Does the Brookstone Anti Snore Pillow Really Work?

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Does the Brookstone Anti Snore Pillow work?The Brookstone Anti Snore Pillow says that it is the one item you need to drastically reduce the amount of snoring you do, and smooth things over with your partner, too. We’d all love a quick fix to a loud snoring problem, but can this pillow really be all that you need for a quiet and restful night’s sleep?

Many of us suffer from snoring, and it can be hard to find a solution that provides consistent and convenient results. There are a ton of products out there to help stop snoring, ranging from pillows, to mouthpieces, and even straps that you wear on your head that keep your chin held up. The big task then is to figure out which method sounds the best to you, and give it a shot, because there’s no way to know whether an anti-snoring technique will work for you or not until you try it out firsthand and see what results you get.

The Claim
Brookstone anti snore pillow does a good job at making a case for itself. My saying what it’s not, it says what it is. It says you don’t need any extra accessories with this, so you won’t be having to wear a chinstrap or a mouthpiece in order to stop snoring, you just sleep on a pillow the way you normally would. If you’re used to sleeping on your back, you can, you don’t have to learn to sleep on your side.

They claim that it’s been clinically tested to work, and that it is the design of the pillow that contains all of the magic. It’s made so that your head and neck get the support they need, but it also puts your chin in the right place so that your airway remains open more. It’s customizable too, just remove or add the inner support pads until you find the right fit.

The Hype
If this really lets you forget about wearing an uncomfortable piece of headgear, or a mouthpiece that causes you to slobber all over your pillow, it would be pretty amazing.

The Cost
The Brookstone anti snore pillow is $60, which puts it at about the same price as many anti-snoring devices out there.

The Commitment
This is where they make one of their biggest selling points. By simply requiring you to change out your old pillow with this one, they’ve effectively reduced your commitment level to zero. By not having to remember to put your mouthpiece in, or put on your chinstrap, you simply go about your normal business.

The Brookstone anti snore pillow gets mixed reviews, with most people saying it doesn’t work and is a waste of money. Basically, if you’re manufacturing and selling a pillow that should stop snoring, you are put through a pretty accurate litmus test. Either a user stops snoring, or they don’t. In this case people are reporting that they are still snoring, and doing so with the same voracity as they did before using the pillow.

So Close!
A snoring pillow is the way to go because it lets you simply focus on getting to sleep, rather than adjusting to a mouthpiece, or having to wear any sort of apparatus on your head or face. It makes sense that one day a pillow will be created that does the trick and works the same for everyone. This model is not it, apparently, and you’ve got a fifty fifty chance of loving or hating it.

Final Brookstone Anti Snore Pillow Review

You are best of taking a pass on the Brookstone Anti Snore Pillow because at this price point there are other anti-snoring solutions that get better reviews, and while they might not be as convenient, you have to trade convenience for effectiveness if you want real results.

Our Recommendation
When it comes to stopping your snoring, you should only need one product. It shouldn’t require a combination of a pillow and a oral insert, one or the other should do the trick. So far, the best results people have been getting is from custom mouthpieces. These are designed to keep your lower jaw forward which keeps your airway open when you’re sleeping on your back. Another solution is to get you to sleep on your side, which makes it less likely that you’ll end up snoring.

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What do you think? Does Brookstone Anti Snore Pillow work or not?

7 Customer Reviews on “Does the Brookstone Anti Snore Pillow Really Work?

  1. This antisnoring pillow from brook stone has worked !!!!!!!!!! I want to know where I can buy another one just like it!!!

  2. If a deviated septum is the cause of your scoring a surgery may work but if you have sleep apnea, and you most likely do, the only thing you can use you effectively stop the snoring is a c-pap machine.

  3. So my wife puts on a serious face this morning and tells me we need to talk. I thought she wanted a divorce or something lol because she looked so serious, but she only said, “You need to seriously consider getting a surgery for your snoring.” I fall asleep and I’m oblivious to what happens afterwards, so I never knew she was suffering so much from my snoring. I would love to get a surgery, but right now I can’t afford to miss a day at work because I run my own business and it’s a crucial season for me. I tried other gizmos to help with the snoring, but nothing has helped me so far. Unless this works I’m sleeping in a separate room from tonight.

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