Does Bug Out Brella Really Work?

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Does Bug Out Brella work?Bug Out Brella is a screen that hangs down around an umbrella in order to keep out mosquitoes, flies, and other annoying flying bugs. You use the umbrella you already have, and they say it works with almost any umbrella, but what are actual users saying about its effectiveness?

Being outdoors during the warm months is really nice, until you get bit by a mosquito, or stung by a bee, or pestered by the same fly again and again. It can really put a damper on things which is why so many products exist to try to keep those pests at bay. This is one product that assumes no matter what you do the bugs will come, so you might as well come to terms with them and just make a safe zone for yourself.

The Claim
The makers of Bug Out Brella say that their netting system works for all types of umbrellas and installs in a very short time. They say that with its large zipper in the front you’ll have no trouble getting into and out of it, and that the bottom is made so that it stays in place even if it’s windy.

The Hype
There’s an infomercial for this netting system that shows off how you’d use it, and of course exaggerates the problems experienced when trying to enjoy the outdoors. Basically, if you’ve spent anytime trying to have a meal outside you know that you need something to keep the bugs from spoiling your meal, so not a ton of hype is needed.

The Cost
You end up getting two Bug Out Brellas for $37. Right now they’re running a promotion that gets you a $15 coupon towards another product that you might have seen on TV and wanted to try. Looking at the competition, most of them clock in at the $30 range or so and some of the biggest complaints are that they don’t quite fit the umbrella, or the bottom doesn’t stay in place well enough and they’re always having to fix it.

The Commitment
Since they say it installs in seconds there really isn’t much of a commitment on your part. It’s one of those products that you can try to forget about once it’s in place. If you end up getting more patio or outdoor furniture in the future you should still be able to use this for it, since it is supposed to fit most umbrellas.

The concept behind Bug Out Brella is a solid one, since most umbrellas made for outdoor use do not account for all of the bugs and flying critters that come out during the summertime. You can buy outdoor umbrellas that come with their own netting already in place, but what if you already have an outdoor furniture set with an umbrella. And worse yet, what if you paid a good amount for it, but find you don’t use it as much as you thought you would because of the bugs?

Using a post-purchase product like this one requires that it be able to fit correctly in order to work. If there isn’t a nice tight fit at the top of the umbrella bugs are still going to find their way to you, especially persistent mosquitos that will stop at nothing for a meal. They seem to have come up with a good way to make sure that it fits correctly both at the top, and at the bottom.

Final Bug Out Brella Review

Bug Out Brella is getting our Solid Try rating, based on the positive feedback it’s been getting from users, and the design and follow through looks like a winner. Trying to come up with a solution using other methods like citronella candles or bug zappers isn’t as effective. We searched for a comparable alternative and the other options out there function in a similar way, cost about the same, and get moderate feedback.

Note: Because of the way the pricing is set up, if you decide to return it you’d only be getting $20 out of your $37 back, so you are taking on a lot of the risk involved with the purchase, at least from a financial standpoint. It would be nice if they would just send you one at a reasonable price with a shipping charge that is reflective of the actual costs of shipping.

Our Recommendation
This is worth trying mainly because there isn’t anything else quite like it, that was made for this exact purpose. It’s a simple idea that has some added benefits like a zippered front for getting into and out of it. It would be great for outdoor reading when you don’t want to be bothered by bugs, and other times when you’re going to stay in place for awhile, but perhaps if you’ll be entertaining or having a family picnic it might not be too feasible.

What do you think? Does Bug Out Brella work or not?

12 Customer Reviews on “Does Bug Out Brella Really Work?

  1. I agree that this sounds like a great idea and a simple solution to a common problem. My question is if all you are getting is a net, can that not be bought at a place lie Home Depot. Then you could get it to adjust to the exact size of your umbrella or whatever you may have in your yard. Outside of the price, the concept is sound though.

  2. From what Rhonda and Mike Doherty are saying, it looks like it does exactly what it’s designed to do: Keep out bugs from coming into contact with your food. Rhonda also mentioned that it’s not always a safe option to light a citronella candle when young children happen to be in your presence. It’s definitely something I would try out for the occasional outdoor meal without those disgusting bugs standing in your way.

  3. Basically, you get two big nets for $40. And it’s important to realize that you do net get any umbrellas with the Bug Out Brella. This goes over your existing umbrella on your patio. While this does give you the odd sense of being imprisoned by a giant net, it keeps the bug out which is the entire point of the product. This is especially useful for families with kids, as harsh, high DEET bug sprays can be harmful to young children, and they are typically a target for mosquitoes due to their sweet blood. If the usual citronella candles aren’t cutting it for you and your family, this is a quality product to keep those pesky bugs away.

  4. Thanks for leaving this review Rhonda! Sometimes I find it hard to want to spend money on something when I don’t know anyone who has used it. Where I live we get mosquitos pretty bad during a couple months out of the year and I would love to have this when we eat outside or are just enjoying a drink on the patio. I think if it works it is worth the price. I, too, hate bug spray and those candles smell awful and aren’t safe near children as you said. I’m sure it’s not fool proof as a mosquito could get in as you’re walking in, but I’d rather deal with one mosquito than many. Glad to hear it worked for you!

  5. I didn’t know you couldn’t use the candles around small children either, good gracious. It really did seem like a lose lose situation with the use of chemicals or just dealing with the bugs, potentially harmful either way, but this bug-out-brella totally changed that.

  6. The bug-out-brella, to me, is a great product and a functional purchase. This product would be a good buy for me because I actually live somewhat near a small source of water, and as you know, mosquitoes breed in standing pools of water, so near my house is what I call “mosquito central” and they eat me up whenever I go outside. So with this product I could not only have a delightful meal on a midsummer’s evening with my family but also be able to spend my leisure time outside enjoying a good book. I believe the greatest addition to this insect netting is the wind proof bottom that appears to be one continuous sandbag to prevent the wind from messing up the protection this insect netting would provide.

  7. This is an awesome idea! I have a backyard set but I do not have any netting to keep the annoying and disgusting bugs out, especially when I am trying to enjoy a great meal with my family outdoors for a change. We always find ourselves calling it an early night in order to retreat back indoors to stop getting bitten and having to swat the flies away. I am definitely going to invest in this product because it is a lot more affordable than having to rush out and buy a whole new set at my local home improvement store, which is my only other alternative at this point.

  8. I always feel like the candles and chemicals are doing more harm to people than good. I didn’t know that you can’t use the candles around small children! That’s alarming.

    On the other hand, getting bitten by bugs can be a lot worse than just itchy arms and legs. We all know that bugs can carry diseases. So what’s the option between chemicals that are bad for you or bug bites that are dangerous and annoying.

    I’m pretty sold by this idea. I don’t actually have a yard big enough for an umbrella, so I wouldn’t personally use this, but the family that has a yard big enough would be the same people who would probably want to be outside for barbeques and things often. This is a good idea and probably very useful. My only criticism is that it only covers you for a small area, so if you want to play in the yard, you still have to use other bug deterrents.

  9. I absolutely love the Bug Out Brella. It works and it is wonderful. I purchased this for our summer bbq’s. We barbeque at several times a week. Our patio is by our pool and it seems like fly’s and mosquitos flock to our picnic area. This was the perfect solution as I didn’t want to spray chemicals for bugs and there is only so much a citronella candle can do and the candles aren’t safe when company brings small children. This is handy to take down and with you to the park and beach. This is a must have for everyone in the summer especially.

  10. You are right Dee. The return policy is a real deal breaker for most. Still, for $17 it’s a risk worth taking. I’m not taking the company’s side but if it’s as good as they claim, then it could mean the end for the insect repellents. So in the long run you’ll end up saving money. I for one am against using all those toxic sprays on my skin, but almost every time I go for a picnic I have to bring one along. And I have a feeling I’m not the only one who hates the spray repellents. Return policy aside, I think It’s a good product and I’d definitely want to try it.

  11. This is a great solution for a common problem in those parts of the world where the sun shines more than once or twice a year! Living in the UK, the presence of mosquitos is not so much of a problem. However, there are occasions when we do get to sit outside and enjoy a rare barbecue, and this would be really handy. I like the fact that it fits most umbrellas, but again, I’m not feeling this policy of only refunding some of the cost. A refund policy should give you a full refund, surely! That being said, people who have the luxury of regular sun would no doubt find this invaluable.

  12. This is awesome! The most annoying this is having a picnic or being at a barbeque and constantly having to swat pesky bugs away from your food. Since it fits most umbrellas it makes it even more of a great deal. The only reason I would not want to try it is because of the return policy! I’m a huge proponent of customer service and their return policy is absolutely unfriendly, and greedy on the company’s part. For that reason alone I would not give them my money. Call it harsh but this company clearly does not put their customers first.

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