Do Bright Feet Slippers Really Work?

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Do Bright Feet slippers work?Bright Feet slippers have lights in the bottom that allow you to see when you get up at night to go to the bathroom or for a late nite snack. They seem to be a good concept, but how well do they work when put to the test in the real world?

There are plenty of products trying to be your go-to light at night. There are lights you wear on your head, lights that you can stick wherever you need them, as well as motion-activated lights that only light up when you need them. These slippers take into consideration that most of the things you’re trying to avoid will be located on the floor, and that you mostly need the path before you lit up.

The Claim
The makers of Bright Feet slippers claim in their patent that they are putting together different technologies into one shoe, which had never been done before. They’re saying that with their show you’re getting a light that only comes on when you put your foot in, only comes in when it’s dark, and gradually fades off when you take your feet out. They say that you won’t wake up the family as you get up at night, and that you can move about the house without having to turn on any lights.

They say that it will illuminate the area in front of you, up to 25 feet. They’re also supposed to be well made, with durable materials on the bottom of the shoe, and soft and comfortable materials on the parts that come into contact with your feet.

The Appeal
There’s an infomercial for these slippers that does a really good job of showing its different features and sells it pretty well. If used as shown it really could be a good answer for those that have to get up in the middle of the night, either to check on the little ones, or to go to the bathroom, and don’t want to disturb the rest of the household.

The Cost
Bright Feet slippers are $20, and with basic shipping comes to $31. This might be pricier than a typical pair of slippers, but at the same time you have to consider that these are killing two birds with one stone and are potentially solving a common problem.

The Commitment
You most likely have a method for lighting things up when you get up at night, and this is supposed to make the process easier on you and your family members. It’s a very individualistic light in that it only lights up what is needed for the person that’s up, so when used in some situations it’s very considerate.

Even though the concept for Bright Feet slippers is patented, it does’t mean they’re going to be able to execute it correctly during the manufacturing process. Users have described problems with the functioning of the slippers, such as the light not turning on when you step into them, the light not turning off when you step out of them, and the light not turning off when there’s light in the room. There’s also an issue with the size of the slippers, with many saying that they run too wide, and some saying that even though they are wide they still fit well enough to work.

At the same time there are many users that say they work just as depicted and are really happy with the performance and sizing. Just be sure to use their sizing chart so that you get the size that is closest to your shoe size.

Final Bright Feet Review

We’re giving Bright Feet the Solid Try rating, since there are enough people that say they work well, and the number of people that have experienced problems with them seems low in comparison. The idea is a good one, with it providing light right where you need it, and putting it in a slipper, which most living in colder climates can appreciate.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve been looking for a way to light up the darkness without turning on the main lights, and without fumbling with your cell phone or a flashlight, or resorting to nightlights, these may be a good solution.

What do you think? Do Bright Feet slippers work or not?

209 Customer Reviews on “Do Bright Feet Slippers Really Work?

  1. My friend and I are making a new Invention of the slippers, that is going to be waterproof and, you can change the lights when the lights get dim. So is there any other ideas we can do?

  2. Love them! They do work well. They light my path at night so no stumbling around. Mine are getting dim. How do I change the battery or do I have to buy another pair?

  3. Haha Jennifer…yeah I think I’d feel a little silly wearing them too. I could see them being a good idea for kids…I feel like my daughter needs something like this more than I do considering she sometimes goes to bed with toys still out, and then when she wakes up to use the bathroom at night, she trips on them. As for me, I’m used to my house enough that I can just head straight to the bathroom or kitchen without needing to turn on a light and wake up my husband. They would be good for overnight guests, though, since they’re not used to the layout of the house. We occasionally have family stay over, and it would be nice to be able to give them these slippers to use instead of having to remember to plug in a nightlight for them.

  4. Yeah, but I don’t think I could get over the geek factor of wearing these. 🙂 So, did you end up buying them? I’m curious to know how long they work before the light breaks. Also, I wonder if they are washable. Anyway, these do seem a bit faddish to me. I’m thinking a simple, small flashlight on the nightstand could serve the same purpose, while also being cheaper and lasting longer. The price, especially considering the hefty shipping, seems like a lot for what you get. I guess we do have to give credit to the people who think all these inventions up, though.

  5. Haha~ I like the idea of this slipper. I pee at least once overnight and this has been a problem for my girlfriend from day one when she moved in. I fumble around trying to turn on the lamp, she wakes up, and snaps at me lol. I’m going to look silly in these, but at least I won’t be fighting my girl anymore. It’ll be fine as long as my dog doesn’t chew it all up.

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