Does JNL Fusion Really Work?

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Does JNL Fusion work?Body FX by JNL Fusion is a workout program featuring Jennifer Nicole Lee that promises you to get into swimsuit shape in just 60 days. If you’ve always wanted to have the type of body that fitness models have, but didn’t know where to start this may be the answer. But what are users saying about it?

Most women want to know if this is a program that is going to be as intense as the extreme workout systems you see on TV, like Insanity, P90X, and others. From what we’re seeing this program will definitely get your heart rate up, and you’ll be feeling it once you complete one of the workouts. The nice thing is that unlike a program that is targeted towards the fellas, this is one that us ladies can use in order to get a womanly figure, and not a manly one.

The Claim
JNL Fusion claims that in two month’s time you could have the body of a fitness model. While that might not be the goal of everyone that tries it, it’s still an ideal that most of us can relate to, and even if we came close to it it would be time well spent. They claim that their 14 day rapid makeover bonus will have you looking your best in two weeks time. They suggest using it during the final two weeks of the program so you can look as good as you can for your “after” photos. Those that have an upcoming wedding or other big event might want to use it for that.

The Hype
The hype is that this is Jennifer Nicole Lee that is taking you through the workouts and telling you what needs to be done in order to get the results you need. Obviously if you’re trying to look like a bikini model it’s good to get advice from one, but at the same time the unspoken promise is that if you follow these steps you’ll start to look like Jennifer herself. As long as you go into this knowing that it’s highly likely you won’t get exactly that type of body, you should be fine.

The Cost
The total cost of the JNL Fusion program is $140 delivered to your door. They break it up into three payments of $40 with the $20 shipping charge added to the first payment. This is on par with other fitness programs of this type, and includes most everything you’ll need, but you’ll have to factor in the cost of a pair of dumbbells or resistance bands to perform the strength training.

The Commitment
To give this a fair evaluation you’d want to stick with it for the 60 days that they recommend, but you’d also want to follow it as religiously as possible. Since they map out exactly what you need to do on any given day, as well as lay out what sort of foods you should be eating, it’s a matter of plugging into their system and making sure to show up every day.

The JNL Fusion workout program could be considered a form of cross training, and cross training has been shown to provide fast results because it combines cardio training and strength training together. Essentially what she does is gets your heart rate up by inserting cardio between weight lifting sets so that you’re burning calories and toning muscles in one workout. The added muscle then speeds up your metabolism, which in turn causes you to lose weight, and the end result is you look slimmer and more toned, and you do it all more quickly than with other approaches to fitness and weight loss.

When you consider that this has 12 videos that cover all of the bases, and includes a DVD that takes you through a 10 minute total body workout on days when you can’t justify spending more time working out, it’s a pretty comprehensive package. The bonuses really do put it over the top as far as setting you up with a step-by-step system that you can follow the day you get it. The meal guide that is included makes it so you even know what you should be eating, and what not to eat, while you’re doing the program so you can see the best results.

It’s also nice that they have it broken down into beginner, intermediate, and advanced, so you can continue to use it as you develop.

Final JNL Fusion Review

Overall we really like the JNL Fusion system and are giving it our Thumbs Up rating. It’s hard to argue that a prize-winning bikini model couldn’t show you how she does it. In a male-dominated market it’s nice to see a fitness product that is tailored to women, and addresses the areas that we’re most concerned about. It’s also good to get an eating guide that is designed for women, and to be able to do strength training but in a way that won’t bulk you up and will give you the lean look that’s prevalent in many magazines.

Our Recommendation
This is a solid purchase for a few reasons. The biggest of which is the fact that you’re spending time on each of the areas that need the most attention, and it all works together to address the entire body. To back it all up there’s a money-back guarantee that’s good for 60 days, which coincidentally or not is how long it should take you to get through the program. This means that you can try it out for nearly the entire time and then decide if the results you’re getting warrant keeping it or not.

Official Website: JNL Fusion

What do you think? Does JNL Fusion work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does JNL Fusion Really Work?

  1. I bought the JNL Fusion and I started it this week. I am very impressed with it so far.
    I had tried the P90X and did not care for his whiny voice or the exercises. Next I did the Insanity program and made that 45 days until I had a groin injury from hockey. It seemed way to repetitious and I had a hard time getting back into it. Shaun T is a great motivator, but I just was not feeling it.
    Not I have the JNL and I am digging the workouts. This is one that my ADHD brain can stick with and I am looking forward to it. I actually want to go home and do it again. (I do my workouts at 5:00 am)
    Now the Bad:
    The only thing I can’t stand is her silly phrases that she repeats over and over and over and that
    dumbass wild Willy. What the hell is he saying? I can’t read lips….say something you idiot.

  2. $140 for a comprehensive work out program is not bad at all. I already have dumbbells and three resistance bands from previous workout packages, so I got that covered too. I want to lose weight fast and I don’t mean like I want to do it with pills or some bs like that. I’m willing to work out hours every day, as long as I’m able to lose tons of weight and put on some impressive amount of muscle. If jnl fusion doesn’t work I’m going to slap this Jennifer woman silly.

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