Does the Build Bonanza Building Block Tape Really Work?

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Does the BUILD BONANZA BUILDING BLOCK TAPE Work?The market for kid’s toys is absolutely huge and if you are able to find something that is new and kids love it, you can become a millionaire overnight. On TV there are reality shows where people come to these millionaires with their ideas and are looking for an investment partner. Quite often kid’s toys are some of the items that are showcased, and it seems more than not, deals are made to endorse these types of items and before long you see them on the shelf. Build Bonanza Building Block Tape seems to be one of those products, as they’re literally flying off the shelves in the stores.


Basically, Build Bonanza Building Block Tape is a fantastic new toy for kids that allow them to take using their building blocks to a whole new level. You simply unwind the tape, you cut it to the size that you want, you peel the backing off, and you can stick it anywhere you want, even upside down. It works, and is compatible with most of the great building blocks, such as Lego and Mega Bloks for example, and the amount of new designs your kids can come up with is only limited by their imagination.

The Claim

The manufacturer claims that this great new toy is fabulous for stimulating your kid’s imagination. Each Build Bonanza Building Block Tape set comes with four 3- foot tapes in the selected color you chose and it will stick to anything. It turns every day surfaces into new building bases and this product is totally flexible, bendable, and shapeable, so your kids will be able to design unbelievable new toys to play with.

The Hype

Really the hype with the Build Bonanza Building Block Tape is the fact that you can stick it anywhere, even upside down, and because it is totally compatible with the other types of block sets such as Lego and Mega Bloks for example, your kids can use the new product to create new types of bases as well as additions to already made up toys they have.

The Cost

Originally the Build Bonanza Building Block Tape was $19.99 at the As Seen On TV website but now they have reduced it down to $14.99

The Commitment

The commitment of the Build Bonanza Building Block Tape is that it will work well with all your other blocks, such as Lego and Mega Bloks for example. You’ll be able to reuse it again and again by simply peeling it off the surface and using it on any new surface you desire, without of losing its sticking ability or leaving any leftover residue.

After evaluating the Build Bonanza Building-Block Tape and checking out the reviews from parents, this item seems to be a great new toy for your kids to play with. They get to use their imaginations to come up with all sorts of new types of construction and innovative new designs.

Final Build Bonanza Building Block Tape Review

This is a great new item for kids to play with, and especially being able to take some of their old toys, that maybe they’ve lost interest in, and all of a sudden start reusing them again because of the Build Bonanza Building Block Tape it turns out to be an inexpensive way to get them interested in something that will really help them use their imagination.

Our Recommendation

If your kids are really into the building scene then you may also want to take a look at the Picasso Tiles.

What do you think? Does Build Bonanza Building Block Tape work or not?

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