Does the Picasso Tiles Really Work?

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A lot of money is spent on toys. Usually they are bought because of the kid’s interest. Which usually focuses on what is the latest trend. Sometimes it is better to invest in a toy they may not be aware of. One that is based on its merit rather than the hype that is pushing the sales. One such toy is the Picasso Tiles.

The Picasso Tiles is comprised of a sixty piece magnetic building set. They are clear colorful tiles that allow for the building of many different projects.

The Claim
The claims being made for the Picasso Tiles is that they spur the imagination. They are a fun toy that is 3D and they are educational as well. Yet the Picasso Tiles fits right in with the traditional type of building blocks. Which is the type of toy that has been around for decades and has never lost its popularity.

The Hype
The hype around The Picasso Tiles is that this is a toy with a traditional background but with a modern flair.

The Cost
The cost for the Picasso Tiles for a 60 piece set is $34.99.

The Commitment
When it comes to children’s toys there never really is any commitment on the part of the buyer. Except to try to figure out if something like the Picasso Tiles is going to be of interest to them. Going on the track record that building blocks and construction toys have in general there isn’t much of a risk here.

Just looking at what the Picasso Tiles has to offer on our own creates a favorable impression. They are comprised of some great primary colors. They are magnetic so they are super easy for the kids to handle. They are durable. Plus there is enough in the collection to build some really neat projects. They are comprised of tiny little blocks so there is no mess or fear of a bunch of pieces getting lost.
Now looking at it from the viewpoint of others we are now really impressed with the Picasso Tiles. Of course it is an item that is being sold on Amazon. But it is very rare that an established toy will get a five star rating. But the Picasso Tiles has managed to do that. And with a whopping 1,654 reviews that all gave it a five star rating.

Final Picasso Tiles Review

There is no way possible that we could not give the Picasso Tiles a thumbs up rating. As you can tell we are impressed with the five star rating. But we are equally impressed with the good number of tiles in the package for such a reasonable price. We believe that the Picasso Tiles would make an excellent gift for any child boy or girl.

Our Recommendation
If your young one is going to insist on a toy that is of comprised of popularity and trend then you are going to be forced to go with the Lego Mindcraft Series.

What do you think? Does the Picasso Tiles work or not?

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