Does Lego Minecraft Really Work?

Does Lego Minecraft Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does Lego Minecraft Work? Buying a gift for a child may seem easy but once faced with the huge selection of toys it can soon become perplexing. Fortunately there is always a small group of toys that have stood the test of time and are always a big hit with the young ones. A prime example of this is the Lego building blocks, and perhaps one of the latest sets such as the Lego Minecraft will be the ideal choice for the young gift recipient on your gift giving list this year.

Okay, we did say that buying the Lego Minecraft was going to make gift buying easier, but you are still going to have to decide which of the sets are going to make the perfect gift, so here it might get a little difficult for you. The problem can be easily solved however, because first of all each of the sets within the Lego Minecraft interact nicely with each other. Then to make sure you are not going to be buying a set the youngster already has, do some spying on whats already in the young one’s toy collection, as you should easily see any of the lego sets they already have in some sort of building production. Or, if all else fails ask the parents which sets the young one already has, and if there is a favorite they are asking for.

The Claim
Lego is such a well known child pleaser that the Company really only needs to stick by the claims that have brought their products to such well known recognition already. As long as they don’t change their quality then chances are they don’t have much to worry about.

The Hype
Lego has really gone beyond the standard toy offering by allowing the users of their products to show off their imagination like presenting their creations on the Lego site via the galleries. This alone really spurs on the creativity of the Lego builder and makes them proud when they can display their finished masterpiece for all the world to see.

The Cost
If you are willing to spend around $34.99 then you are well within the ability to have lots of minecraft sets or other themes to choose from. Of course there are lots of lower priced lego sets just as there are more expensive ones. The key thing to remember here is that it is a gift that you can continue to build upon throughout the upcoming years, even when the trends and characters and themes change.

The Commitment
While it could be said that everyone loves Lego that doesn’t mean that every child will love the Minecraft theme. No problem though, as there are tons of other themes to choose from. Some kids are just not into traditional block building, but are more captured with sparkles and lights, and for them then you may want to consider something like the Light Up Links as the perfect gift.

We really don’t need to say much as to the credibility of Lego, except if you are thinking of buying anything in the Minecraft series then you want to do it early enough so you don’t end up scrambling around trying to find what you are looking for. It is hard for the Company to keep up with the demands of their popular items.

Final Lego Minecraft Review

Of course we are going to give the Lego Minecraft series a thumbs up rating. For those of you who aren’t into the gaming scene be aware that this Lego series marries up with the Minecraft game itself. So with the Lego sets users can duplicate the Mindcraft game atmosphere. The game centers around building blocks so they form structures to ward off and protect them against monsters. So you can see why Lego minecraft would be such a popular pastime.

Our Recommendation
Once you have decided to purchase one of the Lego Minecraft sets keep in mind you are buying this for the young recipient and not yourself, although there is nothing that says that you as an adult cannot join in on the fun and become an adult Lego enthusiast. If you are relying on someone else other than the youngster who is going to be getting the set to advise you as to which one to buy, then you could run into trouble because it is all going to come down to personal preference, and the general consensus is that each of the sets are equally amazing.

What do you think? Does Lego Minecraft work or not?


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