Does Calorad MG Really Work?

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Does Calorad MG work?Calorad MG is an herbal weight loss pill that says you can lose weight and build muscle while you sleep. We’d all like to do lots of things while we sleep: make money, lose weight, get smarter. It’s the perfect time to get things done since it doesn’t involve us at all. But can a pill really give you any results if you’re just taking it once a day before bed?

We all want fast results with as little effort as possible when it comes to weight loss. Taking a diet pill can help us get compliments from people more quickly, and it can also encourage us to eat better, knowing that the weight will come off more quickly. When you are sizing up different diet pills, you want to make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the pill is the fix. You hold the key to your weight loss at all times, and a pill can be a tool to help you, but ultimately you will have to make the changes to get to where you want to be.

The Claim
Calorad MG says that it’s all natural, and that it works with your body’s system to help you lose pounds and inches. It also says that it can help you build lean muscle because it is a protein supplement. But if bodybuilders could take protein supplements in pill form, why are protein shakes so popular?

It says it works while you sleep to help your body break up the fat, while also repairing your muscle tissue. It says that it is one of the leading natural weight loss remedies, but no substantiation is made for this claim. They also say that it poses no harmful side effects or risk.

They add on that it can lead to better sleep, more energy, and better health overall. Might as well top it off with some vague claims that could never be proven or disproved. Is there anything more subjective than how you slept, whether or not you feel more energetic, and if you’re healthier? Even scientists would have trouble coming up with tests to see if these pills actually help in these areas.

The Hype
The hype is that this is your classic diet pill, and while they don’t say that you can eat whatever you want and keep your current lifestyle, they do say that no special diet is required. You’ve got to look past this and only use weight loss pills as a springboard to healthier eating and more exercise.

The Cost
Calorad MG comes in a 4 month supply for $!60 or a 6 month supply for $240, so no savings by ordering larger supplies.

The Commitment
They say that all you have to do is take 3 of these capsules before you go to bed so that there’s no food in your stomach. They also say that you should be drinking your 8 glasses of water a day. They say you don’t have to diet while you’re on it, but that you should eat sensibly. This makes it easier to remember to take than something you have to take three times a day. Once before bed is a regimen most people could stick with.

They say that millions of people have already tried Calorad MG, but if that’s true they’re the quietest bunch of people around. We were unable to locate any reviews, positive or negative, from Calorad MG users. We’re not so sure we buy into the claim that millions have used it. Aside from that, there’s just not much in the way of valid reasons given on why you should try this.

Final Calorad MG Review

You can safely avoid getting involved with Calorad MG, as we were unable to find any social evidence that it works. With a product like this you don’t want to be the first one to try it out, and since there aren’t many reasons given for why it should work, you’d basically be left believing the claims and following blindly into uncharted territory. If this were the only diet pill in the world you might have to take your chances with it, but with so many other options available with positive feedback and clinical studies, it doesn’t make sense to go with this.

Our Recommendation
This is the kind of diet pill that you should avoid taking. A diet pill shouldn’t be thought of as a permanent fix, suggested by the way that they sell these in 4 and 6 month supplies. You should never have to take a diet pill for this long. Used as a way to jump start a lifestyle change is one thing, but thinking about using one for the long term as your entire weight loss solution is another.

What do you think? Does Calorad MG work or not?

5 Customer Reviews on “Does Calorad MG Really Work?


  2. I just wanted to add my two cents here. I was recommended Calorad from a friend who said he lost over a hundred lbs in the late 80’s on Calorad. I’m not much of a gambler but I wanted to try it, he told me if I didn’t lose at least twenty lbs the first month that he would buy my remaining two bottles from me (I bought the three month supply off Amazon). I thought, well I have nothing to lose.
    I bought the Calorad Classic bovine liquid. I did change my diet a little, I started eating really clean and made sure I always took it on an empty stomach at night before bed.
    I do not sell Calorad or have any veted interest in the sale of it. I am simply a woman who has tried everything over the years to lose weight and keep it off. The only other product I’ve ever taken that compared to the rapid weight loss I experienced with Calorad, was Metobolife back when it had ephedra in it and they banned it and people were having heart attacks. I lost a lot of weight on that, but I have to say, it was mainly due to my crazy manic energy and loss of interest in food that Metobolife caused. Also, I was losing so rapidly that I was getting flabby.
    So far I have been on Calorad for six weeks. I have steadily lost weight each week only stalling for a week and I think it was due to not eating clean that week. Altogether the first month I dropped 25 lbs. now on week six, I am at 28 lbs lost. But the best thing is, no side effects. No jittery energy, or anything like that. With such rapid weight loss, you would think I would be losing muscle and getting a bit flabby. But just the opposit has occurred! I am getting leaner and my toned muscles that were hiding underneath the weight are becoming more prominent. My cellulite has decreased by 70%. My hair and nails are growing like crazy. The fine lines on my face (I’m 41) have all but disappeared. My skin has this healthy glow to it. I’m only five lbs away from my goal and I will have reached it in two months. The only thing I haven’t noticed that people reported was sleeping better. I sleep the same as I always did.
    Listen, I’ve tried Atkins, South Beach, 5/2 diet, phentermine pills, you name it. Nothing and I mean nothing has made me lose this quickly and in this way, where I don’t look flabby. For those that are giving this product a negative review, I can’t help but notice they didn’t really give it a try before putting in their opinion. Again, I have zero to gain by writing this review. I’m just excited! I’ve told all my friends and people can’t believe how thin I’ve gotten in so little time. Three of my friends have started taking it and they have all had similar results. The men seem to lose a little quicker even. But you have to take it as instructed, you have to take on an empty stomach at night. You can’t pig out on processed cramp all day and expect to drink a capful of this and magically lose weight. But I swear by it if used as directed.
    I think that was more then two cents.
    There’s my dollar fifty, friends.

  3. Hi there, I myself took calorad mg and in 3 months I lost 20 pounds and dropped almost three pant sizes. So I believe calorad works. Well it did for me anyways. I did gain weight after I stopped taking them, but all in all it worked while I was taking them.

  4. Did you end up trying the Calorad? If so did you get good results for the high price of the pills?

  5. It’s too bad that calorad mg got thumbs down review from you because I really hoped that it’d be a good product. I know everyone’s busy nowadays but nobody’s busy like me. I run my own business and I work 14 hours a day, sleeping maybe 4 to 5 hours a day. You’d think this should make me lose weight but it actually doesn’t. I don’t get to sleep when I’m supposed to and I eat at the wrong time so I just keep gaining weight. I understand that I’d be the first few to give this a try, but at this point I need to give it a shot and hope that it works. Thanks for the honest review though.

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