ mathematics, not cheater’s mathematics, Brainetics seems to offer a pretty good program. The shock/scam on-line evaluations of Brainetics seem groundless. So of course there are plenty of ranting, crazy, distrustful, self-proclaimed nonuser naysayers. Quick-math is aged as soil itself. I won’t spend my money on it, but I think it’s probably a reasonable deal for someone who wants an organized and classic way to improve upon their math.

  9. Yes I have to agree with the Ed. Sorry but I stunk at math and loved sciences so needless to say I had my cousin Phil a mathematician tutor me and I do recognize this as he says tricks. They are useful but yes they can be downloaded or watched on YouTube free. This is just another way to rip off parents who think their kid will be the next Einstein on steroid; personally I would pass. The free help you can get is just as valuable.

  10. seems to me they need to make an English version of this and YOU need to buy it

  11. its a rip off. Watch the ads. The so called memory tricks are basic psychological principles, like groping into sets of three. Anyone who has a little practice in grouping memory content can remember 4 sets of 3 letters/numbers (seriously its on the ad. Watch it)

    As for the amazing math, its teaching tge kids a bunch of math tricks. Ok they are useful. They are also free if you google, download an app or grab a math puzzle. Here one for free: if the number ours near 100 and needs to be squared, take 100 from it, add that to the original. Then add two zeros and add the square of the original number minus 100. (108^2= 108+8>116>11600+64>11664. 95^2= 95+(-5)>90>9000+25>9025)

    Try google, a friend who’s a math nerd, get an app, read a book from the library. I never spent a cent on that sort of thing and I can outpace all of those kids with ease. Its a rip off

  12. Wow! That’s expensive!
    I don’t know anyone that has tried this, but can’t say many people are going to either at that price…
    Most people have now got games consoles that have very similar games available for them.
    Failing that i have an iPad for my daughter with some great apps installed and she loves it and is learning loads from it.
    I’d consider other options if you’re thinking about something like this.

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